Childproof toilet paper holder (2023)

My daughter's newest favorite thing to do while watching me get dressed in the bathroom: untangling and tearing open the toilet paper roll. While I'm glad she's busy so I can brush my teeth, I don't like the fact that she's wasting some of the cheap paper.

Because of this, I recently consulted Heloise's book to see what tips she has for solving this problem. The answer to this question can be found in Heloise's suggestion: squeeze the roll until the inner cardboard roll is bent. According to her, this prevents a child from unrolling the whole roll at once. You might find this tip useful, but I didn't find it useful. As soon as I tried, my daughter began to unravel much of the role.

There are some better ideas my mom friends have. Here are some of the best tips I found while researching this article - please let us know in the comments section of any other tips you might have for saving the paper squares.

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Top tips for the childproof toilet paper holder?

1. Use a locking mechanism

The most important thing about childproofing a toilet paper holder is the use of a locking mechanism. Consider using an adhesive child-resistant lock or latch that can be attached to the back of the holder or to the inside of the cabinet or drawer in which it is installed. This prevents prying hands from pulling out the rolls and accessing any cleaning products stored inside.

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2. Opt for a spring-loaded holder

Spring-loaded toilet paper holders are a great way to ensure your child can't access the rolls or cleaning supplies. This type of holder is designed to automatically retract once pressure is applied, preventing children from pulling out the reels.

3. Attach an adhesive holder

Adhesive mounts are a good option if you don't want to install a locking system. They can be glued to the wall and, unlike normal holders, do not come off easily when your child pulls on them.

4. Use a toilet paper holder with a lid

Toilet paper holders with lids are a great way to keep your child from accessing the toilet paper rolls. These holders usually have lids or doors that can be locked, preventing prying hands from reaching inside.

5. Use a clamp holder

Clamp holders are another good option when it comes to childproofing a toilet paper holder. These brackets use tension from the walls and ceiling to hold the bracket in place so children can't pull it down.

6. Consider a wall mount

Wall mounts are a great solution when it comes to child safety. They mount securely to the wall and stay in place, preventing prying hands from reaching inside.

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7. Use a stand

Standing brackets are a great way to prevent your child from accessing the casters without having to install a locking system. Simply place the holder on an inaccessible shelf, countertop or table and rest assured that prying hands cannot access it.

8. Use a mounting bracket

Recessed brackets are a great childproofing option. These holders can be built into the wall, making them inaccessible without a key or tools.

9. Use a holder with a weighted base

Another great way to keep your child from accessing the casters is to use a holder with a weighted base. This makes it impossible for children to tip over the holder and get at the toilet paper rolls.

10. Hide the cleaning supplies

If you keep cleaning supplies in or near the toilet paper holder, be sure to hide them in a locked cupboard or drawer. This prevents prying hands from accessing it and potentially injuring themselves.

11. DIY: Make your own toilet paper protector

If you're looking for a creative and inexpensive way to childproof your toilet paper holder, why not build your own? You can easily make your own protective case out of cardboard or plastic.

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Simply cut the material into a circle slightly larger than the diameter of the rolls. Then secure it with tape or glue and you have your own homemade toilet paper protector. This is a great way to prevent your child from accessing the reels without having to purchase any special products or tools.

12. Wrap a rubber band around a baby-proof toilet roll holder

If you don't have any of the above products, you can childproof your toilet paper holder with a rubber band. Just wrap the elastic around the rollers and it will prevent your child from pulling them out. This is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your child cannot access the reels. Just check it regularly and replace if necessary.

13. Buy a child/pet safe toilet paper dispenser

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, there are several types of child and pet safe toilet paper dispensers online.

Most of these products use a locking system or special materials to prevent prying hands from accessing the reels. These can be a great option if you don't want to spend the time and effort making your own protective case or installing a new mount.

14. Make a personal restroom for your kids:

Create a personal toilet for your kids that is hygienic and easy to use. Start by measuring the space available in the bathroom where you will place the toilet. Make sure it is at a comfortable height for your children as they may be too small to reach an adult toilet seat. You can then decide to buy a smaller toilet, or you can buy a toilet seat that attaches to an adult-sized bowl.

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You should also make sure the toilet is well ventilated as this will help keep it smelling fresh and reduce the likelihood of mold growth. If possible, install a fan in the bathroom. In addition, when cleaning, you should use mild detergents specifically designed for toilets, and be careful to scrub the bowl, rim, and seat after each use.

Be prepared for accidents when your children learn how to use the toilet. Have extra towels, paper towels, and wipes ready for cleaning. Finally, place an age-appropriate step stool near the toilet so your kids can easily reach it.

15. Teach your toddler about bathroom etiquette

In addition to childproofing your toilet paper holder, it's also important to teach your toddler proper bathroom etiquette. This includes teaching them how to use the toilet paper and flush the toilet properly.

It can also be helpful to remind them that it's not okay for them to play in the bathroom or access items like soaps, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. with rightEducation and Counselingyou can ensure your little one stays safe and uses the bathroom properly.

It's important to remember that parental controls are an ongoing process. As your toddler grows, so does their ability - and with it, the need for extra safety precautions in the home. Pay attention to your safety precautions and always think of the well-being of your little ones. With these tips you can ensure that your toilet paper holder is off-limits to prying hands!

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Overall, there are many ways to childproof your toilet roll holder and make sure your child can't get to the rolls. Whether you use a product designed specifically for this purpose or create your own do-it-yourself solution, using these tips will help keep your family and your toilet paper rolls safe.


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