Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (2023)

Black Desert Online Character Slot Expansion Coupon-As in the boy's era, Adventists will again find the excitement to start working on the "new server".

Rumors say that support level 60 and 61 will give more prizes at Spring Boy!

Black Desert Online Character Slot Expansion Coupon

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (1)

Chief Fugar from Raven Merchant Guild gives you "[child] Foggy Wind Secret Book" as a gift every time you complete an important line in Balendia, Serendia, Calpheon, Media, Valencia, Grana and Duvencroon.

BDO Season Server Guide: seasonal care benefits

Adventurers can learn strong skills and gain technical knowledge by "Foggy Wind Books [kids]" !!

Fugar gives you an answer to allocate Tri (III) or TET (IV) Tuvala to each of the seven instrument positions.

What happens if you install the best tools and complete each mission? You get advice from Valks!

After you have completed a specific goal in the Boy Pass, you can choose 3 prizes from the fashion of the monthly box,

Black desert online

But this is an extraordinary costume, you can also use heat through healing (L) to get one of the crystals below to add more accessories!

Winter adventurers will also use the character "Tuvala Gear" boys such as in spring and summer.

Naru equipment can be increased with beginner Black Stone with a higher success rate compared to increasing tuval equipment.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (2)

Show him Naru equipment that has been upgraded to Pen (V) and he will increase it to itemtevalt to increase the level of PRI (i) equipment.

Black Desert Online update 2.18 for skills Restart on January 13

Keep in mind that you can also buy Naru accessories and start black stone on the regular server!

Tuigale transmutation stones are given after completing the boy's server, which you can use to change the equipment of the tuval boys into normal tuval equipment.

You will receive a total of 13 miles in accordance with the amount of accessories (iron shirts, weapons, chains, belts, 2 rings and 2 rings).

Adventurers receive a master transfer tool per family after completing training on a boy's server, which can be used to exchange normal tuvalt tools with master tools.

Family Inventory Guide

You can only use Gear Baas -exchange coupons in Tuvala -Equipment from PRI (I) to Pen (V), so don't miss this opportunity!

That can be increased (including increasing Caphras) and even used to make divine weapons, but cannot be written on the middle market!

A warning gift box for Advent summer sons and graduates from autumn sons returns to sons. The number of characters can be extended to 21 with signs that show expansion coupons that add new levels.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (3)

The boy's first birthday party is over. Although there is still room for improvement, we have achieved rich results thanks to the enthusiasm of innovators. We appreciate your participation. In addition, we can collect a lot of useful information about what makes new Adventists happy and where they thinkthat they need help. We promise our efforts to enter into boys, so that there is a good environment for those who are looking for emotions. Felicitations to all adventists who graduated from our first son! We hope that your nice tripWe will continue.

BDO KR PATCH OPMERKINGEN 28 december: Maehwa Basic AP Buff, New World Boss en New Boss Main Hand Weapon

All Child signs opted for normal treatment on 26 August were immediately transferred to the normal server.

Adventurers who are automatically transferred can receive the "exclusive gift" from Fugar and receive a "full gift box" as a gift.

All tuval tools that do not use tuval transmutation stones can be authorized with black or black stones that are processed before they are converted into normal tools.

※ Adventists who have not yet completed "[Graduation Server Crimes] in The Broad World" can still be looking for Fugar.

Black Desert Online Inventory Slots

In the next boy you will not be able to find the mission "[change] intimacy with the world" until the end of the boy (until the character is transferred).

When you are ready [change] change the world before the next boy starts, you can continue the rest, regardless of the boy.

※ However, a 40 -day trip with Fugar can be extended after 26 August. The correct final date will be announced later.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (4)

They are not yet open, but many Shaya believes that this store is none other than Artina, musicians and famous teachers who inspire many Shaya talents.

Black Desert 24 mei Game Update Patch Notes

The ranking of the music ranking that is displayed in the info window that I am combined and is now available for the entire community.

For players with one level C, all their characters in the clan with level C start.

If there are some characters in the same family with different values, the family list corresponds to all existing values.

However, at least you have to complete the daily musicquest and get an EXP to every character, and the full Music Expresses may not exceed level C.

Updates] [3/24] Patch Note

By grouping the music scores in the family category, notes and blades that can be played from characters that cannot be played before are reduced, reducing the previous Compose Limites.

If you download music scores that should not be edited, you cannot publish or edit it, you just play it.

However, the music number recorded on the music album before this function is used can be edited.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (5)

Composers themselves can always share and edit their music. If a composer shares the score without allowing it, other people who download the score cannot change.

Game Play] evenement

Flow: reckless hit - solving the problem where the player is immediately delayed when the skill comes about.

Kamasylven Training word i ~ v - changes the improvement of AP -skills for various attacks as follows:

Change AP +10 for 10 seconds with 3 attacks → Change AP +10 for 10 seconds after 2, 3

● EvasiveExplosion shot - improving skills to appear as usual in combination with wind drawer i ~ iv, all: wind charge, prime: wind charge i ~ III.

Update] 26 augustus 2020 Updategegevens

Blast -windflower -repair problems where cooldown skills are not applied when used after flow: Toon Windvlaag I, II.

Strong wind - changing skills attacks to turn in animals.

Strong Strike Strong - change the skill to automatically appear as a bright attack in the Beast mode (normally not furious strike) when you press PCM in the beast mode.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (6)

Lightning Storm - improve a few words in a skills description with regard to the use of skills.

Conquerers may not receive a black desert online pre -system until March 3

● Halvi ~ X - repair problems in which when using the rise in Heilang 1 rarely strikes when the skills are at level I to X.

EV Magic Escape I ~ V, Stream: Magic Poison - Increase the distance traveled when using internal skills by around 20%.

● The enslar i ~ III - Changing the maximum distance traveled when using the skill is the same as when you use Prime: Sanctitas de Englar.

● Blackspirit: Sanctitas the Enlar III - solve problems in which the skill will be used, although the wrath of the black spirit of each skill is deactivated one by one.

Black Desert Update 2.17 Patch Notes voor PS4 & Xbox

One step back - changing toughness skills to only use samples and to increase the power of super armor when using skills.

Angel Fire, Flowing: Dash Slash skills that are improved so that it can now be added to the speed range, even on the main armor.

Tracking - Increasing the possibility to quickly connect in one step after using the possibility to get up.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (7)

Improvement of the problem where the Super Armored Effect is not used during the follow -up bonus: Half Maan Slash.

Is Explorer's package worth?

● Blackspirit: Prime: hunger of the wolf - changing the attack skills to match the direction of the camera during the last skill.

● Wave Orb, Prime: Wave Orb - Add a skills recovery effect of +200 hp after load.

Ick scissor kick, prime: kiss or kick-change the skill to do the 2nd blow with W+F during the skill.

Kick Kick, Prime: Kick Kick-Changing the skill to hold S+F during the 2nd skill attack.

Black Desert Online (Sea Server)

● Prime: Somersault - Improve Fast Combo skills in Prime: Tornado Kick, Dash Buster after using the skill.

Flash step - skill that is raised when they are used indoors for a faster combination in Roaring Tiger, Prime: Roaring Tiger after using the skill.

AP Vader's stairs - removes explosion skills and adds protection power when using skills.

Black desert Online Character Lock Expansion Coupon Angka Dewi Togel - Vivaslot (8)

Wind Orchid I ~ IV, All: Wind Orchid - overcome problems in which the effects of the inner guard released during the Combo skill will take longer than desired after using other skills.

Updates] Patchnotities

Windorchideeën I ~ IV, All: Wind Orchides - An improved skill is now added to the reach of the speed and position of the Karmozijnrode Glasion.

● Prime: Barrage Crescent I ~ III - HP increasing HP restored by the skill when it is beaten:

Wind Orchid Orch - solve problems where the skill effect does not appear in combination with skills after a certain skill.

Updates] [5/12] Patch Note

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