How to Hack Someone's Text Messages: iPhone and Android (2023)


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Are you curious about how to secretly track text messages? Contact It's surprisingly shallower than you might think! Thanks to some very effective spy software, you can monitor chats without the other person knowing.

Use SMS monitoring to check what your kids are doing online. Starting a dialogue is usually the first step when your child is hesitant to open up or seems nervous. If all else fails, keeping an eye on their phone can yield important information.

Let's explore the procedure together. This post discusses some of the notable spy and phone tracking programs that work with Android and iOS platforms. These applications can be useful to monitor text messages and keep an eye on them.

How to hack text messages invisibly

If you want to learn how to read text messages secretly, it is best to use a spy program. While there are many spy and surveillance programs out there, not all of them put your safety first. You don't have to worry because we have found the safest solutions for you.


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Spyic is an excellent phone surveillance tool known for its excellent features. It allows consumers to easily track text messages on iOS and Android smartphones. Spyic is notable for its remarkable ability to function without root access or jailbreak, which implies no need to pre-root Android devices.

In the same vein, Spyic eliminates the need to jailbreak an iPhone, making it a unique feature of the program. Other spy programs sometimes need to be rooted or jailbroken, which complicates their use. On the other hand, Spyic streamlines the procedure.

Moreover, Spyic shines because it does not need to be installed on iOS devices. Physical access is not required; the iCloud credentials of the target device are all required. This allows monitoring to be carried out easily and remotely. Spyic is a fantastic phone surveillance option because of its excellent capabilities. Let's continue exploring to learn more about the features of the Spyic app.

Spyic text message hacking app

Allow us to walk you through the use of Spyic step by step. It is a very user-friendly tool if you carefully follow each of the instructions.

Step 1: Go to the official Spyic app website and create an account. As your starting point for all subsequent operations, creating your first account is crucial.

Step 2: If you want to use Spyic on Android phone, download the Spyic app to the target device. Pay close attention to the instructions and give the program all the permissions it needs to run smoothly.

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However, no installation is required for an iPhone. Instead, you just need to know the target device's iCloud account and password. Spyic's cloud-based monitoring system allows for all activities to be done remotely.

Step 3: Use any external device to log into your control panel after installing the program. The Control Panel has a solid dashboard, which is displayed as follows:

To access and view sent and received text messages, continue to the "Messages" section from here. You can use this feature to view message content, look up contact information, and even keep an eye on media items sent.

The simplicity of the procedure becomes apparent upon examination, which indicates that there is no need to jailbreak or root the target smartphone to access text messages. You can remotely monitor all messaging related activities using Spyic.


Look no further than Minspy if you need a messaging hacker to retrieve any communication from another user. Due to its exceptional features, more and more people around the world are choosing this remarkable application.

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Minspy differentiates itself from other phone spy applications by giving customers access to unparalleled features. Although it specializes in message spying, it has much more to offer. It doesn't matter if you need message spy software or more components; Minspy's service is second to none.

The software uses a different architecture for Android and iOS devices, making it compatible with both. Let us thoroughly explain how Minspy works and why it has established itself as the best online phone message spy program.

iPhone-sms-hacken met MinSpy

Minspy comes in handy if you want to read someone else's text messages on an iPhone without installing any apps or directly touching the target device. The iCloud feature, which is available on every iPhone, is used by Minspy to automatically sync the device's data with the iCloud server. Minspy will restore the text messages for you using this data backup.

While it may seem possible to read text messages without using Minspy, it's impossible due to the encryption used by iCloud backups. The middleman, Minspy, extracts the encrypted messages and displays them in a readable way on its dashboard.

Hack text messages on android phones

The procedure varies slightly when hacking text messages on an Android phone. Regardless of your chosen software, you must first install a hacking app on the target phone and the target Android smartphone must be physically accessible to complete this critical step.

Minspy's Android solution is a major exception to this rule as it quickly resolves this issue. You can rest assured that the other person will not see your actions even if you still need to install the Minspy software on the target phone.

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To do this, Minspy keeps the size of its Android software at around 2MB. So Minspy can be installed in seconds. In addition, the app icon will disappear from the target phone's app menu after installation, preventing anyone else from using a secret code to access it.

The Minspy app works stealthily in the background with minimal battery usage and no alerts are sent. If you ever want to uninstall the program, you can do it remotely from Minspy's dashboard, which is available through any web browser.

It is hard to find another hacking tool that offers such a high level of stealth mode. All users of Minspy really appreciate it for its excellent feature.


FlexiSPY delivers unparalleled flexibility and lives up to its name. Users can stealthily look at an iPhone without the knowledge of the target and collect useful information including calls, texts and location. It is important to note that the FlexiSPY app can be remotely installed on your partner's iPhone, which adds to its importance.

FlexiSPY's low-cost pricing structures, which ensure accessibility for all customers, are one of its main advantages. FlexiSPY is feature-rich, making it a great option even for people wary of using spy software, as it can do just about anything. If you don't feel comfortable, don't hesitate to give FlexiSPY a shot.

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If you choose to track your child, spouse or employee with FlexiSPY, rest assured that you will not be discovered due to its complete stealth. This feature makes it an exceptional choice for individuals who want to access someone else's iPhone text messages. With FlexiSPY, you can investigate group or individual message exchanges, keep an eye on your target's incoming and outgoing iMessages, and access all shared media files.


Let's say you followed the instructions in the article carefully. In that case, you should already have the other user's messages visible in your browser so you know how to stealthily view someone's phone texts. If you still need to follow the instructions, now is the most appropriate time there can be. Any further delay risks completely forgetting the procedure. Therefore, it is better to act now rather than later.


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