How to help older people get to bed safely (2023)

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The care of a family member or a loved one at home can be physically and emotionally challenging.

According to the Daily Mail,more than 20,000 peopleWill be taken to the hospital every year because they fell out of bed, which means that it is always advisable to have a personal assistant or nursing staff if people or seniors who do not want to have independent have been challenged.

But first you need to know from other needs how to help older people go to bed and get out because they have to go to the toilet or living room.

Alternatively or complementary, there are also some mobility assistant devices that help the seniors get out of bed that we will talk about in this article.Or get out of bed.

First look at the bed: functions that help older people

Regardless of whether you want to help your older person every time or make a means with which you can do this yourself and on the wheelchair, are some of the things that are to be taken into account, the characteristics of the bed.

Ideal bed height for seniors

When selecting a senior bed frame, the premise should not be used "the higher, the better". Ideally, the height of the bed should be set to its user.

After the disability rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), your beds should have oneHeight range from 20 to 23 inchesFrom the mattress to the ground.

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The height of a bed suitable for seniors is optimal if the user can sit on the side of the bed so that his feet reach the floor and not "dangle in the air" (too high). Basin and knee should be parallel to the floor. Ideal caseIf the pelvis is over the knees and puts more easily.

If a double bed suitable for seniors is to be selected, the size of the smaller person is crucial for the height decision if there is a difference in size between the partners.larger person is identical.

Adjustable hospital beds

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In hospitals to ensure the comfort of the patient, they began to move from conventional beds that are "static" and began to choose the option of beds to adapt their shape to the requirements of their patients, carefullyDurable medical equipment(Dme) are not only limited to use in hospitals, they are also helpful at home.

In addition to the adjustability, hospital beds are manufactured to ensure a safe, stable and comfortable environment for the person, to rest, to recover, heal and to supply them in their home.

Such beds are helpful to recover older adults, depend on or disabled. Busage of buying the right bed for your aged people should check the height and partial adjustability and the integration of an electric motor.


The main advantages of adjustable beds, as we may have expected, include the opportunity to regulate the inclination of the different parts of the body.

The height should be in the range of 18 to 26 inches and be variable to make it easier to get out into the bed.

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Then, together with its mattress, the slatted base, which puts the bed together, enables them to be adapted to the requirements of the oldster.

  • 3-levels adjustable beds: They increase the upper part of the body (trunk and head on one side), but they also increase their hips and leave them in a fixed position.
  • 4-plane adjustment beds: Lift the trunk and legs vertically to your knees and hips and horizontally to the lower body.
  • 5-levels adjustable beds: They let the trunk and the legs be raised vertically and horizontally, and also set the position of the neck.

Electric motor

The fact that the adjustable bed of your older person has an electric motor that usually has the opportunity to be regulated by remote control gives the older person all the independence.To put on the bed.

Your beloved person will be able to move the height of his head, upper and lower body to his taste, to adapt to his needs and not vice versa.

You can also achieve great autonomy and security with the help of a remote control or a button control when it comes to mobilizing your joints and muscles, thanks to the versatility of these beds.

How to help older people to go to bed and get it out by lifting their weight

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Before you do something to get up to an older person, make sure that you have everything you need to safely carry out the operation:

  • The hiker, cane or wheelchair are nearby: Mobility aids reduce the risk of falling and help to support the person in a constant position.
  • The area is free of objects or obstacles: It is important to extinguish the room around it to the risk of triggering or falling by helping the elderly up to date.
  • The bed is the right height: If the bed or chair is adjustable in height, position the person so that your hips are slightly higher than the knees. It will be easier for you to get up because your body will be more upright position.

The steps

One of the most effective ways to raise a disabled person and at the same time avoid unpleasant accidents is shown in the following steps:

  1. Keep your back straight and bend your knees
  2. After lying the bed horizontally, put an arm around the patient's shoulders and lift it as you turn his legs outside the bed to help him take a seated position.
  3. Get the patient with his hands at the end of his back and turn him until he reaches the position of the wheelchair.

Useful bed aid devices that make the task easier

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As a caregiver, you have to be aware of all small devices and technologies with which you can help your loved ones or customers. This will not only make your life comfortable, but also make your work easier.Being the location of beds from beds into their wheelchairs or reaching the reach of their sticks.

Railway bed aid systems

There are rail and support systems that can be integrated into the bed for more comfortable mobility.

The rail systems must be robust and foolproof. They are installed on the side of the bed. The user can rely on it while getting out of bed.other objects.

Often adjustable in three lengths they can also be used as a rail to prevent falls from lying in bed. If they are not used, some support can be folded together.

Use bars and grip for sit-to-stand support

A high adjustable handle can be applied to the bed base without working tools. The user can therefore lean on the handle, which is covered with non -slip rubber, which is guaranteed to be an excellent grip during the movement.

Sit-to-stand security masts

These are also vertical relief goods that can be placed or installed on the side of a bed.

The good thing about these sticks is that you can be taken everywhere, on the bed in the bedroom, on the bathroom, on the chair in the living room or anywhere.


Lifters are carriers with which the leg is repositioned on the bed, car, sofa or wheelchair.

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These are often with two -hand buckles. They offer better support, more convenience and re -position the leg.

Transfer plates and grinding sheets

The functions of these boards and leaves include turning, repositioning or pushing on the bed. They are used to move disabled people or older people at home or in the hospital.

Folding snakes

Yes, the usual straight sticks are great, but a folding pipe can easily be kept in a bag or put on the bed at any time. To fold this type of walking stick, just keep it along the wave and pull your sections apart.

When choosing sticks for older people and people with physical challenges, make sure that it is foldable, serious and have a rotating tip.

Over-bed trapezoid

A trapeze is a kind of support to get out of bed in a triangular shape. It is a lifting triangle that helps the seniors get out of bed. An indispensable help that is useful for disabled or older people.

They are designed in such a way that they are placed on the bed. The steel base compensates for the weight that is pulled up by holding with the hands. It is an efficient and functional static buoyancy.


A bed manager should help people who have to stay in bed for a long time. This is not a ladder that has to be climbed in themselves, but one that is held.The arms used instead of using the back muscles.

Compatible with both single beds and double beds, a bed guide is located directly at the foot of the bed to handle the mattress and stay next to the patient when he has to put up.

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Final thoughts

Now you have seen how older people can help go to bed, and useful devices to do this.Can be adjusted. If the bed or chair is high, position the person so that your hips are slightly higher than the knees. It will be easier for you to get up because your body will be in an upright position.

To simplify and reduce your work, how often you are called for help, it is best to have several aids such as a trapeze and a bed line to capture you and prevent you from falling on the bed.And a grave rod are essential.


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