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HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ was founded in 2016 by two gutter protection industry veterans who wanted to develop a new, more effective gutter protection technology. The company installs patented metal gutter guards throughout the Southeast, Texas, Indiana and Colorado. HomeCraft corporate headquarters is located in Loganville, Georgia.

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Overall rating: 4.8 / 5 (Excellent)

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ offers high-quality gutter guards installed by third-party, tested and insured technicians. HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards come with a transferrable lifetime warranty, making their product a durable solution for those who want to avoid the hassle and ladder work associated with do-it-yourself options. HomeCraft's product eliminates the need to clean gutters several times a year while reducing the risk of the elements damaging the gutter system. The company reports that its gutter guards allow 100% of water to enter the gutter while keeping 100% of dirt out. HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ offers a completely free, full, no obligation inspection and offer valid for a full calendar year.


Guard types and details



fastening methods

Non-invasive / Attaches to the front lip of the gutter


Coated aluminum

304 marine grade stainless steel










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Specifications - 4.8 / 5

HomeCraft states that its gutter protection product has unique technological advantages over many competing systems. The product features a patented, raised screen design - Diamond Raised Technology - that performs better than the hooded or one-piece reverse curve products that were the industry standard for years and are still used today. HomeCraft Gutter Guards are made from marine grade stainless steel for long-lasting performance. The material keeps even small debris out of your gutters, directs water evenly into the gutters, and lets wind get under the dirt when it's dry. The finely woven material keeps pine needles and gravel out while allowing water to freely penetrate the gutter guard. HomeCraft's gutter guard has no glues or adhesives and is machine crimped using a 2,000-pound press that binds the metals together. This type of construction prevents cracking, warping, and other types of gutter deterioration. HomeCraft Gutter Guards also keep rodents, birds, insects, and other wildlife from entering your gutter system.

Services & Features

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installation options

Professionally installed

offered services

gutter cleaning

gutter repair

gutter alignment

gutter guard


Miter guard available


Additional services - 4.8 / 5

HomeCraft Gutter Guards™ gutters are professionally installed by a certified and insured technician. They attach to the gutter rather than the roof, minimizing potential damage to shingles, roof tiles and other roofing materials. The HomeCraft team can also repair gutter systems; Implemented their gutter prep process prior to installing HomeCraft Gutter Guards™.

HomeCraft Prices

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Free online quote / quote
Free installation


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100% satisfaction guarantee


Transferable Guarantee


Prices and guarantee - 4.8 / 5

HomeCraft Gutter Guards must be installed by an authorized technician. This makes them more expensive than do-it-yourself solutions, but also ensures the installation is to true professional standards. There are many different factors that go into the total price of HomeCraft Gutter Guards, which is why prices are not published or posted online. Prices are based on actual inspections, so the company's quotes are more reliable. During the inspection, a knowledgeable gutter specialist will examine your gutters, fascia, soffits, downspouts, inside and outside corners, roof pitch, landscaping and more so he or she can provide the customer with a reliable solution that offers maximum protection in real-world conditions. Because HomeCraft is so meticulous in evaluating each job site, the company guarantees its estimates for one year. HomeCraft Gutter Guards offers a transferrable lifetime warranty on their gutter guards, which is a great sign that the company stands behind their product and installation. As many homebuyers will attest, home systems that are still under warranty can make a home more attractive when it comes time to sell it. An investment in HomeCraft gutter guards can pay off by both saving you money on gutter cleaning services and increasing the value of your home.

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4,7 von 5

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Elite service with HomeAdvisorTop rated with HomeAdvisorRanked #178 in QR Top 500 Remodelers ListRanked #309 in Inc. 5000 and Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in AmericaRanked #124 in Qualified Remodeler Hip 200Ranked #43 in Financial Times: The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies Forgive

Ruf - 4,8 / 5

HomeCraft Gutter Guards receive a B rating from the Better Business Bureau and an excellent 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. While some customers have filed complaints or negative reviews against the company, HomeCraft makes every effort to respond to and resolve customer issues reported through the Better Business Bureau. They work with homeowners to solve the problems they have been experiencing. HomeCraft has more than 20,000 satisfied customers in the areas they serve. The company operates in 10 states of the USA.

The company has also ranked highly with companies such as HomeAdvisor and has earned a spot on various "Top 500" lists, including Inc. Magazine's list of Fastest Growing Companies.

Contact & further information

Main office address

500 Plantation Park Drive, Loganville, GA, 30052

mailing address

500 Plantation Park Drive, Loganville, GA, 30052

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98 customer comments and ratings

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Steve J


I was trying to install gutter guards on my house. Installed before noon on a Saturday, March 4th. At 12:18 the salesman calls and says that he is not there today. Setup for Monday between 10am and 11am. At 11:30 I have to call the seller. Call his boss. Talk to him, he says he tried calling three times. Can't send anyone out when nobody's home. been at home. Cell phone works despite the bad weather we had (Kentucky). I get it. The weather was bad. Just don't lie to me. Seller and "boss" must be on the same page. Due to the weather I could have waited a few more days. Had to wait 2 times for them to show up only to have different stories of why they couldn't make it. Beware.



Product quality and service are above average. My wife and I attended a home show in Jacksonville, FL and asked if we could install gutters in a house we recently bought in Ponte Vedra, FL. Tommy Anderson came to our home and patiently explained our options and costs. He was patient with us throughout the HOA review process and when we were ready to move on, the job was done in a day. We got follow up messages from Chad who I believe is a manager and then Alexis from customer service just to make sure the job was completed to our satisfaction. I have nothing but good things to say about this experience and would highly recommend your company.



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We have oversized gutters in our house (7 inches). It was very difficult to find a company that would install gutter guards that fit properly over our existing gutter system and we also have a steel roof. We have a lot of trees and pine needles that fall on our roof and gutter system, especially in the fall. Our gutters are very high and we have reached an age where we don't want to climb a ladder that high anymore (69 years). Home Craft made us an offer (as well as other companies) and they were able to accommodate our oversized gutters. They were there two days later and did an excellent job! We couldn't be happier with the new tops on our gutters and the...Continue reading


Carl N


Quick and thorough installation after clearing significant accumulations of pine needles. 300+ feet. Very good rebalancing where needed and fixed some overflow areas that had caused problems in the past. High-quality materials. These guys were really, really good. Excellent follow up from Alexis from customer support.


Rob L


This was a great company to work with. They came out and gave us a quote for our gutters the same day we called. They also completed the work the next day. Great prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff and great work.



My experience with HomeCraft was excellent. We live 1 1/2 hours from the Charlotte office. On January 30th, Hector Morales drove to our home and presented a professional, detailed explanation and estimate just for installing gutter guards. All questions were answered and we had no problem deciding they were our choice. We strongly favored their product over competitors. We preferred the metal frame and corrugated screen mesh. On January 31st, Rolando appeared and completed the installation in 2 1/2 hours. He explained in detail what he would be doing and kept me informed of his progress. He took several photos of the finished product and 100% cleaned up. And today I heard from CR...Continue reading

2023 HomeCraft Reviews: Gutter Guard (3)

Kasey R

Official answer

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards reputation management

We appreciate the lovely feedback from HomeCraft Gutter Guards. Thanks and have a nice day!



The crew was good and prepared for the job. Good overall experience with the product.

2023 HomeCraft Reviews: Gutter Guard (4)

Kasey R

Official answer

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards reputation management

Hey, thanks for the nice words! We're glad to hear how much you enjoyed your experience with us and we hope to see you again at HomeCraft Gutter Protectors.


Stephanie B


The love for the finished product and sales experience was easy and didn't pressure us in any way. Installation was the next day...amazing and just so well finished. We couldn't have been happier with the experience from start to finish.


Kasey R

Official answer

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards reputation management

(Video) HomeCraft Gutter Protection Product Information - Eliminate Gutter Cleaning for LIFE! 🚫🍂

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing HomeCraft Gutter Protectors for your project. We strive to provide excellent customer service and quality products, so we're glad to hear you were impressed. We like doing business with you!

Josua W


You have done a very good job. They were done in no time. They look amazing and can definitely tell a difference.

2023 HomeCraft Reviews: Gutter Guard (5)

Kasey R

Official answer

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards reputation management

We're glad to hear that you had a great time with us at HomeCraft Gutter Protectors! Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you'll stop by and see you again soon.




We are glad that we have obtained quotes from various gutter protector companies who give us a range of options and prices. Home Craft quickly rose to the top in several criteria, from the materials used to the sophisticated design to the transferable warranty. The low key, no pressure salesman was very thorough, helpful and respectful of our needs. The installer was incredibly diligent in freezing temperatures (we would have liked to have rescheduled). And Sarah from customer service gave us excellent care to make sure we were happy. We are so impressed with the entire experience that we are surprised not to have known about this brand prior to our search. Very glad we found her.


Kasey R

Official answer

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ Gutter Guards reputation management

We're glad to hear that you had a great time with us at HomeCraft Gutter Protectors! Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you'll stop by and see you again soon.

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  • Military and senior discounts available
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