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Teams are fully described (tap on a name for a description, above in Page Content Links) and sorted by quality.

With the introduction of new teams and characters, this list will be updated accordingly.

Raid raid

After May 24, we will have another Raid – Incursion. It's practically a new Raid for all the alliances that already complete Doom Raids without any problems, and will help us equip ourselves with the much desired and expected T18 equipment.

There are no hard requirements for an Incursion attack, but here's what the developers suggest:

  • Level 90
  • Trim level 15+
  • Ability level 7
  • Red Stars 5+
  • T2 Level 3+ Iso-8

Unlike Doom Raids, which had 5 difficulty levels, Incursion Raids have a 6. Similar to Doom Raids, increasing difficulty will increase the opponent's stats.

Each Raid job requires one of five specific attributes: Bio, Tech, Skill, Mystic, and Mutant. As something new, with which the developers wanted to further complicate this Raid, we will have combat mods for each previously mentioned feature. They did this (mainly) to make some teams/characters unbearable for Incursion Raids and favor some.

Please note that we didn't get to try out any of the teams I'll be writing about in future sections in Incursion Raids, so this is pure theory work. Once we can do that, we'll be able to more clearly define what's good and what's not for Incursion Raids.

Combat Modifications:


It was Lane

Unstable Serum

  • On Enemy Character Crit, clear 2 Charged from all Player Characters. When evading the player character, enemies become Deathproof.
  • On Player Character Block 1, clear any negative effect on that character.
  • If a player character has a negative effect, that character's dodge chance is reduced by 100%.

As we can see, the modifiers for Bio nodes clearly favor the Rebirth team. Each time someone from the player's team blocks that character, 1 random negative effect is removed. Which team has the best chance of blocking? Rebirth, of course.

The other two modifiers cripple Gamma and Web-Warriors teams. Gamma depends on Charged mechanics. The two perhaps most crucial characters on that team, Red Hulk and She-Hulk, operate on the Charged principle. This way they can transfer all the negative effects of their team to the enemy and cast a Battlefield effect on the opponent's side. Each time an opponent takes 2 Charges from all Player Characters. We understand what that means.

On the other hand, the Web-Warrior team depends on the Dodge mechanic, and the modifier reduces the Dodge Chance by 100% for any player character that has a negative effect. This leaves us with Rebirth as the clear choice for Bio Nodes.


Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (1)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Winter soldier
  • US agent
  • Captain America
  • Captain Carter
  • Agent Gif


Tech Lane

Experimental Nanites

  • On ally Assist, heal yourself and all enemy characters for 5% of this character's max health.
  • At the end of an enemy character's turn, remove all barriers on all player characters.
  • On a player character's turn, remove Defense Up for that character.

Technical modifications unfortunately make it much more difficult for the currently best Tech Raid team - Bionic Avengers. Iron Man and Hulkbuster help each other after Basic attacks. As well as Viv Vision and Vision. Each time this happens, it heals the character that received the Assist and all opponents. Assist will therefore do more harm than good. Each time one of the enemies has a turn to play, all barriers with the player team are cleared. And we know that the Bionic Avengers, through the Hulkbuster, have the biggest barrier in the game. And on each player character's turn, Defense Up is removed.

Everything tells us to expect a new Tech Raid team soon. Which will be much more customizable with these modifiers. Bionics will still be a force in lower level Raids, but for Incursion Raids it will be hard to make any progress with them (especially on higher difficulty levels).

We can try to build a Tech team of individually outstanding plug-and-play characters like Kang, Doctor Doom, Kestrel, and Shuri. And even pair them with a Bionic Avenger or two. But we should test the nodes and see how effective it would be.

Bionic Avengers

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (2)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Hulkbuster
  • Vivi Visie
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
  • Deadlock

Bionic Avengers + Kang

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (3)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Hulkbuster
  • Vivi Visie
  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Vision
  • Deadlock


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Skill Lane

Interdimensional combat training

  • Apply Disrupted to all player Character PROTECTORS at Enemy Character Crit.
  • On enemy character turn, remove 2 Charged from all player characters BLASTERS.
  • Enemy characters cannot have Defense Down, Minor Defense Down, Offense Down, or Minor Offense Down applied to them.

Skill Lane modifiers eliminate Kestrel as an option for use in Incursion Raid (at least as far as Skill nodes are concerned), as without Def Down on enemies, her effectiveness decreases significantly.

Captain Sam is also excluded because he is a protector and every time an enemy Crit is disrupted. Sharon Carter and Maria Hill could be users. However, they also lose certain debuffs they can cast.

This leaves us with the Invaders, the latest team specializing in the Raid game mode and should be most effective in Incursion Raid. Even they will be damaged by these modifiers, but not crucially. Because the only protectors they have are Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. Guardian henchmen and their Taunt don't mean much to us. On the other hand, both Union Jack and Bucky Barnes are Blasters working on Charged mechanics. But when they run out of Charged, they gain benefits (it's in their best interest to spend Charged as soon as possible), so this modifier helps them. Some Invaders can cast debuffs that enemies are immune to. But will still be able to apply the most crucial debuffs (Disrupted, Stun, Ability Block...) that benefit them the most.


Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (4)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Nick Furie
  • Captain America (WO II)
  • Buckie Barnes
  • Union Jack
  • Iron Fist (WWII)


Mutant Lane

Auspices of the Apocalypse

  • At Spawn, apply Offense Up to all enemy BRAWLERS and BLASTERS.
  • Apply Spawn Taunt to all Hostile PROTECTORS.
  • Apply Spawn Regeneration for 2 turns to all Enemy SUPPORTS and CONTROLLERS.
  • When an enemy character gains Bleed, generate 1 Ability Energy for yourself or any ally.
  • On a player character's turn Apocalypse, that Apocalypse gets Charged and fills Speed ​​Bar by 20%.

All Mutant teams are eliminated from the Incursion Raids with these modifiers, except Death Seed and Apocalypse. So we can put Apocalypse on that team and kick out one member (e.g. Psylocke) or push with the classic Death Seed team.

And Death Seed will have difficulties because the enemies are buffed (as you can see in the modifiers, different buffs for different classes of enemies). We know very well that the Death Seed team throws a lot of Bleed at the opponents, and every time they get Bleed, they also gain 1 Ability Energy. So they're much more likely to be able to use their special or ultimate abilities, but that won't be a big deal for the Death Seed as they won't even allow the enemies to play.

Apocalypse is boosted for Incursion Raid as he passively charges every time he plays, which will always give Stun to his Counter. He will also play a lot more often because he passively gains +20% on the Speed ​​Bar every time he plays. So as long as you have him, he's a very good option for this Raid.

Death Seed + Apocalyps

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (5)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Archangel
  • Dark beast
  • Magneto
  • Apocalypse
  • Nemesis


Mystical Lane

Untied Dark Mgicks

  • On enemy character's turn, clear Revive Once from all player characters. If Revive Once cleared, generate 3 Ability Energy for yourself and all allies and clear everythingPlayer character barrier.
  • Stealth cannot be applied to player characters.
  • Enemy characters cannot be Blinded.

What we see neutralizes Dormammu and its passive. This gives allies extra life. Not only does it deny, but it also turns it into a negative thing for your team. Because once you lead Dormammu into the Incursion Raid, all enemies gain 3 Ability Energy and all barriers are cleared from all player characters.

Player characters cannot have Stealth applied to them, meaning that Darkhold members will not passively enter Stealth if they are low on health. Enemies can't have Blind, so Cloak and Dagger Ultimate won't be as effective (but will still be very useful).

Certain characters like New Warriors (Cloak, Dagger, Deathpool), Quicksilver, Doctor Doom, Eternals, Spider Weaver and some Darkhold members are not affected by those modifiers at all, so we can make a powerful combination for Mystic nodes.

We recommend Cloak, Dagger, Deathpool, Spider-Weaver and Morgan Le Fay. But you can also try many more combinations with the aforementioned characters.

Nieuwe Warriors + Spider-Weaver + MLF

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (6)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Dagger
  • Mantel
  • Death flush
  • Spin-wever
  • Morgan Le Fay

Eternals + Deathpool + Spider-Weaver + MLF

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (7)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • ikaris
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Death flush
  • Spin-wever
  • Sersi


Doom attack

To be successful in Doom Raids, players must have 5 different teams. One for each trait: Bio, Tech, Skill, Mutant, Mystic. Doom Raid is much more complicated than Ultimus Raid, and as I said, it has demands on nodes.

I will list a few teams for each requirement (Lane) that performed well in Doom Raid.

Bio – Rebirth

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (8)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Captain Carter
  • US agent
  • Agent Gif
  • Winter soldier
  • Captain America

It's the latest Raid team which should be breathtaking for that game mode but at the moment (at the time of writing this article) we still don't have them in the game so this will be more theory building than proper testing and to explain .

They have Bio traits and if we look closely at them we can see that they will be better than the current Bio Raid meta - Web Warriors.

In Raids, their bonuses double for the increase in stats. The Rebirth team will have amazingly well-built stats, but not only that.

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Let's start with sustain - the most important thing for the raid team. Cooldowns of all Abilities are low - they can use them often. This team has a high block chance – their protector, Captain America, will block everything, and not only that, he has increased the block – the damage received will be minimal.

After reworking, it becomes the best tank in the game. He has Taunt on himself every two out of three turns. With Captain Carter and her Acrobatic Justice Special, he'll have it 3 out of 3 turns - basically always. Protection will be level, with a ton of Deflects and Defense UP, with Protector able to taunt all enemies throughout the duration of the battle, and with healing plus Safeguard provided by Captain Carter, we can say their support is surprising.


Control will be another part where they shine. They have two anesthetics; one of those two has a duration of two turns. They can place an Ability Block on three targets for two turns. And when I say they can do it every third turn, you'll see how powerful it is. They can also flip buffs and remove them from multiple enemies in a single move. Control - same as sustain - top rank!

And damage!!! Good old pure way to get rid of pesky enemies through nodes. I only have two words for that: Agent Venom. At this point, if we can see his stats, we know that he is the second highest damage stat character in the game. That doesn't have to mean anything, but if we look at his abilities, we can see the Destroyer!!!

Most of his attacks are piercing. He can passively attack enemies anywhere someone from Rebirth blocks an enemy attack - and will do so many times. On a critical hit, he repeats his Ultimate. Not to mention he will always have Offense Up, thanks to the Winter Soldier Passive.

Don't get me wrong, the Rebirth team's damage doesn't just come from Agent Venom; every other character can hit hard and has a good way of hurting enemies, but he is the main man when we talk about this team.

So we talked about the three main topics that make up a quality Raid team: support, control, and damage. The Rebirth team has every aspect at the highest level.

Soon three new characters will appear at the same time as members of the Rebirth team. They will be introduced to us through the current monthly and weekly event system. If you don't have them on your priority list, try not to slack off on those events and try to collect their shards in the highest number possible. So later, if you have resources, you can build them.

Rebirth is the best choice for the Bio nodes in the Doom raids.


Bio - Web warriors

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (9)

Characters on image (from left to right):

  • Spider Man
  • Spider-Man (miles)
  • Ghost spider
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Spider-Punk

Unlike some other specialized Raid teams, Web-Warriors don't rely on overwhelming healing and extra turns. However, the number of buffs they have and the number of debuffs they can place in raids has not been matched by any other team. Their damage potential is astounding and when combined with constant CCs, their targets are easy to kill regardless of Raid difficulty.

They start each Raid Node with Offense Up, 2 Deathproofs, Speed ​​Up, Evade, and 2 extra Ability Energy. That allows them to start each battle with the strongest skills.

On each turn, 2 random Web Warriors gain Dodge. With each dodge, they are buffed with Offense Up and Speed ​​Up. Each critical hit releases 2 of them from Heal Block. Whenever a negative effect is applied to the enemy, Defense Up, Offense Up, Speed ​​Up, or Deflect is placed on the debuffer. Each successful attack heals each member of the Web-Warrior team with 3% of their maximum health...

These are all just their passive skills in Raids with no active skills (also significantly improved in Raids). Amazing, isn't it?


Bio - Symbiont

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (10)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Spider-Man [symbiont]
  • scream
  • Anti-Gif
  • Carnage
  • venom

Symbiote's Raid potential is known to all MSF players. They are the first raid team to critically influence the game. Players were forced to assemble custom teams to minimize HP loss through multiple nodes until Symbiots showed they completely changed Raid perception and influenced the creation of future Raid teams.

The main power of Symbiots is the ability to drain with 100% efficiency and place a large number of debuffs that can be distributed throughout the entire enemy team. In addition, Carnage gives them extra turns after every kill, so they can keep playing over and over again.

Compared to the new Raid Metas, Symbiot's damage potential is low, even though Anti-Venom gives them all available buffs.

Symbiotes can be used successfully in all Ultimus Raid and Greek Bio/City Nodes. Their usefulness doesn't end there, they can even be successful in Doom II Raid on related Nodes. However, due to their low damage potential, battles take a long time and often end in defeat due to time limits.


Technology - Bionic Avengers

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (11)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

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  • Hulkbuster
  • Vivi Visie
  • Iron Man
  • Vision
  • Deadlock

The Bionic Avengers are the answer for Doctor Doom Raid Tech nodes.

Their synergy and efficiency in Raids we have never seen before. Their main power is their Ability Energy generation which literally allows all abilities to be used whenever you want. In the worst case, each Bionic Avenger gains 3 Ability Energy in Raids each turn.

Their incredible strength is the product of probably the strongest barrier in the game provided by Hulkbuster and Viv Vision's ability to heal the entire team whenever a character becomes imbued with Ability Energy. In other words, Viv Vision will provide everyone with healing equal to at least 45% of her Max HP on every turn. It's insane, believe me!


Skill - Intruder

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (12)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Nick Furie
  • Captain America (WO II)
  • Buckie Barnes
  • Union Jack
  • Iron Fist (WWII)

The newest Raid team in the game are the Invaders, whose trait is Skill, which automatically means it's a team that specializes in Skill nodes. Outside of Raid isn't nearly as strong as in that game mode, as almost every Ability has an accessory that works in Raid.

Almost all of their stats are boosted in the Raid: Damage, Armor, Crit Chance, Health, and Resistance. So they represent a real force in that game mode along with Nick Fury who is their leader and additionally strengthens them with his summons (which is otherwise magnificent).

Speaking of Fury and his summons, we should mention that he is a character that has been reworked (including his minions) and now truly represents the true leader of this team.

I won't strictly tell you here what each of them can do individually and what their role is in the team (you can find all that in the "Character Guides" where every ability of each of them is detailed), it's enough to tell you that they have a bunch of buffs during battle, that after each attack they get a help from an ally, who heals very well (their support is excellent), who also have an Ability Energy battery that allows them to quickly recharge their energy Abilities , that they can throw all sorts of debuffs at enemies, and that they can even manipulate the enemy's Speed ​​Bar.

Compactness, durability, security, strength = Invader, a team made for Raids. And even some mediocre Invader teams can easily overcome all the obstacles that Doom V Raid offers.

It's good to know (has been officially confirmed) that they, along with the Rebirth team, will also be needed for the upcoming Incursion Raid. So they are a safe investment for the future.


Skill – Secret Avengers + Kestrel + Shang Chi

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (13)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Kestrel
  • Mary Hill
  • Shang Chi
  • Sharon Carter
  • Sam Wilson

Secret Avengers was clearly created with one primary goal: to be another META for Raids.

Sam Wilson is a great protector. His versatility can be used even outside of the Secret Avengers team (he teams up with almost all SKill Heroes). As such, he is an ideal complement to Maria Hill and Sharon Carter.

Those 2 girls are unique in many ways. Maria has combined the best healing in the game with heroes capable of constant blocking, which this team absolutely is. Sharon is the offensive version of Yo-yo - a hero who places Offense Up for every turn of any Secret Avenger or Skill Hero.

Kestrel is a natural addition to this team - she's a Skill Hero, one of the best damage dealers in the game. She has synergy with Sharon, who has a similar special ability to place Defense Down on primary and adjacent targets.

Picking the 5th member of this team might seem tricky, but only one hero has synergy with both Secret Avengers and Kestrel - that's Nick Fury.

Nick Fury gives Kestrel a significant health boost to the rest of the team - he's a skill hero. His call and his ultimate ability work in tandem with Maria Hill's call and her healing. Most importantly, he copies a wasted amount of buffs when using his special ability.

Nevertheless, Nick Fury is not the best choice for this team - Shang Chi is. Shang Chi is also a Skill character, so he will benefit from Sharon. Shang Chi also has the highest damage potential of any Skil character. When he hits those counts - when he hits with Offense Up, it's devastating. Its final effect on all enemies on the battlefield and its cost is 4 energy. That practically means his ultimate CD will be ready when Sam uses his special - you just have to be careful that Shang Chi uses his ultimate before Sam uses his special (so as not to waste the energy you receive).

In addition, Shang Chi's special grants him healing while dealing a significant amount of damage to enemy clusters. Basically, Shang Chi fits more into this team (if we're talking about Raids) than Heroes for Hire. It's just amazing what they can do together.

It's true that you lose extra healing and protection that Nick Fury can provide, but with Shang Chi you're actually better protected because killing an enemy is the best protection there is.

The only downside to this team is that in Doom 2 and especially Doom 3 you have to control them manually. AI doesn't save CDs for key moments in battle, so you can't be sure that the sim will make it through Nodes without any casualties.

All in all, this team is more than capable of handling all Doom Skill nodes, and they can be used in several Greek Raids on the highest difficulty. With them, you'll welcome any SKill challenge knowing that your squad's strength won't be critical to clearing Nodes - they're that strong!


Mutant - Seed of Death

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (14)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

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  • Nemesis
  • Psylocke
  • Magneto
  • Dark beast
  • Archangel

Right now this is the best Raid team in the game. It takes a Horseman team to unlock Apocalypse, so everyone needs to upgrade them as soon as possible. Death Seed is a team that specializes in raids, and in that game mode they ensure the best results.

Dark Beast is one of the most crucial parts of this machine. With his Passive, he can boost anyone's stats (if they have the right buff) and make any raid node trivial.

Archangel is the leader of this team and he can control the battlefield by manipulating enemies' Speed ​​Bars. With this team you can often find yourself in a situation where enemies don't want to play at all and your Death Seed members will destroy them. With Archangel's damage potential, taking down the enemies will be an easy job.

They have everything: increased stats, passive support, many ways to control enemies, speed manipulation and powerful dots.

When we talk about dots, we have to mention their bleeding. There will be so many bleeds on your opponents when you play with Death Seed, and those dots will drain enemies' health in no time.

All members have their role in the team, I only mentioned two, but believe me, everyone is equally important. For example, Psylocke plays last - she's the slowest member of the team, but that's actually really good because then she can remove all of her teammates' debuffs (using her Ultimate) and get them ready to take another turn without any consequences .

Magneto can place Blind of all enemies at the start of any battle because while on the Death Seed team he will have no problem with the Ability Energy required for his Ultimate. At the same time, he will pull them all together, making them more vulnerable to primary + adjacent attacks from other Death Seed members.

Nemesis is a team healer and supporter, but he's not alone. He can redistribute buffs from Archangel to other team members and deal a lot of damage while stealing and redistributing HP.

Work together for the win-win situation not only in Raids but also in other game modes. You need them, so build them and use them.


Mutant - Amazing X-Men

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (15)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • Bishop
  • Kitty trots
  • Beast
  • iceman
  • Anniversary

Before Astonishing X-Men was introduced, there was a big problem putting together a real Mutant Raid team. With their introduction, all problems become a thing of the past, and more importantly, Astonishing X-Men established themselves as a META Raid team.

Their skill pack is made specifically for raids, but everything is based on Jubilee's passive. It fills up all allies' Speed ​​Bar every time an enemy is killed and grants Assist Now every turn of a member of the team. Jubilee also allows Beast to play once an Astonishing Member's HP drops below 50%. This generates additional ability energy and is sufficient for immediate use of healing ability.

But that's not all: when Jubilee assists or attacks with the basic ability, she blinds every opponent in Raids.

The team's main damage dealer is Bishop whose role is to be the team's protector, even though he is Blaster. Bishop is an unorthodox MSF character, but his synergy with Jubilee is one of the strongest in MSF, even outside of Raids.

Other members of the team are not that important, even though they have some powerful abilities in Raids. The main strength of this team is that they will play continuously until all enemies are dead - they just need to make a first kill and everything else will be like cutting butter.


Mystic - Mystical META

Dear Raid Teams | Marvel Church (16)

Characters on the image (from left to right):

  • ikaris
  • Death flush
  • Dormammu
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Sersi

This Mystic team is your answer to everything. You can use it in any raid on the SIM without any Healer ISO-8 class on characters.

This synergy is so strong that you cut through every node on every Raid without losing HP. Eternals have the best AOE synergy in the game and they deal you constant damage against all enemies. The more they kill, the more energy they will get from Deathpool.

Morgan Le Fay ensures that you play first and prevents the most dangerous enemies from using their skills. At the same time, thanks to Deathpool, she can use her special at least once per battle to completely heal herself.

Dormammu will provide more consistent play for the Mystic team: they will get Revives Offense, Defense, Speed ​​Up, and Healing from him. At the same time, he gives you extra control: Stun, Ability Block, removing immunities, etc.

This team allows you to play Doom 3 Mystic nodes on sim - you get 3 easy wins with no casualties, including the Boss Node.


The last robbery

Ultimus Raids have no restrictions, so any of the above teams can do the job in that Raid. If you have Invaders of Rebirth (the two newest Raid teams) targeting them, they will break the Ultimus Raid into pieces.


Does Marvel Strike Force have codes? ›

What is this? What is this? DVD290526ef5 - Redeem this code to get rewards, in the form of Coins, Spins and Gems.

What is the best team to defeat heroes for hire? ›

The best team to counter the Heroes for Hire squad in Marvel Strike Force is a team of Hydra Villains. In particular, it revolves around Red Skull and Kestrel with Crossbones, Baron Zemo, and Hydra Rifle Trooper rounding out the final positions. Kestrel's ultimate ability restricts a killed enemy to be revived.

How many characters are there in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Marvel Strike Force has over 150 characters divided into classes, namely Controller, Brawler, Blaster, Support, and Protector. All 150 characters are ranked based on their unlocking mechanism, highlight abilities, damage scores, and overall performances in different modes–Campaign, Raid, Blitz, and Arena.

Can you get Loki in MARVEL Strike Force? ›

Loki is unlocked at 2 stars, which costs 45 shards.

What is the max character level in MARVEL Strike Force? ›

Characters can be ranked up to a maximum of 7 stars.

What is the strongest team in Hero Wars? ›

Hero Wars has not found a team that can be called the strongest. Once you have a certain number of heroes, you can beat most of them. However, there are definitely differences between teams. In fact, there is no such thing as the strongest team, but there is such a thing as a “strong team”.

What is the best squad in almost a hero? ›

Best Combination of Heroes for Almost a Hero Battle

The best team would be – Vexx, Ron, Hilt, Sam, and Tam. But these heroes should be unlocked and at their maximum level to progress through the game much faster.

Who is the best healer in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Minn-Erva is easily the best healer in the game. Not only for her big healing bonuses, but the simple fact that she delivers hefty basic attacks, and can revive dead teammates, something other healers cannot do.

What is the best beginner team in Strike Force? ›

An initial good start for building teams would be the Heroes for Hire squad. This lineup consists of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Shang-Chi.

What happens when you get a 7 star character in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Once your character reaches 7 stars, the extra shards will be converted to Ultra Credits. Ultra Credits are needed to acquire Ultimus Orbs, which contain Ultimus Shards.

Who is the best character in Marvel Strike Force? ›

  • Spider-Man.
  • Star-Lord.
  • Swarm.
  • The Thing.
  • War Machine.
  • White Tiger.
  • Venom.
  • Yelena Belova.
Apr 24, 2023

How do you unlock Morbius in strike force? ›

Morbius is unlocked at 3 stars, which costs 100 shards.

What is the best way to get characters in Marvel Strike Force? ›

You can unlock characters by recruiting them using Characters Shards. These Character Shards can be earned through gameplay; Campaign Missions, Achievements, and Events. If you wish to recruit characters faster, Characters Shards are also available for purchase in the Supplies Store and various Orbs.

What is the fastest way to progress in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Perhaps the best way to level up in Marvel Strike Force is by completing Campaign Missions since they reward players with a decent amount of EXP. But, players should remember that every Campaign Mission uses Energy, and once the players run out, they can't run them anymore (unless they use Premium Currency).

Can I start over in Marvel Strike Force? ›

As long as you did not connect your game to Facebook, Google play/Game Center, you can uninstall and reinstall the game. By doing this, you should be able to start the game from the beginning. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.

Who is the strongest class a hero? ›

Sweet Mask is more than just a hero — he's the highest ranking A-Class hero who can easily move into S-Class, but chooses not to. His intentions are pretty selfish, with Sweet Mask wanting to both preserve his image as a No. 1 hero while also preventing supposed "weaklings" from rising up the ranks.

Who is the strongest heroes character? ›

Hercules / Zeus

In fact, he is considered by many authorities to be the physically strongest character Marvel has ever created.

Who are the strongest S-class heroes? ›

Superalloy Darkshine is universally considered to be the top S-Class hero when taking into account physical strength, considerably more than his muscular comrades like Puri Puri Prisoner.

Is there a DC equivalent to Marvel Strike Force? ›

DC Legends

This turn-based RPG character-building game features Superman, Batman, Sinestro and so many more in the fight against Nekron. Assemble a team on the Watchtower and eliminate Nekrons forces while traveling through the solar system.

Who is the leader of Strike Marvel? ›

STRIKE (Special Tactical Reserve for International Key Emergencies) is a counter-terrorist Special Mission Unit of S.H.I.E.L.D., led by Brock Rumlow.

Who are the four horsemen in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Each of the four Horsemen has a title representing their role: Death, Famine, War and Pestilence.

Which hero is best for crowd control? ›

The best crowd control hero in Mobile Legends is Kaja who has 2 hero roles (Fighter and Support). All of Kaja's skills are capable of providing a Crowd Control effect that makes enemies irritated.

What is the max level in almost a hero? ›

The max level for charms is 25.

What hero is best for Garrison? ›

Nikola is one of the best State of Survival heroes specialising in garrison. He can boost tower defence, which is a great advantage. For the rally, Jeb works well, as well as Maddie & Frank, and also boosts the damage of the troops. Ray & Rolex is mainly used in garrison.

Who is the fastest healer in Marvel? ›

The Hulk possesses an almost unparalleled healing factor among his superhero peers, which is a must-have when fighting Wolverine as much as Hulk does. Hulk's healing factor is amplified the same way his strength is, meaning the madder he gets, the stronger he gets and the quicker he heals.

Is Nemesis the best healer? ›

Nemesis. Nemesis is a great burst healer with substantial AoE group healing for her allies, wielding her volt-type weapon Venus. Her attacks can easily electrify opponents, negating all buffs they receive.

Who is the strongest healer in Heroes of the Storm? ›

Best healer is Abathur. Worst healer is Medivh.

Is cod Strike team canon? ›

Strike Force are canon missions and a new type of mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops II where players are tasked to complete a main objective and mini-objectives riddled throughout the battle space.

What does speed do in strike force? ›

A character under this effect will cause more damage than normal. Speed Up: Means that the speed of a character is increased. The energy points of a character under this effect will generate faster and he/she can attack multiple times.

Where to play Strike Force Kitty? ›

StrikeForce Kitty 🕹️ Play StrikeForce Kitty on CrazyGames.

How do you get gamora in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Gamora is unlocked at 3 stars, which costs 100 shards. You can find her shards in the Blitz store for 500 Blitz Credits for 5 shards.

What does bleed do in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Minor Bleed

Take minor damage equal to a percentage of the source character's Damage each turn.

What do red stars mean in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Red Stars is a way to power up your characters. Each Red Star provides a multiplier to the character's overall power. More specifically, Red Stars will increase your core stats: Damage, Health, Armor, Focus, and Resistance by a certain percentage.

How do you get ultra cores in strike force? ›

Similar to Power Cores, Ultra Cores are available in bundles, which can be purchased from time-to-time from the Store tab on our website. Ultra Cores and Power Cores are not interchangeable. You can't obtain an offer at a Power Core price using Ultra Cores and vice versa.

How do you get daily login rewards in MARVEL Strike Force? ›

MARVEL Strike Force has both a monthly and a 7-day login calendar, allowing you to earn daily rewards, such as character shards, orb fragments, and more! For the monthly calendar, you will need to log in every day for the entire month to earn and claim all the rewards. Every 1st of the month brings new rewards!

Is there a code in phantom forces? ›

Unfortunately, no Roblox Phantom Forces codes are available in March 2023. Roblox Phantom forces have not yet activated any codes and rewards. However, many users and developers expect more codes to be released soon.

What is the fastest way to level up in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Perhaps the best way to level up in Marvel Strike Force is by completing Campaign Missions since they reward players with a decent amount of EXP. But, players should remember that every Campaign Mission uses Energy, and once the players run out, they can't run them anymore (unless they use Premium Currency).

Who is black panther 1mm? ›

History. The Black Panther was a member of the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC and was killed along with the rest of his team by the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

How do you get ultimate keys in strike force? ›

You earn 1 Ultimus Key for every Campaign Energy you use in completing a Campaign mission. There is a maximum of 600 Ultimus Keys each Alliance member can accumulate per day.

How do you unlock Deathlok in Marvel Strike Force? ›

Earning 29,500 milestone points will reward enough shards to unlock a 3-Star Deathlok.

How do you get Legendaries in MARVEL Strike Force? ›

Most Legendary Events unlock at Tier 5, so you will need a team of 5 matching characters with 5 Yellow Stars. Note that all Sinister Six characters also have the Spider-Verse tag, so ranking them up unlocks two Legendary characters.

How do you get empowered Thanos in strike force? ›

On Death of an enemy, 50% chance to generate Ability Energy for self or any adjacent COSMIC ally. On Turn, if this character has all 6 Infinity Stones, become Empowered.

How do you unlock rogue in MARVEL Strike Force? ›

Rogue is unlocked at 3 stars, which costs 100 shards. She is an legendary character, part of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, and is unlockable through the Famine Scourge event.

What class is an 94 in phantom forces? ›

The AN-94 is a Russian Assault Rifle. It is unlocked at rank 10, or it can be purchased with credits.

How rare is a knife in phantom forces? ›

so your chance of getting a "Knife" Skin is 1 out of 14. and for the facts, You can call yourself a knife skin collecter once you have the Default melee(Knife) Skin.

Who is the cat girl in phantom forces? ›

Animu Sight | Phantom Forces Wiki | Fandom.


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