Best bathtub splash guard for kids bath time (2023)

I've tried so many different bathtub splashbacks to keep the tub from leaking water and despite all my experimentation, there hasn't been a better solution than the Tidee Tubb splashback.

If you have 3 small children, the only time-saving solution is to bathe them all at the same time. However, this comes with several problems: children fight over toys, children move, and of course, too much water comes out of the bathtub.

That's where the Tidee Tubb mudguard comes in. It really is the best bathtub splashback on the market, best at keeping water off the floor...and in the tub.

The Tidee Tubb splashback will literally save the day and save you tons of money on bathroom repairs too. Children move so much in the bathtub, they splash, they jump - the water gets everywhere.

The Tidee Tubb should fix that problem, but if you're looking for something more, check out these other products that might help you just as well.

Best Tub Splatter Guard Overall: Tidee Tubb Splatter Guard

Best bathtub splash guard for kids bath time (1)

ThatTidee Tubb splash guardis not like any other shower splash guard you will find out there. This clear bathtub splash guard is guaranteed to prevent water from escaping from the bathtub with its unique curved design.

Most likely you've seen this type of splash guard before and probably didn't see it as the perfect solution for splashy toddlers. But I gotta tell you, this bathtub splashback has HUGE reduced the amount of water that used to flood my bathroom floor after every bath.

(Now all I have to do is put a towel on the floor, that will collect the small amount of water that flies out of the tub here and there.)

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Let me tell you how this bathtub splashback works - it allows the water (that splashes on the sides of the tub) to flow straight back into the bathtub. It does this by securely attaching it to the sides and edges of your bathtub, preventing water from overflowing. But the curved design really ensures that no water leaves the tub.

We all know how kids love to put their toys on the edge of the tub and how much water spills over the sidesswim like little fish— Well, that's exactly the kind of situation the Tidee Tubb Splash Guard will fix. Believe me, you will wish you had found it sooner.


  • The curved design allows the water to flow back into the tub
  • 2 ultra-clear plastic splash guards
  • Includes large tube of clear sealant


  • Curve length too long for some bathtubs

Best Barrier Splashback for Bathtubs: Duzzy Shower Dam

Best bathtub splash guard for kids bath time (2)

ThatDuzzy Shower Damisn't exactly a splash guard, but it can help you control where the water is going. You can place the shower dam right on the sides of the bathtub or on the inside of the bathroom entrance to prevent water from leaking out of your bathroom.

The shower dam offers you a length of 66 inches and a height of 2 inches with a width of 1 inch. You can do a lot with 66 inches of water-repellent material. The shower dam is made of rubber, so you can bend it as you like. You can also easily cut the rubber into individual pieces with a kitchen knife or scissors.

No glue is needed, glue is applied to the underside of the rubber. All you have to do is peel the paper off the adhesive and apply the shower dam to a clean, dry area. It sticks to any floor or wall and is completely water and vapor proof.

I found this splash guard particularly effective at controlling where water is flowing. With my children, a lot of water runs over the walls of the tub. Sometimes even water drips from the bathroom. Installing this shower dam near the tub, you can easily purify the water.

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All you have to do is place a towel on the inside of the shower dam to catch the water and if the towel gets soaked, the shower dam will prevent the water from going to other parts of your bathroom. As simple as that.


  • Easy, mess-free installation
  • 66 inch material can be cut for different areas
  • Soft rubber flexes when stepped on to prevent trips and falls


  • The adhesive will not stick a second time

Best Versatile Bathtub Splash Guard: Blue Ginkgo Sink Splash Guard

Best bathtub splash guard for kids bath time (3)

I chose that for our next reviewBlue ginkgo splashback for sinksfor its versatility and overall excellent quality. Although this is advertised as a kitchen splashback, it can also be used as a bath or shower splashback. The bottom of the product is one sizesuction cup, so it can be placed on any smooth surface.

The great thing is that you canto keepit on yourbathroom sinkmost of the time, and when it's bath time for the little ones, place it on the edge of your bathtub. This splashback is designed to prevent water from getting your clothes wet while you're using the sink, so it works the same way to keep water off the bathroom floor.

However, the downside to this splash guard is that it's only about 20 inches long. A standard bathtub is about 60 inches long from corner to corner. However, when you combine this splash guard with the Tidee Tubb splash guard, you have a super effective way of keeping water off the floor.

And it really wouldn't hurt to buy both products as the Blue Gingko is actually a sink splashback. So you can have one for your bathtub and one for your sink that can be used anywhere you need it.


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  • Thick, soft silicone material is durable and water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong suction cup can be placed on any smooth surface


  • Measures just 3 inches high and 20 inches long

Best Bathtub Splashback for Shower Liners: Magna Lock Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

Best bathtub splash guard for kids bath time (4)

The most effective way to keep water off your bathroom floor is to use a sturdy shower liner. This method works best when you're showering, but it doesn't work as well when you're bathing your kids.

Some kids won't like being locked in the bathtub, but there are a few things you can do to help solve this problem. And there is theMagna Lock Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealercome in. You simply stick them to each side of your tub, and the magnetic closure will hold yoursshower insertfirmly in place.

But first, it helps to have a shower liner that kids like, like theseWELTRXE EVA Shower curtain insert. It's see-through and super fun to look at, so your kids won't mind hiding behind it. You can also use it to half cover the tub so your kids don't feel too trapped.

The great thing about this shower shelter is that your kids can splash as much as they want without worrying about water soaking the floor.


  • Strong magnetic closure keeps thick curtains firmly in place
  • 2 pack; one for each side of the tub
  • Strong glue


  • The adhesive is too strong to remove after it has been set off

What to look for when buying a bath splash guard for your kids bath time

Deciding which carrycot splashback is best for you depends on a few factors. It's not always about what works best to keep water at bay. You should always consider your situation and how well this product can help you without causing further problems.

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Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

How lively are your children?

If your kids spray too much, it may be best to get more protection. The sides of the tub are always the best place to start, but if your kids splash a lot, you may need more protection.

Why do babies like to splash around in the bath anyway? And how do you stop children from splashing water in the bathtub? Kids love splashing in the bath because it's fun! The best thing to dogive them toysthis can distract them from wanting to splash so much.

And try not to be too hard on them. For kids, bath time is fun time, not cleaning time.

How big is your bathtub

Always check the measurements before purchasing any product for your bathtub. There is always a chance that something will not fit or will not fit properly. Measure your tub and where you will be installing the tub splashback.

You can also read reviews to see if someone with the same bathtub (shape and size) as you has written about their experience with the product.

How safe is the product for your children?

Any toddler bath splash guard must be safe. Make sure that there is no way your children can be harmed by these products. Also, make sure these are products that your kids can't play with or break.

As I said above, if you read reviews you may be able to find people in your situation who have written about their experiences.

Getting away

In the end, the choice is yours. Hopefully, though, we've helped you narrow down your decision when choosing the best bathtub splashback for your kids.

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However, I can say with confidence that theTidee Tubb splash guardWorked best for me and my kids. So there is a pretty good chance it will work great for your kids too.


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