End of Wednesday Finals Explained: Who's the Monster? (2023)

The following contains major spoilers for the Season 1 finale "Wednesday." Turn back if you haven't seen it!

Wednesday Addams is carving out a neo-Gothic niche in the new Netflix series"Wednesday,"by creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. After transferring to Nevermore Academy in Jericho, Vermont, the protégé finds herself in her element at a school for outcast children of classic monsters like werewolves, vampires, sirens and gorgons, to name a few. Season 1 contains a maze of mysteries to solve on Wednesday, including her own parents' murky past, a monster wreaking havoc in the nearby woods, and some suspicious adult activity regarding the running of Nevermore and jericho

We get most of our answers to all the questions that arise as Wednesday pokes around in unfinished business at institutions - linked to Jericho Sheriff Galpi (Jamie McShane), Mayor Noble Walker (Tommie Earl Jenkins), Headmistress Weems (Gwendolyn Christie) and Jericho's historical figurehead Joseph Crackstone and the founder of Nevermore.

However, the road down memory lane proves to be winding, so buckle up because the ending is a wild ride.

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Who is the Hyde Monster?

Early in the series, Sheriff Galpin challenges his deputy to describe the disturbing murders in the woods between Nevermore and Jericho as bear attacks. He knows the murders are connected to Nevermore, but at first he doesn't know how to prove it. This is where Wednesday comes in. After clearing her father Gomez's (Luis Guzmán) name for the murder of one Garrett Gates (remember that name), Wednesday sets out to uncover the true identity of the monster murdering innocent bystanders and severing random body parts in between the various corpses.

After hinting that the monster could be a Hyde, Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) on Wednesday helps locate the top-secret, secured diary of Nevermore founder Nathaniel Faulkner, who traveled the world observing outcasts . Reading the journal with vivid sketches of the creature, Wednesday echoes Faulkner's description of Hydes (yes, like Jekyll and Hyde) as artistic and moody. That observation, combined with Xavier Thorpe's (Percy Hynes White) vivid psychic connection to the monster - he sketches and paints visions and pictures from the creature's perspective - leads Wednesday to believe that Xavier is the one transforming into the beast and killing humans .

"She's an investigator and I sort of fall into the suspect category I think," Percy Hynes White, who portrays Xavier, told TheWrap. "And I think I'm the only other psychic in the school that she can relate to and talk to. So that's my role in her in her story.”

End of Wednesday Finals Explained: Who's the Monster? (2)

Xavier also does therapy sessions with Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome), and Wednesday discovers this. Faulker's journal also describes that a Hyde must be unlocked by a traumatic event, so she reasons that Kinbott must be responsible because she is the only one who knows Xavier's true state. She accuses him of the murders and has him arrested (with the help of a framing by a name that will be announced soon).

Plot Twist #1: Xavier is not the Hyde. The Hyde is actually Tyler (Hunter Doohan).

Sheriff Galpin's son posed as Normie for most of the first season of "Wednesday," but after Thing stole some documents from Galpin's garage, she confronts Tyler about it and reads that his mother, who was a Hyde, from her puerperal depression was triggered after giving Tyler Brith. Tyler, who was told his mother had severe bipolar disorder, inherited the Hyde genes. He privately confirms Wednesday that she's right, and he goes dark very quickly.

"I found that out at the audition. They told me right before my last audition that I had a secret and I was like, 'Is that it?theSecret?' They officially told me after that," Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler, told TheWrap. "I felt like I was playing two different characters, and I only got to play the real character for about three scenes. So it was really fun to step into the really darker side of Tyler the End.”

Who Unlocks the Hyde Monster?

Investigating further at the Gates family mansion on Wednesday, Enid and Tyler discover that someone kept the bed of Garrett's sister Laurel warm, even though she allegedly drowned years ago. Wednesday finds reason to believe that not only is it the real Laurel Gates, determined to exact her father's vengeance to rid Jericho and the world of outcasts, but that Laurel Gates, under the alias Dr. Kinbott, town therapist, walking around.

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Wednesday gets a tip from Eugene Ottinger (Moosa M) that takes her investigation in a whole new direction. When Eugene was investigating the Hyde's hideout - a spiral cave tunnel - someone else was lurking there, and the mysterious silhouette set the cave on fire. Eugene fell unconscious after the Hyde attacked him, but when he woke up he remembered that the figure was wearing red boots.

Plot Twist #2: The Hyde's Mistress is... Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci)!

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The not-so-normal teacher used a plant-derived chemical to kill Tyler instead of Dr. Unlock Kinbott's hypnosis (Tyler also sees Dr. Kinbott.). Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates, must have learned Tyler's true identity from her father, who kept tabs on all the outcasts in town, including Tyler's mother, Francois. Thornhill got the recordings, showed Tyler and delivered the trauma needed to unlock his transformation into the Hyde. as dr When Kinbott got too close to the truth, Thornhill sent Tyler, who transformed into the monster, to kill her and pin Xavier, leaving Kimbott's necklace in his art studio, where he painted his disturbing psychic visions of the beast.

Thornhill pulls a confession on Wednesday, with Weems (Gwendoline Christie) pretending to be Tyler, but unfortunately Marilyn stabs Weems in the carotid artery, injecting Nightshade and killing her. It gets even scarier.

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What about the missing body parts?

End of Wednesday Finals Explained: Who's the Monster? (4)

Long story short, the Gates are descendants of the one and only founding father of Jericho, Joseph Crackstone. Along with the historical lineage, Crackstone passed on his malicious desire to wipe out the outcast world, so Laurel tasked Tyler with killing various random people - both outcasts and normies - and extracting various body parts from them in order to construct a zombie body for the Phantom Joseph Crackstone. After KOing Weems following her violent stabbing, Thornhill takes Wednesday to Crackstone's crypt where his grave and body lie. She arranges the organs, limbs and more in jars around the coffin.

Among Thornhill's larger motives is to carry on the Crackstone mantle of "protecting normies from outcasts". As revealed earlier in the series, Garrett Gates died in service of the same cause when he tried to poison the entire student body of Nevermore when Gomez and Morticia were present, but fell victim to his own deadly weapon, a vial of nightshade poison that smashed against his chest fighting Gomez.

How is Wednesday related to all of this?

Aside from embarking on something that, for the most part, could have remained nothing of her affair, Wednesday also has an ancestral connection to the founding of Jericho. It turns out that her father's predecessor, Goody (also portrayed by Jenna Ortega), was one of the first outcasts to arrive in Jericho from Mexico. Goody originally defeated Joseph Crackstone's efforts to root out all the Outcasts and sealed him in his sarcophagus with a blood lock. Not only did she kill him, she cursed his soul, and Laurel/Thornhill knows this because she took Goody's Book of Shadows, which was being searched for Wednesday on Operation Day at Pilgrim World. Wednesday Blood, blood of a direct living descendant of Goody, is required to break this lock on the night of a full moon, which is why Goody told her in an earlier vision that she is the key.

Thornhill captures Wednesday, slits his palm open, and opens Crackstone's coffin with a summon. Crackstone stabs Wednesday, believing she is Goody, effectively killing her. But Goody appears one last time Wednesday and tells her that she can walk through her to heal her fatal stab wound, through the necklace her mother gave her, a powerful talisman and channel for summoning spirits. Wednesday heals and sets out to fend off the Risen Crackstone. He almost chokes her again after she takes an arrow for Xavier, but Queen Bee Bianca gets through and distracts him by stabbing him in the back.

The supernatural summoning of Crackstone must be defeated with a good old-fashioned stab through his black heart, according to Goody, and Wednesday delivers by twisting the broken sword (the same one her mother and father used to kill Garrett Gates) that she uses to security used . Lord Voldemort-style Crackstone erupts in a burst of ash and flames. Wednesday and her friends saved their outcast community from extermination. Oh, and Eugene's bees prevent Thornhill from shooting on Wednesday.

What's next?

End of Wednesday Finals Explained: Who's the Monster? (5)

Tyler the Hyde is still alive, for one. One of the closing shots in the finale shows him being transported in a highly secure vehicle, but he wakes up and transforms into the monster. Also, Crackstone's heirloom ring is still lying around somewhere in this pentagon of Nevermore, having fallen from his decomposed corpse.

Other notable points from the latest story include Enid raging to fight Hyde as he takes a final shot in the woods on Wednesday. Also, say hello to this heartwarming hug between a fucking Enid and Wednesday, who is known for disdaining both color and physical touch, characteristic of her werewolf roommate.

Bianca mentioned leaving Nevermore to help her mother with Morning Song and her community, so who knows if she'll come back, although she did hint on Wednesday they would win the fencing title together next year.


On Wednesday, however, she will most likely return to her haunted new home. She punches out "THE END?" on her delightfully morbid typewriter narrating her show's outtro. Oh, but a new stalker texts her on the new phone Xavier got her and tells her they're watching her.

So season 2 when?

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Who is the creature on Wednesday? ›

When she returns to the cellar, she finds it empty. Wednesday later encounters Uncle Fester, who explains to her that the Monster she's been investigating is a creature called a Hyde.

Who is the killer in Wednesday? ›

Apologies to Xavier, who is arrested for the monster's murder spree in Episode 7 after Wednesday zeroes in on him as the culprit.

Who is the Hyde's master in Wednesday? ›

And it all leads to Wednesday's shocking discovery that her pseudo-boyfriend, local barista Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), has been the Hyde all along — with her “dorm mom” and science teacher Miss Thornhill manipulating him as his master.

What kind of creature is Wednesday Addams? ›

Wednesday Addams is not a monster at all as she's actually a human, albeit one who is a little bit weird and quirky. While she may not fall into one of Nevermore's main cliques or social groups, she is classed as a Psychic, a person whose mind possesses supernatural abilities.

Is Tyler the monster? ›

After Dr. Kinbott is killed by the Hyde and Tyler is revealed to be the Monster, Wednesday learns that Marilyn Thornhill, a botany teacher at Nevermore (who is played by Christina Ricci, who also played Wednesday in 1991's The Addams Family movie), is the Monster's master.

Is Wednesday the Addams child? ›

Wednesday Friday Addams is the only daughter of the Addams Family, fictional characters created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. Appearing in a wide range of media adaptations since 1964, the character is the basis of the 2022 Netflix series Wednesday.

Is Wednesday the Addams daughter? ›

The series follows the Addams Family's daughter, Wednesday, as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, a prestigious school for "outcasts, freaks and monsters," as the fictitious academy's website reads. It's also the place where Wednesday's parents — Morticia and Gomez Addams — first fell in love.

Who does Wednesday Addams marry? ›

Wednesday, for the first time after wearing black for eighteen years, appears in a bright yellow dress. Away from the families Lucas and Wednesday, reveal that the reason they brought their families together is to announce that she and Lucas are getting married.

Who witnessed Mr. Hyde trample the girl? ›

Enfield was walking in the same neighborhood late one night, when he witnessed a shrunken, misshapen man crash into and trample a young girl.

Is Mr. Hyde The evil alter ego? ›

Hyde, in full Edward Hyde, the evil alter ego of Dr. Jekyll, a fictional character in Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886).

Who saw Mr. Hyde trample the child? ›

In Chapter 1, Mr. Enfield is recounting to Mr. Utterson how he witnessed Mr. Hyde trample a young girl as he was rounding a corner.

What is Wednesday Addams super power? ›

In the new Netflix series, Wednesday possesses her very own supernatural powers in the form of psychic abilities that allow her to see glimpses into the past and future. However, she has no control over them; they only occur when she touches something that triggers a vision.

What is the hairy monster in Addams Family? ›

Felix Silla, the actor best known for playing the hairy Cousin Itt on the sitcom “The Addams Family,” died on April 16. He was 84. The cause was cancer, Mr. Silla's representative, Bonnie Vent, said in a statement.

What monster is Morticia? ›

Morticia is described as a witch; she is slim, with extremely pale skin and long flowing straight black hair. In one episode she is seen wearing a black pointed hat.

What kind of monster is Tyler? ›

Tyler is a Hyde monster because also his mother was so.

Laurel Gates discovers the true nature of Tyler and uses them to her advantage: she becomes the Hyde monster's master, using his evil force to kill all obstacles to her plan.

Is Tyler an alter ego? ›

Tyler's leading alter-ego in his first three albums is Wolf Haley. This key character and Tyler are essentially inseparable. Throughout WOLF, the two become one, as Tyler diminishes from his old, hurting past self, and adapts to Wolf Haley, a much more confident version of his character he wishes to undertake.

Is Tyler in big mouth? ›

Tyler, the Creator recently voiced the character of Jesus Christ in season six of Netflix's Big Mouth. The latest season of the popular animated series saw the Grammy-award-winning rapper make a special guest appearance.

Is screaming part of fight or flight? ›

Yelling activates structures in the limbic system that regulate “fight or flight” reactions. Repeated activation to these areas tells the brain that their environment is not safe, thus the interconnecting neurons in these areas must remain intact.

What is the screaming woman Meme from? ›

The woman in the meme is Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The angry yelling woman picture comes from season two of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Taylor Armstrong had a very heated row with fellow cast member, Camille Grammer.

Where is the screaming lady meme from? ›

What you may not know is the woman screaming at the cat….is from Kansas. The woman is Taylor Armstrong, best known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But before she was made a celebrity on TV and with memes, she was a Kansan. According to her biography, she was born in Independence, Kansas.

Did Gomez marry Addams Family? ›

Description. Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams, and the mother of Wednesday, Pugsley, Wednesday Jr., Pugsley Jr. and Pubert. She is also the sister of the daisy-headed Ophelia Frump and daughter of Granny Frump and Grandpa Frump. She has pale skin and long black hair.

Why is pubert Addams blonde? ›

Oddly enough, shortly after, she seems to take offense to Debbie calling Pubert a brat. After Fester Addams leaves the family for Debbie, he becomes sick and turns normal, with fair skin and blonde hair.

Who is the third Addams child? ›

Addams Family Values (1993)The Addams Family sequel brought with it a third Addams child, Pubert. Initially the cause of much jealousy amongst Wednesday and Pugsley, Pubert survives a series of life-threatening incidents before saving the family himself by electrocuting Debbie, the serial killer nanny.

Why is it called Wednesday? ›

The name is a calque of the Latin dies Mercurii 'day of Mercury', reflecting the fact that the Germanic god Woden (Wodanaz or Odin) during the Roman era was interpreted as "Germanic Mercury". The Latin name dates to the late 2nd or early 3rd century.

Why did Wednesday leave the Addams Family? ›

Wednesday is punished for shooting off Uncle Fester's dynamite caps without permission, she decides to run away. One of Season 1's best, a nice chance for Wednesday to be in the spotlight. At first she hides out in Pugsley's room pretending to have run away. When her parents find out, she leaves for real.

Is Wednesday not an Addams in Addams Family 2? ›

Wednesday uses the blood in the necklace that Morticia gave her, and Fester turns back to normal and is revived. Wednesday decides she is proud to be an Addams and reunites with her family. The family returns home, with Ophelia joining them as a regular human girl, where Itt has helped Grandmama turn the party around.

Does Lucas marry Wednesday? ›

As Mal, humiliated, attempts to leave with his family, Wednesday announces that she and Lucas will marry, to which Lucas sheepishly agrees.

What happened to Joel at the end of Addams Family Values? ›

In Addams Family Values, Wednesday (it's implied) kills her paramour Joel Glicker, and Fester's wife Debbie Jellinsky — a perfect person in literally every respect — is electrocuted to death in the process of trying to steal the Addams money.

What is Pugsley Addams supposed to be? ›

Cartoons. Pugsley is depicted as a devious, young, brilliant boy in Charles Addams's original cartoons. He is often shown releasing sailboats in the park with other children, except his boats were more macabre in nature.

What did Mr. Hyde do to the girl? ›

Robert Louis Stevenson shows Hyde to be a terrifying character. He tells us that he deliberately trampled over a little girl.

What evil did Mr. Hyde do? ›

Hyde is only seen to do two real acts of evil. He first tramples a small girl (after which she lives and he gives the family a retribution check) and he later kills an innocent elderly gentleman.

Who has a disturbing secret in Jekyll and Hyde? ›

Secrets are signalled to the reader from the very start of the novel. In the first chapter – 'The Story of the Door' – Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield retell a very disturbing and harrowing story of a man who looked so ugly it he even made the doctor turn 'sick with the desire to kill him'.

What is the true identity of Mr. Hyde? ›

Dr. Henry Jekyll, nicknamed in some copies of the story as Harry Jekyll, and his alternative personality, Mr. Edward Hyde, is the central character of Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In the story, he is a good friend of main protagonist Gabriel John Utterson.

What mental illness is Jekyll and Hyde? ›

The notorious story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson during the late Victorian Period, is often interpreted as depicting a man undergoing multiple personality disorder, or possibly a metaphorical personification of Freud's theory of the id, ego, and superego.

Why does Hyde turn out to be so purely evil? ›

Ultimately, when Jekyll commits suicide in order to get rid of Hyde (suicide is an evil act in the eyes of the church), this allows Hyde to become the dominant evil figure, and the dying Jekyll becomes Hyde in the final death throes.

Was Mr. Hyde the evil One? ›

Jekyll's transformed body, Hyde, was evil, self-indulgent, and uncaring to anyone but himself. Initially, Jekyll controlled the transformations with the serum, but one night in August, he became Hyde involuntarily in his sleep. Jekyll resolved to cease becoming Hyde.

When did Hyde trample the girl? ›

The first time we see the theme of good versus evil is in the first chapter when a mysterious figure, Hyde, tramples a child in the street and shows no remorse. The text tells us that 'the man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground'.

What time did Hyde trample the girl? ›

In the early hours of one winter morning, he says, he saw a man trampling on a young girl. He pursued the man and brought him back to the scene of the crime.

Did Wednesday always have visions? ›

In the series, Wednesday has visions; upon touching inanimate objects, she can see glimpses from the past and the future. However, she soon learns that her visions aren't always reliable and can lead her down the wrong path.

Who is the villain in The Addams Family? ›

Abigail Craven is the main antagonist of the 1991 movie The Addams Family. She was played by the late Elizabeth Wilson.

What is the black creature in The Addams Family movie? ›

In the movie, the family moves to Westfield, New Jersey, where their creator Charles Addams grew up. Gomez mentions a relative named Zander who was the black sheep of the family for failing the Mazurka. In Charles Addams' comics, Zander was a college graduate (which still made him the black sheep).

Who was the one with all the hair in The Addams Family? ›

Cousin Itt is a diminutive, hirsute being, his visible form composed entirely of floor-length blonde hair. He has an IQ of 320, is often attired in bowler hat and round sunglasses, and speaks in a high-pitched gibberish that is understood only by his family.

Who is the Hyde in Wednesday? ›

In this conversation, Tyler reveals the truth to Wednesday — he is the Hyde, fully aware of what he has done. He came to crave the kill, the fear of his victims before he took their life.

Is Gomez an Addams human? ›

Gomez Addams is the patriarch of the fictional Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams for The New Yorker magazine in the 1940s, and subsequently portrayed on television, in film and on the stage.
Gomez Addams
OccupationLawyer, business tycoon
12 more rows

Who is the monster season 5? ›

While the Tarrasque is twice as large as the Thessalhydra, there's significant reason to believe that the Thessalhydra will actually be the monster in Season 5. While talking to Collider about Season 5, Ross Duffer said that Will Byers is "setting up us coming full circle back to Season 1.

What is the creature's name? ›

Frankenstein's monster
Nickname"Frankenstein", "The Monster", "The Creature", "The Wretch", "Adam Frankenstein" and other
SpeciesSimulacrum human
FamilyVictor Frankenstein (creator) Bride of Frankenstein (companion/predecessor; in different adaptions)
5 more rows

What is the creature's name in Stranger Things 4? ›

6) Demobats. Every season of Stranger Things seems to introduce yet another version of demo-monsters. In season 4, it's the Demobats, which are small, flying Demogorgons. Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) encounters them in the Upside Down after getting pulled into the demonic dimension.

What are the monsters in feast called? ›

The Feasters are the main antagonists of the 2005 American action-horror film Feast. A frantic man bursts into a Nevada bar to warn the patrons inside about carnivorous monsters closing in, but his abrupt death gets the group on edge and prompts them to fight for their lives.

Who is the new monster in Stranger Things? ›

Who is Vecna? The big bad of Stranger Things season 4 is a humanoid monster with black skin and movable vines that protrude from his entire body. While he lives in the Upside Down, Vecna can psychically reach into the human world, kind of like the Mind Flayer's connection with Will.

How does the story monster end? ›

The jury finds William King and Bobo guilty of the felony. Steve is declared not guilty. However, in the end, the horrors of prison captivity still haunt Steve's consciousness. Prison treated him like a monster and he still carries the terror and acquisitions inside his heart.

Who Will be villain in Stranger Things 5? ›

Vecna will likely be the main villain of Season 5.

In Season 4, Stranger Things introduces Vecna, the ultimate Big Bad of the show who seems to be unbeatable.

Is the creature the villain? ›

The Monster is Frankenstein's antagonist. He thwarts Frankenstein's goal both by what he does and what he is.

Who was the creature's first victim? ›

The creature vows revenge against his creator and takes Victor's youngest brother, William, as his first victim.

Why did Victor create the monster? ›

Victor creates the monster in hopes of achieving glory and remembrance through his contributions to scientific advancement. However, he does not ever consider the many implications involved with the creation of life.

Who was 001 in Stranger Things? ›

Who Plays 001 on 'Stranger Things'? Dr. Martin Brenner, played by actor Matthew Modine, conducted experiments on a number of children at Hawkins Lab.

Who is the strongest monster in Stranger Things? ›

The Demogorgon was the original Stranger Things monster (and there were a few of them), and probably still the show's flagship monster. This is the monster that originally took and feasted on Barb (RIP), attacked Nancy through the tree gateway, and tormented both Will and Eleven.

Is Eleven the demogorgon? ›

The Demogorgon received its nickname from Eleven using the Demogorgon game piece from a Dungeons & Dragons set to show that Will was hiding from the creature in her vision of The Upside Down.

What happens at the end of feast? ›

In the end, Cadi killed each member of the family and their prestigious guest, Euro. After taking her revenge, the curse returned to its resting place, i.e., the Rise, the drilling site from where the film began. The last shot depicted Cadi, wearing blood-stained clothes, walking towards the drilling site.

What is a scourge monster? ›

Scourge Beasts were once humans who, after being infected by the plague, transformed into these creatures. They are humanoid monsters with facial features of a wolf. Their bodies eventually become covered in black fur. Scourge Beasts are known for their agility, acute senses, and a hunger for human flesh.

What folklore is the feast based on? ›

Directed by Lee Haven Jones (Doctor Who) in his first feature film, The Feast is a sumptuous and disturbing tale based on real Welsh folklore.


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