How guilds work in Black Desert (2023)

Guilds can be upgraded from a full Clan - requirements are: Level 50 and 300k Silver. Guilds can also apparently be created from scratch - same level 50 and 300k silver requirement. Members can join a newly created guild, but they will not receive the benefit of 0 contract costs for upgrading a clan.

Talk to a guild NPC to create your guild.

When you first create a guild, you start with 200,000 in guild money (the guild money can only be withdrawn/controlled by the guild leader)

Note: Guild leader cannot physically withdraw silver from the guild fund bank, he/she can adjust rates and such, but cannot actually place the silver in his/her inventory for personal use or anything.
The clan members and the guild leader are registered under the basic contract.

Basic Contract: Duration - 0 days, Salary - 0 Silver, Contract Cost - 0 Silver

New contracts are applied every day at noon and adjusted pay slips are not applied immediately. (which means that the salary change will take effect the next day)

During guild wars, new recruits and member kicking are not possible.

Guild Karma
Karma can be built up by doing guild missions.

Guild members who earn contribution points will also get a share of that exp for guild karma.

You need 100,000 karma to declare war on another guild.

If you kill someone while not in war or siege, you lose guild karma.

Guild member permissions
Guild leader: create guild emblem, recruit/shovel, accept/return guild quest, disband guild, promote and demote 2nd commander, declare war, place siege-related structures during sieges, open castle doors, make guild announcements, guild maintenance payment (only if backed up) , change the level of membership rewards, able to use the guild shop.

2nd in command: recruit/shovel, accept/turn in guild quest, open castle doors, make guild announcements, able to use guild shop.

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Regular members: none

Guild emblems
Put the image under the name Gmark.png (must be 60x60 pixels) in My Documents/Black Desert/. Then go to the guild window and press Apply guild emblem. (You need guild emblem ticket from guild npc)

Guild maintenance
Once a guild has more than 30 members, guild maintenance tax is applied. This tax is withheld every Monday at noon.

Level 0 - 15 members - 0 maintenance costs

Level 1 - 30 members - 0 maintenance costs

Level 2 - 50 Members - 100k Silver

Tier 3 - 75 Members - 250k Silver

Level 4 - 100 Members - 500k Silver

The maintenance is automatically deducted from the guild bank every Monday. Failure to meet payments will disable guild features, and worse if successive payments are not met.

If payments are not made, the following changes will take place:

Guild chat is still usable, can't accept guild quests, can't adjust the reward percentage for contributions, can't distribute daily allowances/payments to members, can attend sieges, but you can't attack enemy guild structures.

When guild payments are backed up, anyone in the guild can deposit money into the guild bank (guild leaders can also use the backed up amount to pay out of pocket)

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Guild funds
Not everyone has access to the guild funds

Daily allowances/salaries can be handed out at noon and any member can accept them instantly (I assume by clicking a button in the guild window - and you can only accept allowances/salaries for that day's value).

If the guild money runs out before all members are paid, the remaining members will not receive their salary. (If you leave the guild while in this state, you will not be charged the contract fee)

Guild maintenance payments are automatically deducted (every Monday at noon) before paychecks become available.

Gilde Quests
There are two types: Combat (hunt mobs) and Others (Collect, trade, craft).

Combat missions are first come, first served (a quest from another guild cannot be accepted). Other quests can be done by all guilds.

Materials for collect/create/trade orders will not be counted until the orders have been accepted. Materials previously prepared are not counted.

Upon successful completion of a quest, guild points, silver (which automatically goes to guild funds), and guild karma.

Guild points are used to acquire and upgrade guild skills (also needed to expand the guild size).

To accept a guild order, a registration fee is required and if the order is not completed within the same day, it will be automatically cancelled.

Higher level guilds have access to higher level guild missions.

Blood Oath is an item sold in the guild shop that is required to use certain guild skills. (for sale with guild funds)

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Guild Wars
Upon declaration of war, pvp becomes open against the enemy guild (regardless of guild member levels)

You can declare war on up to 4 different guilds.

You need 100k silver and 100k karma to declare war.

Information about the guild war can be seen in the guild window and shows all progress.

The guild leader can stop a war at any time by pressing the STOP button.

Guild skills
Two types of guild skills - combat and others (like the quests)

There are passive skills that are applied immediately after you put in points, and active skills.

These active skills require the Blood Oath item which can only be used by the guild leader. All members, wherever they are, receive this skill boost when used. (Luck increase, increased exp gain, etc.)

Gildewerving (contract)
To join the guild, the new recruit must sign a contract.

The contracts are divided into terms:

0 days - 0 contract costs, 0 salary

1 day - 500 silver contract fee, 1000 silver salary (total after 1 day)

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7 days - 3500 silver contract fee, 7000 silver salary (total after 7 days)

14 days - 7000 silver contract fee, 14000 silver salary (total after 14 days)

30 days - 15k silver contract fee, 30k silver salary (total after 30 days)

After 3 days in the contract you can change the duration and salary through the guild window.

Note: 1k silver is the starting amount of the salary you receive. The guild leader and officers can adjust that rate so that your salary increases depending on your dedication and relationship to the guild.
If a guild member is forcibly expelled from the guild while still under contract, he/she will receive 3x the salary amount as compensation. If the member decides to leave alone, he must pay the contract costs.

Note: Some may wonder if you will receive 30k silver PER day if you sign up for a 30 day contract - I believe it is still 1k silver per day, only you will receive 30k silver in total at the end of your contract.
Once a contract expires, the member becomes FA (Free Agent). The member no longer receives a salary and the member can freely leave the guild or be kicked out of the guild.

The guild leader and officials can extend/adjust each member's salary amount and contract length, but must obtain the member's consent.

A guild member's salary may change based on his/her activity and contribution to the guild. (attending sieges, doing quests, etc.)

Once a member leaves a guild, that person cannot join another guild for 1 day.

Guild shop
Only the guild leader and officers have access to the guild shop. Some of the items offered are: Cannons, Cannonballs, Traps, Outposts, Command HQ (for sieges), Blood Oath, etc.

Upon successful capture of a castle, the guild that owns the castle will receive money from castle tax. Part of this tax goes to the guild fund and the remaining amount can be distributed by the guild leader as grants to guild members.

Guild leader can adjust the rate through the mayor of cities or the market npc (not an auction house).

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Once a guild has no more members, the guild leader can dissolve the guild.



What are the rules for guilds in black desert? ›

Guild names can have up to 10 characters and can not include swear words or special characters. Guilds start off with 80,000 silver in the guild bank. These funds can only be controlled by the guild master and can not be used for personal use. To disband a guild, the guild must have no members.

How do you check the guild information window in BDO? ›

You can check this by going to the Guild Member Status tab of the Guild window. In the rightmost column of that tab you will see a status symbol for each member, indicating the status of their contract.

What are the guild restrictions? ›

Guild restrictions refers to certain restrictions imposed on the the association in terms of trade or manufacturing. c. Napoleon introduced many measures like he removed guild restrictions allowed ,merchants, artisans to trade freely.

What are some good guild rules? ›

All guild members are expected to be respectful and polite when dealing with other members of the community. Griefing, interfering with other players, and otherwise being a jerk is not permitted. Humor is welcome! If someone is offended by a joke, apologize and move on; if you're offended, state that and then move on.

How to do guild missions? ›

Guild missions are weekly challenges for your guild. The currently available missions are listed in the Guild Missions tab of your guild panel. Select the mission you want to run and start it; you'll then have a limited amount of time to complete its objectives. If you fail, you can run it again at no cost.

How to do guild quests? ›

Guild quests first show up in a holding queue, which you can access by pressing the "START" button to bring up the main menu and clicking on "Guild Quests" on the second page. Once you start racking up guild quests, you'll want to make sure you manage your quest pool queue before it fills up.

How do you summon a guild boss in BDO? ›

These bosses can be summoned by obtaining summon scroll pieces by completing guild boss subjugation quests. Head to the Guild Missions tab of the Guild window (hotkey: G), and search for those missions categorized as [Boss Subjugation].

How does guild contribution work? ›

Guild Contribution

When a guild member takes part in various activities, they gain Contribution Points and Honor EXP for their guild, increasing its level and earning them 3 Guild Points (GP) for every 10 Contribution Points earned. You cannot earn more than 5,000 Guild Contribution Points per day.

What are the benefits of being a guild? ›

The specialization within a trade provided by the guild structure, along with the training and skills, led to increased productivity, increased wages, and higher standards of living. Guilds became a major source of employment for workers in cities, and guild membership was widespread.

How does guild make money? ›

Like a real estate agent, Guild earns a commission for matching buyers—in this case, students—to sellers, the universities. Companies, like banks that offer preapproved mortgages, provide the financing, except the students don't have to pay them back.

What is the cooldown for changing guilds in BDO? ›

After leaving a Guild, there is 24 hours cooldown before you are able to join another guild!

How do you manage a guild bank? ›

Guild Masters can modify and restrict access to the guild bank.
  1. Open the Guild Pane.
  2. Click the Roster tab.
  3. Click Guild Settings.
  4. Select Bank Tab Permissions from the dropdown.
  5. Set the desired permissions for each guild rank.

How do I find out what guild someone is in? ›

You should be able to see guild names under a player's name out in the world. If you aren't, then check the interface settings under “names.” Edit: If you want to check in game for someone you can't currently see in the world, you can type their name into the “who” panel of the social pane.

What are the three levels of a guild? ›

The three levels of a craft guild were apprentice, journeyman, and master. It was common for a member to have to pay a fee to become an apprentice.

How many people can be in a guild? ›

Once a guild has been created, the guild leader can start sending out invitations to other players. Each guild may have a maximum of 100 members.

Can you quit a guild? ›

You cannot quit a guild if you are the Guild Master, you must first transfer the leadership to another guild member.

When should you leave a guild? ›

If your significant other has been hotchatting with a guildie, it's time for you both to leave -- if you want to salvage your relationship. Your raid leader is horrible and verbally abusive. You are not having fun. You severely dislike or disapprove of another player who is supported by the guild.

What is the highest rank in a guild? ›

Guild Ranks
  • Guild Master. The Guild Master is the leader of the guild has full access to all guild commands including changing the guild tag and MOTD and transferring guild leadership and promoting members to officers. ...
  • Officer. The Officers of the guild need to be promoted by the Guild Master. ...
  • Member.
Sep 17, 2022

How do you run a successful guild? ›

Steps to success
  1. Make your guild stable. Your guild starts out dead, with only one member, and with no reputation. ...
  2. Keep people compatible. ...
  3. Develop a good culture. ...
  4. Do great things. ...
  5. Never look back.

Can you solo guild missions? ›

Individual missionsMost guild missions require 3 or more representing members, but certain missions may be successfully completed by a single player. A Guild member with 'Mission Control' privilege must start the mission.

How do you become a guild leader? ›

Now that you have completed the main storyline, as well as the quests given by Delvin Mallory, speak with Brynjolf to become the leader of the guild. Upon speaking with him, a small ceremony will take place, and you will become the Guild Master.

How do you lead a guild in a game? ›

5 Tips for Being a Great Guild Leader
  1. 5) Pick a Leadership Style Early. According to Kurt Lewing, there are three general styles of leadership: authoritative, participative, and delegative. ...
  2. 4) Be Ambitious. ...
  3. 3) Create Activities for All Play Styles.
Feb 16, 2015

How do you activate a guild puzzle? ›

MechanicsEdit. Any player with the 'Mission Control' permission for their Guild Rank can trigger the puzzle from the Guild Missions tab of the guild panel, at which point the guild has a time limit in which to complete it. Guild puzzles are instanced to each guild that initiates the puzzle.

What are guild quests? ›

Guild Quests are special game events that take place on a regular basis. They are limited-time events that happen twice a week. All players who are members of a guild can participate. By participating in the guild quest, you will move up in the League of Guilds.

What is the easiest boss in BDO? ›

Kzarka, The Lord of Corruption – Main Weapon. Kzarka is the easiest to reach, and easiest to kill world boss in BDO.

Who is leader of boss guild? ›

Jigar Patel, also known as JIGS, is a prominent Free Fire content creator. He is also the leader of the renowned guild – 'BOSS.

Who is the guild leader of boss guild? ›

The content creator is part of the renowned BOSS guild, whose leader is JIGS.

How do I increase my guild contribution? ›

Participate in Guild Activities, donate daily and complete Guild Quests to earn Contribution. Level up the guild to unlock new Guild Research and to extend max member limit.

How do I increase my guild activity points? ›

Guild activity points are rewarded for every personal activity point a guild member earns. This means that every day every guild member can obtain up to 100 guild activity points by doing their daily quests and weekly quests. The cap is 100 per day, so if you obtain more than that, only 100 will be added to your guild.

How does guild vs guild work? ›

Guild versus Guild, also known as GvG or Guild Battle, is a strategic form of PvP which matches two teams of eight players from different guilds against each other in the Guild Halls. The core objective of the combat is to kill the opposition's NPC Guild Lord before the opposition does the same to your Guild Lord.

What is a guild reward? ›

Guild rewards are items purchased from guild vendors after gaining guild reputation and earning guild achievements. They should not be confused with guild perks, abilities automatically granted to guild members.

How many jobs do you have to do for the guild? ›

You can take various jobs from Delvin and Vex in the major hold capitals. When you have completed five of those jobs in a specific hold capital, you will be assigned a special quest in that location. Once you've done that, the Guild's reputation in that hold is restored. What is the Thieves Guild questline in Skyrim?

What can guild officers do? ›

Guild officers are like miniature Guildmasters! They can manage guild settings and kick non-Officers. However, they can't ever kick other Officers or the Guildmaster!

How does guild transfer work? ›

Guild Member Changes

If they meet the requirements, guild members can purchase a Character Transfer to follow the guild to its new server. After the transfer, they will automatically rejoin the guild and restore their guild reputation. This process clears the Guild Activity feed.

Who is guild owned by? ›

Córdoba Music Group

How much does guild transfer cost? ›

A. When purchased individually, the Guild Master Faction Change costs $40 US, the Guild Master Realm Transfer costs $35 US, and the Guild Name Change costs $20 US.

What is the current highest level in BDO? ›

Black Desert does not have a level cap, but the “soft cap” for levels is considered to be 62. Once you have reached level 62, there are very minor buffs for reaching higher levels and it is not essential or required to grind purely for EXP.

How long does it take to get to lvl 60 bdo? ›

How long does it take to reach the max level in BDO? As we said above, leveling to 67 will take years of non-stop grinding. But reaching around levels 55-60 can be done in just a few hours or days, depending on your play style and leveling method.

What is the max size of a guild BDO? ›

A guild can be small (from 0 players to 30 players), medium (from 31 players to 50 players), large (from 51 players to 75 players), extra large (from 76 players to 100 players).

What is guild management? ›

Guild is a cloud-based member management system that is simple to implement and is customized and automated for the way you do things - making the management of your association a walk in the park.

Can you invite your own alts to a guild? ›

Open recruitment for your guild, with the note “for my alts only” or something similar, then switch to your alt and apply to the guild. Switch back to you main, accept the application, etc. You have to switch back and forth a few times to complete the process, but it only takes a few minutes.

How do you use a guild bank? ›

Access to the guild bank via a guild vault object next to the standard bankers in the game. Storage of money. Players with the appropriate permissions can store items and money for use by the rest of the guild. The guild master can allocate different permissions to each tab as required.

How does guild finder work? ›

The Guild Finder is an interface designed to enable easier and faster guild recruitment. This interface only appears to players without a guild, replacing their normal Guild Window. It can be accessed from the micro menu, between the Quest Log and the Group Finder, or through the default hot key J.

How do I find my guild trader? ›

Guild Traders are vendors that allow the public to purchase from Guilds stores. Most of them can be found running their Guild Kiosks in major settlements, not far from a wayshrine. Some of the traders set up their kiosks near the wayshrines in the Tamriel wilderness. Each outlaws refuge also has a guild trader.

What is the requirement for guild 3? ›

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit) Processor: Intel Core i3 4000 series, AMD FX 6000 series. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: Dedicated GPU with 4 GB (GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon RX570)

How do I kick someone from my guild in BDO? ›

Kicking Guild Members:

you can ban guild member by left-clicking Guild Member´s name in Guild Member Status. kicking member will cost guild Penalty. if the contract is active, guild pays 300% of the contractor´s Daily Pay as Penalty.

What are the sizes of guilds in BDO? ›

A guild can be small (from 0 players to 30 players), medium (from 31 players to 50 players), large (from 51 players to 75 players), extra large (from 76 players to 100 players).

What are the conditions to create a guild in Black Desert Mobile? ›

To create a guild, your character must be at least level 30, have 400,000 silver, and not be a member of a guild (if you have left a guild to make your own, you will have to wait 24 hours). There are no restrictions for joining a guild; your character will be able to join a guild starting from level 1.

Which is better Guild 2 or 3? ›

The only advantage Guild 3 has over 2 is better graphics, and even that is debatable as the buildings still don't even have interiors like 2 did. I have been playing the Guild series since part 1, and consider Guild 2 to be one of the best games ever made.

Can you divorce in the Guild 3? ›

There is no way to get divorced in the game. You might try a workaround and send your wife to journeys since there is always a chance that she doesn't return. You need the appropriate level to do journeys or to be able to send your family members out for a journey.

Is the Guild 3 better now? ›

The Guild 3 isn't a bad game, but isn't also significantly better than the previous chapter of the series. A terrible interface and some boring mechanics tend to spoil an otherwise interesting gameplay.

How do I leave a guild gracefully? ›

Leaving a guild is your decision; make it on your own, and go public only when you're ready to make it happen. Use official channels. Once you've decided a move is the right thing to do, go straight to your GM (guild master or guild leader) or a guild officer. Be brief but honest.

Can you transfer a guild? ›

If they meet the requirements, guild members can purchase a Character Transfer to follow the guild to its new server. After the transfer, they will automatically rejoin the guild and restore their guild reputation. This process clears the Guild Activity feed.

How many ranks can a guild have? ›

Guilds can have up to 10 ranks, including the Guildmaster rank. Guild leaders can create, delete, and reorganize guild ranks. To change the rank order on a guild list, a guild leader needs to left-click on a rank, hold, and drag it to a new position on the list.

What is the max guild daily pay BDO? ›

Every Member of the Guild has it´s own contract. Contracts include Penalty, Term and Daily Pay. You can start off with 1 day contract up to 365 days contract and 1k Daily Pay up to 5M (same applies for Penalty). Once the Term runs out, member is not getting any buffs, bonuses and cannot participate in Guild Missions.

What is the highest level so far on BDO? ›

Black Desert does not have a level cap, but the “soft cap” for levels is considered to be 62. Once you have reached level 62, there are very minor buffs for reaching higher levels and it is not essential or required to grind purely for EXP.

How do I promote my guild in BDO? ›

From the Guild (G) menu → Click the Guild Recruitment Notice icon! ▲ Select your guild “type” and post it! You can click “Notice List” to see the recruitment posts. ▲ Make sure to check if your recruitment post is properly listed on the guild list in the “Recruit Guild Member” menu!

How do you make someone a guild master in BDO? ›

Guilds may change their guild leadership through the "Guild" menu page in-game. Click "Manage" > Set Guild Master > Type in the new name > Click "OK". Exception: If a Guild Master has been inactive for more than a year, one member from the guild can request leadership be passed.


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