19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (2023)

There is an efficient way to get more matches, dates and bedroom activity.

All you have to do is follow the texting rules.

You'll know if your text is good or bad if you know these 19 texting rules for guys!

You get:

  • The Rules of Texting: A Complete Guide for Men
  • A list of the most disgusting SMS mistakes so you can avoid them
  • My POV and TOV tricks that make your texts more attractive
  • The #1 rule for asking someone out on a first date
  • Why you shouldn't use sarcasm in your text messages
  • 2 SMS Rulesthat Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother don't sign up
  • More…

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#1 No answer? No problem!

Potentially one of the worst feelings ever:

Looking at your phone, hoping for a text back from the girl you like, but there's nothing...

...even though she's posted a new Instagram Story since you last texted her.

The following is one of the leading causes of texting problems for guys.

If they don't get a text back as quickly as they'd like, they lose their sh!t.

And you know what most guys will do now?

They start reading their conversation again.

Analyzing and over-analyzing every text sent and received.

Looking for the mistakes they made. They MUST be there! Why else wouldn't she answer?

How about next timeshe doesn't text back, do the following:

Put your phone away, make a fresh coffee and hit the gym. Or read a book. Anything is better than playing TextGod and analyzing your own conversation.

Why am I making this statement?

Well, if you had the knowledge to find the mistakes you made, you probably wouldwouldn't have made them in the first place.

(And you wouldn't be here right now)

The most important thing your analysis will do is put you in your head and make your next text something between needy and so overcrafted that it no longer has any authenticity.

The most important thing to do right now isgive her space and time to answer.

And if you really like a girl, it's not easy. But you still have to.

When we talk about texting rules for guys, we could say that you want to give her about 24 hours to reply.

Funnily enough, a dating coach from another country texted me yesterday. He had a bit of a fight with a girl he was really interested in. She left his town and soon he wanted to see her ONE more time. Unfortunately for him, she had plenty of things to do and people to see before she left. She didn't even respond to the text he had sent her the day before...

Now he asked me what last text should I send her to get her to respond and ideally meet up again.

(That's right, he wanted to double text her. More on that later in this post!)

By the time I had seen his text and given him my take on the situation, he replied with:

Thanks for that bro, she already responded.

Exactly my point.

#2 Don't be lazy

There are about 666 things you shouldn't waste time or energy on.

And ONE of them isstart a conversation with girls.

Have you ever sent a girl this dreaded three-letter abbreviation:


Shortly beforeWhat are you doing?

Probably. And if you haven't and I can't be ashamed of it. Then we can shame ME. Because I myself sent this text in the past.

And I will never do that again.

This is why:

This text adds nothing to the girl's life. It doesn't make her laugh, it doesn't make her feel good, and for God's sake it doesn't make her find you more attractive.

All it does is get her attention. Like a child tugging at its parent's arm because it is bored.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (1)

Is this you when you hit her with the "wyd?"

What you forget when texting this to a girl is that you're not the only one craving her attention. And of all the guys who text her, at least 69% hit her with the "wyd?" or one of these wyd? variants:


Do you have plans?


Again: they don't offer anything, they just ASK for something.

After hearing from several girls that it is one of the biggest turn offs, I vowed never to use anything similar again.

So, my husband reading this. Make it a texting rule to never "wid" her again.

Instead, do this:

#3 Share your POV

In this tip, I'll give you one text message rule to transform your textsfrom needy to interestingby changing just one thing.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (2)

How to stand out from the swarms of peasants sliding into her DM with the "wyd?".

We just said that these guys only ask for energy, without offering it.

That's the core of what they do:

Asking for investment, without offering investment.

The opposite of fair trade.

As a result, you look dull, lazy and unattractive.

So, what's the texting rule for easily deviating from this?

By investing in her first, before asking for an investment.

AKA by nosend her a question, but dump something in her inbox that has a little more value.

Like a random photo from your POV (point of view), or something funny you came across.

Holy Tip:

This investment you're making in her doesn't have to be a great thing. If you like it, it's worth sharing.

One thing that works 100% of the time 69% of the time... is puppies or cats. Depends if she likes cats or dogs more.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (3)

I know this lovely lady is a sucker for puppies. So every time I come across a little dog I bless her with it. And every time she loves me.

Does it take me more effort to forward a meme or video than to say "wyd?" to text?

No. It doesn't.

(Video) 3 Rules for Texting Girls (MAKE HER CHASE YOU!)

Does it have a trillion times better results?

Yes. It does.

So texting rules for guys number 3: Send her pictures and videos instead of questions that beg for investment. Share your POV.

#4 Use what has been proven to work

If a millionaire gave you a taste of his ways to make money for free. Would you like to take a look?

And what if someone rich in girls gives you a taste of how his girl gets free methods? Would you like to take a look?

If the answer is yes, you're in luck. I'm giving away my 10 texts that always work. 10 text messages my coaches and I use over and over because they work for all of us.

And they work for you too.

So go ahead,click here and receive my 10 text messages.

Don't mention it.

#5 Be clear in your TOV

Have you ever sent a text that you thought was funny, only to find out she didn't think it was funny at all?

Maybe she even got mad at you?

I sure have.

And it taught me a great lesson that I will now share with you.

Because these texts that accidentally offended her often didn't have to offend her.

It is often not the content of the text that upsets her...

…arethe way she reads the content.

Am I getting too vague here?

Okay, let's make it crystal clear with an example:

Watch this short and beautiful clip from the TV series How I Met Your Mother:

Robin jokingly texted her date that they would dress up as Hansel and Gretel.

However, the poor man did not understand the joke, to which Robin says:

I need to stop making jokes in emails. It's so hard to get the tone across!

—Robin Scherbatsky

As a man, if you use a lot of emojis, your TOV will be very happy, sparkly, girly, Disney... very FEMALE.

If you type every text with perfect punctuation and capitalization, your TOV will be very strict, serious, dominant.

Only YOU know what the tone of your text should be...

So, my dear reader, allow me to translate this into a text message rule for boys AND girls:

If you can interpret your texts in different ways, then your TOV is not clear enough.

Change it before you confuse your crush's brain.

#6 There is a difference

If you didn't notice the huge grammar mistake in this title, your lay count will probably suffer.

And if you haven't seen the error in the sentence above, then thenumber of matches you get, will also suffer.

Even though 60% of men still date someone who makes grammar mistakes… 65% of women don't.

Numerous studies have been done that have proven to us that spelling and grammar matter.

Some girls are not only turned on by correct spelling and grammar...no girl is attracted to bad language.

So nice and easy:

Texting Rules For Guys #6: Proofread Your Profile's Biography And Double-Check The Texts For Grammar Errors

Or as rapper Ice Cube would say:

"(Spell) Check Yourself Before You Break Yourself!"

And your passive attractiveness will increase.

Don't mention it.

Don't mention it.

#7 Texting Rules For Dating (Ask Her Less!)

Start reading this tip if you want to be more charismatic than text and less needy.

Great, you've started reading.

(You haven't forgotten that God is all-seeing, have you?)

Now keep reading if you don't want to text like onepussyasking questions all the time.


Let's kill two birds with one stone.

Or two babes with one boner. That would be cool too.

Anyway, here's another texting rule:

Remove some of your question marks!

And while you're at it, change the world order a bit. So we can transform a text as:

Hey, fancy going on a date sometime?

To something like this:

Hey, I experienced heaven for a moment yesterday when I tried the strawberry pie at Coffee Bar X. I feel it my duty to join you there, so that you too can peak through the pearly gates.

“Um, Louis, you didn't just remove the question mark and change the word order. You changed that text A LOT”

Have I?

Oh damn, I tend to do that with shabby lyrics.

power of the woonte.

But the main point remains.

The question mark has been removed and the word order has been changed to turn the question into a statement.

And yes okay, guilty… I also made the whole date proposal a bit lighter, funnier and more lively.

And oh yeah, I left out the word toodatumbecause it makes it easier for your match to accept yourMeetproposal. A date sounds very formal and important. An easy way to scare off a lady or two.

Speaking of scaring women...

#8 Ask her even less

The previous line was about asking her out. This one will help you have more engaging conversations.

What I'm going to tell you now is one of the first conversationsstuffI taught boot camp students when I still had time to coach.

And if you do this right, your conversation will turn from job interview to pure magic.

Here are two random questions men like to ask:

What is your job?

What do you like to do for fun? 🙂

(Video) How To Get A Girl To LIKE YOU Over Text (5 Rules Every Guy Should Know)

And if you and I were at one of my workshops right now, and I asked everyone to raise their hands if they're guilty of asking these questions, you'd see something like this:

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (4)

Everyone is guilty of this sometimes.

Whether in a club, bar, on the street, meeting friends of friends or texting.

And there's actually nothing WRONG with that... but you can turn these cliché questions into powerful tools.

This is what you do:

If you're curious what she does for work and you're about to ask her...

... ask yourself instead!

What do you think she does for work?

Does she look like the typical accountant type? Great, you can get started with that!

Does she strike you as a history teacher? Awesome! You can also get started with that!

If you're not as quick-witted as you'd like, you can tell her this:

I'm not exactly sure why, but you come across as an accountant to me.

A little arbitrary maybe, but you seem like a history teacher

This is what happens when you do this:

  1. It's not a boring question anymore (which she already had to answer this week)
  2. She is now wondering why you think this of her
  3. If you made your statement playful or teasing, she can just continue that vibe with you

I was just saying that the last two texts are things you could have said if you are NOT as quick-witted as you would like to be.

Anyone can turn such a question into a statement. Even face to face in a bar.

But we're talking about texting here.

And the good news about texting is that it's not as fast as a face-to-face conversation.

You have time to respond.

It's time to turn your basic statement into something extra. A little more playful.

So you thought she looked like an accountant?

All right, let's play with it and take a picture for you and them to enjoy:

You know, when I saw you, I totally pictured you being an accountant. I can totally see you digging deep into someone's financial mess. Calculator in one hand, a fancy pen in the other. Nerdy glasses on your face. Trying to find all kinds of back doors to keep your customer out of trouble.

I'm not sure she'd like this, but it'll definitely make her respond. She will probably feel the urge to defend herself. Saying she's not that nerdy, for example.

Most people will want to know WHY you thought this of them.

And then you can tease them again, or work your way out with a casual

I don't know, I thought so haha

Anyway, remember this as one of the texting rules:

Replace boring questions with bold statements

On to the next tip, which is short but crucial.

#9 It all starts with balance

There's nothing more annoying than sending a long text message and getting a short reply...

This text message rule will help you with thatkeep the conversation going.

One way many guys get into trouble is by accidentally losing balance.

They score a new match or a song and strike up a conversation, but before they know it...

…it turned from a conversation into a monologue.

If you know that your enthusiasm can get the better of you, try the following. Instead of letting your enthusiasm get the better of you and blasting long texts… try to completely balance the amount of text sent at first.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (5)

Holy Tip:

Use absolute balance as a guideline in your text conversations.

Not as a strict texting rule.

If you find yourself overinvesting often, try texting about ⅔ of the amount she texts you. Just like the practice.

Test the full 50/50 balance and the rule of ⅔ and see what the results are for you.

Remember to use this as a guideline.

Treat these more like texting guidelines for guys than texting rules for guys.

#10 Think of her as a vegetarian

I'm going to keep this SHORT.

Because it doesn't need much explanation.

Think of her as a vegetarian. That means:

Keep your meat to yourself.

Your sausage. Your shlong. Your snake. Your donger. Your meat flute.

Never send her a dick pic without her requesting it or without being in the middle of ultra spicy sexting. And even then, displaying your battering ram can take away a lot of the magic. Depending on how visual the lady in question is. But that's for a different kind of article.

#11 This is when you should respond

Hey Barney, can you tell me again when I should text back?

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (6)

Thanks, Barney.

This will give you a legend

Wait for it...

-DARY Failure.

It's always good to be remindedhow NOT to do it.

And instead of explaining everything in theory, I will give you a practical example.

A friend of mine, let's call him Josh, has been living the player lifestyle for several healthy years now.

He has no qualms about meeting girls and he has no qualms about sleeping with girls.

However, he has trouble keeping girls around.

Why do you think that is?

Is his D-game shabby?

Hasn't Josh mastered the fine art of licking and pecking?

No he does.

I know from multiple sources that Josh knows his way around thevag.

This is where poor J. messes up:

His texting habits are sloppy.

(Video) Texting Women | Become a Pro at Texting Women!

After sleeping with a girl, he forgets about texting back in time. So when he finally texts back, the atmosphere is already ruined. Women feel that he doesn't care about them. Although that is not always the case. Josh has a busy life and texting him can be an absolute nightmare.

Because Josh doesn'ttext back within 24 hours, he often loses the girl he likes.

Even after going on several dates with her already!

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (7)

So fuck off with what Barney says.

Don't worry about playing hard to get too much.

Texting rules for guys: Try to text back within 24 hours.

What if she doesn't text YOU back within a day?

#12 This is what she owes you

The sooner you accept this as one of the texting rules, the less frustrated you'll be on your journey to finding your perfect woman.

There are so many screenshots being shared on the internet of guys who are absolutely LOST. THEIR. SH#T, when girls don't give them what they want.

Thisnice guysgo into epic tantrums and call their text partners all sorts of things.

Now I know that most of my readers are too educated for this kind of social suicide...


...to be sure...

...here's a list of everything the girl you're texting owes you:

  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing

Over there. Did I miss something?

No, it all looks like it.

Just because a girl responds to you doesn't mean she will date you.

Maybe she just wants some confirmation. Maybe she likes the texts you send, but doesn't feel the urge to meet you in person.

Texting Rule For Guys:It's her right to just text you and have fun, just like it's your right to move on to the next girl.

Save yourself some frustration if she doesn't want the same things you do. Your annoyance won't change her mind.

In the next tip I will tell you what your annoyance DOES do to you

#13 Good mood = good booty

Have you ever felt irritable, sad, depressed, angry, or any other negative feeling?

Damn, you must be human like everyone else.

Here's a quick text rule for when you're not feeling your best:

Don't text.

People in a bad mood don't text for the right reasons.

If you're feeling extra lonely, your texts will be extra needy.

When you're furious, your texts will feel aggressive.

However, if you're in a good mood, your lyrics will be better than ever.

So, m'reader, next time you're grumpy, go watch some Twitch or work out.

Your future self will thank you.

#14 There is a place for sarcasm

Speaking of ruining a good mood...

Ever had a good conversation when all of a sudden you crack a joke and...

…the other person is not smiling. Because they don't get it.

You are now in a terrible place. You have two options:

  1. You ignore that it happened and let your high IQ joke go unnoticed (this option hurts your ego)
  2. You explain your joke. But…

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand better, but the frog dies.

- EB Wit

RIP, healthy flowing conversation. You will be remembered.

Texting rule for boys and girls: Don't use sarcasm in your texts.

Sarcasm is great in real life. It's hard to convey your sarcastic tone over text.

So IF you use it, make it extra clear. Add a silly emoji (or 10), or write your text like this. No one will ever question whether you're serious when you text like that.

Have you seen the latest Avenger movie? How was it

Wow it was so epic and not predictable at all! *insert lots of emojis here*

If sending such texts is too much for you, or could frighten your match...

…then just don't use sarcasm and make sure you don't look like a fool.

Now, before you take this tip to heart, read the following SMS line.

#15 NEVER use these emojis

As a man, never use this emoji:

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (8)

A favorite among cute girls. This emoji smacks of girlishness and that's exactly why you should NOT use it.

Unless you're playing something feminine.

Then again, there's never a good excuse to roleplay.

Unless it ends up with you and her getting into all sorts of kinky stuff.

Anyway, don't use that monkey emoji covering its eyes.

Also, do not use these emojis:

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (9)

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis if they are absolutely crucial to your text. If the text has the same meaning without the emoji, leave it out.

There are other types of images that you are free to use to your heart's content. Let's cover those in the next tip.

#16 How to make her laugh when you're not funny

Did you know that a recentstudydemonstrated that 33% of communication is through memes?

And did you know I got that 100% out of my ass?

But I do believe that memes are love and memes are lyfe.

And NOT just because they give me a weird feeling in my stomach…

…but also because they make flirting so much easier.

Easy and convenient.

All you need to make girls laugh these days are a few good friends.

And if all is well with you and your friends, then you should be in a group chat somewhere.

And in that group chat, your friends occasionally post funny memes and videos. All YOU have to do is forward them to the girl(s) you like. If it made you all laugh, it can probably make her laugh too. And all you had to do was forward the funny one. Astonishing.

(Don't forward them on WhatsApp or any other app that says "forwarded'to the image. If so, just save it to your phone or copy the link to the video and share it with her. No one likes having things just forwarded to them. We feel more special when we think someone sent something directly and exclusively to us.)

Now, before anyone yells that they don't have any friends. Or no meme-spreading friends...

…follow up on a funny meme pageInstagram, Facebook or whatever platform you like to surf on.

(Video) How To NOT Be A BORING Texter | Texts That Make Her Respond

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (10)

Memes infunny videosfall into the same category as fluffy puppies and kittens.

They work. Oh boy, they sure work.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (11)

So... baby animals, funny videos and memes are all approvedtexting.

What can a fine gentleman NOT text about?

#17 Texting rules in a relationship

If you ever think about texting your girlfriend...

Honey, we need to talk...

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (12)

Hold your horses, my emotional brother.

You're about to break one of the boy texting rules.

Any guy who texts this, or anything like that, is planning to dump half a novel on his girl. Ready to vent and tell her what's bothering him.

This could be something between him and her. Or it could be...

… a fight with a friend

…a family affair

…an existential crisis hits the poor man

It can be anything serious or sensitive.

Absolutely nothing light.

And that, dear reader, is a problem.

Holy Tip:

Texting is for short, fun, flirty things. Anything serious or very personal is better over the phone, and preferablyeye in eye.

Don't forget the bag of skin dangling between your hairy legs. There should be two nuts in it. Your balls.

Grab them for courage and meet to discuss serious topics.

Texting is not the best medium to discuss such matters.

And it makes you lookghee.

Then I got good and controversial news:

#18 Texting rules for double texting

I'm going to make a statement about you, even though I probably don't know you personally:

You have texted twice in the past month.

Shame on you, sinner!

Hasn't every dating guru ever told you NOT to double text?!

What are you, a needy farmer with no self-respect?

Enjoy the friend zone, loser!

Okay, enough role play.

Seriously, double texting isn't very sexy. Imagine texting Sarah, and Sarah doesn't text back...

...but you want to keep talking to Sarah, so you called her a second time (AKA a double text.)

Then this shows Sarah how much you need her attention.

And does Sarah want a man to chase her like a starving dog?

Or does she prefer a man she has to work for, making her feel like she has to win him over?

I've scolded Sarah a few times and I can tell you she prefers the second man.

Here's an example of a girl double texting my good old coach Dan:

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (13)

This is the dealio:

Don't worry if you sent the last text and now want to talk to her again.

As long as this doesn't turn into small talk, it's fine.

Don't be a cuck that begs for a woman's attention day in and day out. She will just become LESS interested.

Instead, think to yourself before texting her:

If I got a text like this...would I be able to respond to it easily?Should I giggle? Would I rather receive this than not?

If the answer is no, no, and no, don't send it in the first place.

You prepare for a double text.

#19 Stick to this texting rule and your texts will sound like magic to her

I may have saved the best line for last.

And to be honest, it's not really a rule... it's more of a recommendation.

Something you wish someone had told you way sooner, but no one did.

And since this is the end of this article, I'll serve it to you no-bullshit style. Straight to the point.

Question: what is missing text that has face-to-face conversation?

Right... a lot of things.

Including but not limited to:

  • Intonation
  • Timbre
  • Tone of voice (remember rule #5?)
  • Volume
  • Expression

These are all fun elements to play with and make a bigger impact with.

Unfortunately, you can't convey them through written words...


…you can transfer them via…

…voice messages.

…or phone calls.

The only difference is that a phone call is more difficult to establish. And requires you to react on the spot.

While voice messages let you sit back and relax, take your time to respond. Just like with texts.

And I know... you probably don't think you'll be good at it. Or that your voice isn't masculine or sexy enough.

Screw that!

I don't think I've EVER been complimented on my voice in real life. And I've talked to about 69 billion people.)

But as soon as I send voice messages… oh, lawful ones. It's like I won the compliment lottery.

19 Texting Rules For Guys To Get Her Interested In You (14)

This is just one of 69 voting compliments I received. You can find them scattered throughout my other articles.

Anyway! Those were 19 texting rules men should follow if you want to be more attractive to girls than texting.

Louis Farfields

PS: don't forget to pick up your copy of the TextGod Toolkit, bottom right ⬇️

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What is the 24 hour text rule? ›

The next time you are “irked” by someone, instead of shooting off an emotionally charged text, give yourself 24 hours and then call them to talk through things in a calm, rational way. You will preserve your relationship and improve your verbal communication skills.

How often should a guy text if he likes you? ›

Some guys are more talkative than others. Still, a few text messages a day are proof that he likes you. You should look for three to five messages a day, unless you strike up a conversation, then look for more. The most important thing to look out for is whether or not it seems like you're on his mind.

What is the best time to text a girl? ›

Texting her within a reasonable period throughout the day (typically between 8 AM and 8 PM) shows deference and respect and demonstrates your continued interest in getting together.

How do you make her crave for you? ›

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  1. Work on your physical health. The first rule in the game of attraction is to look and feel good. ...
  2. Make yourself presentable. ...
  3. Exude self-confidence. ...
  4. Ensure personal hygiene. ...
  5. Invest in a good cologne. ...
  6. Improve your verbal skills. ...
  7. Be within her sight. ...
  8. Discover similarities.
Feb 21, 2023

How long is to long without texting? ›

Waiting 2–3 days or up to a week before reaching out gives him a chance to text you first once he realizes what he's missing. If you've waited more than a week and still haven't heard back from him, it might be time to move on.

What is the 3 day texting rule? ›

Popularized by the romcom, the three-day dating rule insists that a person wait three full days before contacting a potential suitor. A first-day text or call is too eager, a second-day contact seems planned, but three days is, somehow, the perfect amount of time.

How long is acceptable between texts? ›

Studies have shown that after 4 hours, you're more likely to get a response if you text again. That gives you enough time to restart the conversation and makes you sound less clingy.

What is dry texting? ›

Close Settings. As a phrase, “dry texting” is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things. It refers to people who reply with one word, or don't carry the conversation and just say things like “lmao” and “wyd” until the receiver wants to tear their hair out in frustration or boredom.

Should I worry if he hasn't texted me in 2 days? ›

If it has been less than a couple of days then try to not let his lack of contact bother you. There is a good chance he is busy and this is nothing to worry about. Get home from work, put your phone on aeroplane mode and avoid checking your WhatsApp status or social media activity.

What annoys guys when texting? ›

Going overboard with the emoji.

1/3 of men think more than 3 emojis in a text is too many emojis. Only 21 percent of men use emojis themselves. 3. Making vague suggestions that he entertain you, such as: "I'm bored," "What r u up to?," and "Heyy hows it goin?" (This is for those of you in the dating world.)

How often does a girl want you to text her? ›

Texting her every day shows the degree of your love and shows that you have her in mind. In such a case, seeing her texts every day should be the norm. When you text her every day, it sends an emotional message to someone you are dating, making her feel special.

How often will a girl text you if she likes you? ›

3. She Sends More Than One Text. Whether it's double texting, triple texting, or even 'walls of text'—if she's into you, she'll probably be dying to talk to you—and this often leads to back-to-back messages. If she's double or triple texting you, you can be pretty sure that she's into you.

How often should you text a girl to keep her interested? ›

If you're still getting to know each other, then texting a couple of times a week should be good enough. 2. Should you text every day when dating? Yes, when you're dating – even if you're far from exclusive – it's a good idea to text every day.

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  1. Own the space around you. One way to get a girl's attention is to take up more space. ...
  2. Look approachable. Beyond looking confident, you also want to show women you are friendly and approachable. ...
  3. Be Social. ...
  4. Dress well. ...
  5. Be complimentary. ...
  6. Make Eye contact.

How do I make her fall madly? ›

10 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love With You All Over Again
  1. Listen to Her. ...
  2. Compliment Her Looks. ...
  3. Do Not Shy Away from Chivalry. ...
  4. Support Her Decisions. ...
  5. Tell Her How Much You Love Her. ...
  6. Give Her Attention. ...
  7. Nourish the Love between You. ...
  8. Looking Good.
Feb 7, 2022

How to stay on her mind? ›

Four tips to stay on her mind always
  1. Get physical. But only just a little bit. ...
  2. Look at her. Whether you meet a girl at a party or out on a dinner date, make eye contact and hold it while you are talking. ...
  3. Take a picture. In the day of cellphones, this has to be one of easiest ways to get her to remember you. ...
  4. Address her.
Jan 14, 2015

How do I make her feel closer to me? ›

6 Ways To Grow Closer To Your Partner
  1. Communicate and Listen to Them. ...
  2. Show Interest in Their Hobbies and Passions. ...
  3. Plan Things to Look Forward To. ...
  4. Start Dating Again. ...
  5. Bring Back the Romance. ...
  6. Get Outside Support.
May 26, 2020

How do I stop waiting for her texts? ›

Rather than waiting for your crush's message, set your phone down in a place where you can't see it. Try to stay busy doing other activities, such as reading a chapter in a book, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, or playing a level in a video game. After you finish, check your phone again.

Should I keep texting her if she doesn't respond? ›

If you've texted your love interest and she has not responded to you in hours or days, you can give her the benefit of the doubt and allow her plenty of time and space to send you a response. If a potential love-interest stops texting you, there's a potential that she's busy and is waiting for when she has more time.

Would a player text you everyday? ›

Is a player likely to text you every day? Most players won't text you every day. Players typically don't invest a ton of time into chasing someone—they've got too many girls to go after. Also, a player will usually have enough confidence to ask you out relatively quickly.

What are etiquette texting times? ›

Don't text too early or late

To avoid waking someone up, don't text too early or late. “The rule is 7am to 9pm, but if you know the person well, you can probably push that range out a little bit,” says Post Senning.

What is the 48 hour rule texting? ›

Use the 48-hour rule.

If your partner does something hurtful or that makes you angry, it's important to communicate it. If you aren't sure that you want to bring something up, try waiting 48 hours. If it's still bothering you, let them know.

How many hours is too long to respond to a text? ›

A General Rule of Thumb

A text should be answered within a couple of hours when there is not a time restraint. Keep in mind that if someone is working or exercising or basically out in the field, it may take longer for them to respond.

What to do when he ignores your texts? ›

If he is not responding to your text, simply say that you are sorry if you said something wrong and then ask if he is ready to talk or to ping you once he is. This dialogue comes into play if you have done something wrong or you know what you last said or wrote may have hurt his feelings.

Should you send another text after no response? ›

A study from the dating app Hinge shows that double-texting can increase a date's likelihood to respond. The key is to wait four hours before the second text. Sending a second text even a week later increased the likelihood of a response.

What is cold texting? ›

Cold texting is reaching out via SMS to a contact without their prior consent or permission. It's similar to cold calling and cold emailing. Some examples that would lead to cold texting include: Purchasing a contact list from a third party. Finding customers' phone information online.

What is wet texting? ›

"Write Everything Twice" is yet another common definition for WET. WET. Definition: Write Everything Twice.

Why does he go days without texting? ›

If a guy does not text you back immediately, there might be valid reasons like preoccupation with work, wanting some space, or being just not into you. When he does not text you back, do not bombard him with texts. Focus on yourself and go out and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Why hasn t he messaged me? ›

A guy may not text you for various reasons. He might be genuinely busy with his life, or something important must be going on with him. However, if you don't hear from him for over a week, he might not be into you anymore and is probably ignoring you.

What are red flags when texting a guy? ›

A text exchange with no emotion could be a red flag, she notes. If the texts are flat, with no smiling in the language and little energy, this might be an indication the date is emotionally aloof. Some people manage the anxiety of attachment by trying to control their environment, Winsberg points out.

How do you know if someone doesn't want to text you? ›

How to Tell if Someone Is Losing Interest over Text
  1. 1 They don't text you as much.
  2. 2 They take hours to reply.
  3. 3 Their replies are short and vague.
  4. 4 They don't ask any questions.
  5. 5 They're always too busy.
  6. 6 They don't use pet names anymore.
  7. 7 They don't compliment you.
  8. 8 They cancel plans repeatedly.

Why do guys start dry texting? ›

He might be busy, he might not like texting, or he might not be into you. Dry texting is incredibly frustrating, but try to be patient for the first couple of short texts or long response times. If he starts the conversation up again or starts sending more detailed messages, he was probably just busy.

Should I text a girl I like everyday? ›

So the answer to the question How often should to text a girl you just met is: Text her as much as you told her you would. If you didn't tell her anything, than this is your answer: You want to text her quick, but not too much. Your goal is to get her to feel positive emotions from you, and to get her on a date.

How long is too long for a girl to text you? ›

When you respond within a couple of hours, you prevent the conversation from totally going stale. If you leave a girl hanging for more than a few hours, it sends a signal that you're not interested. Don't be surprised if she doesn't text back if you wait more than 3 hours to respond.

Should I stop texting her to make her miss me? ›

If you really want someone to miss you after going on a date, the key thing is not to send text after text or make call after call. Instead, avoid too much contact, and don't hound them all the time and ask them a million questions.

What does 😊 mean for a girl? ›

Smiling and blushing face 😊

If you sent her a flirty text and she sends a 😊 back, that's a great sign she's into you. Interpret this wholesome emoji as a message that she likes the conversation or something you've said. Whatever you're talking about is making her feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Is texting a girl everyday clingy? ›

Excessive Texting

For instance, texting non-stop could indicate that one partner is clingy and needy and feeling insecure in the relationship. While this is usually only harmful to the person doing the excessive texting, it can be smothering to the person on the receiving end.

How do you text a girl who is not interested in you? ›

How to Get Her Interested With Texting
  1. Leave her with a smile. Don't text her about boring stuff. ...
  2. Keep it short. 2-3 sentences should be the longest message you send.
  3. Communicate one idea. Just focus on one topic at a time.
  4. Don't substitute texting for dates or phone calls.

How to attract her by text? ›

How to Get Her Interested With Texting
  1. Leave her with a smile. Don't text her about boring stuff. ...
  2. Keep it short. 2-3 sentences should be the longest message you send.
  3. Communicate one idea. Just focus on one topic at a time.
  4. Don't substitute texting for dates or phone calls.

How do you win a girl's heart through text? ›

Short romantic text messages that will make her want you badly
  1. I love you to the moon and back.
  2. I think of you daily.
  3. I think of you and you alone.
  4. You are my dream girl and treasure.
  5. My day is beautiful because of you.
  6. The only thing I care for now is you.
  7. I'm never lonely when you are around.
Jan 9, 2023

Can a girl like you but not text you? ›

Even if you're online dating and your entire relationship exists only online, it's possible that the girl you're talking to doesn't like communicating via text. Some girls don't love texting; in this case, you should pick up the phone and call her.

How do you know if a girl is not interested in you through text? ›

How to Know If a Girl Is Not Interested in You through Text
  • You Text More Than She Does. ...
  • Her Replies Are Short and Cold. ...
  • She Takes a Long Time to Text Back. ...
  • She Never/Rarely Initiates Contact. ...
  • She Seems Non-committal When You Ask Her Out. ...
  • She Only Contacts You When She Needs Something.
Mar 20, 2023

How to flatter a girl? ›

Compliments for Girls to Admire Their Physical Appearance And Personality
  1. You have an amazing sense of humor.
  2. My cute girl, you always look so cool, fresh, and lovely.
  3. You light up any room you walk into.
  4. I love your style and impeccable manners.
  5. There is nothing more beautiful than your smile.
  6. I love your hair!
Jan 24, 2023

How do you tease a girl with sweet words? ›

Cute Texts to Make Her Smile
  1. Knowing you is making me want to be a better person.
  2. Each day you're in my life is a wonderful one.
  3. Just wanted to let you know you were in my dreams last night.
  4. They say that there are no perfect girls, but you come pretty damn close.
  5. Even over text, you're so charming.
Jun 7, 2020

What to say to her to make her smile? ›

Sayings To Make Her Smile
  • No one and nothing can change my mind. ...
  • I never thought I'd find someone I'd fit with so well. ...
  • Being with you makes my heart sing.
  • I love you with all of the power and passion in my heart.
  • No matter how much time passes, being with you makes my heart race in the best way.
Mar 16, 2023

How do you slowly win a girls heart? ›

This is how to win a girl's heart and even keep it to yourself for a long time to come.
  1. Genuinely appreciate her. ...
  2. Look good. ...
  3. Oh, and smell good. ...
  4. Give her your attention. ...
  5. As a rule of thumb, never double text her. ...
  6. Make her feel special. ...
  7. Treat her like an equal. ...
  8. Touch her at the points that matter.
Mar 4, 2022


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