One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (2023)

As for power scaling in One Piece, things are pretty standard given Oda's intricate and well-thought-out world-building.

We have characters' innate Haki, their Devil Fruit consumed and the powers it gives them, their skill and training, race-based powers, and their experience at sea. Other strong indicators include characters' rank and status, their achievements, their reward, and their will to win.

Yonko Commanders are essentially all one step below their Yonko Captains. Marco was the first commanding officer of the Whitebeard Pirates, second only to Whitebeard himself, while King and Queen are both part of the Beast Pirates' All Stars, Kaido's two strongest crew members.

Marco faces off against King and Queen during the Onigashima Raid in the Wano arc. Unlike the other Yonko commanders who didn't go head-to-head, these guys have had a legitimate fight - albeit a short one - so it's possible to see which one is stronger.

Marco is stronger than King and Queen individually, but when it comes to a 2v1, King and Queen can take on Marco, as Marco himself suggests in Chapter 1006/Episode 1022. Even then, Marco stops them, and the duo that Marco beats would be high diff without any interference.


1. How strong are king and queen?

I. Queen

(Video) Marco vs King & Queen | One Piece

II. King

2. How strong is Marco?

3. Why is Marco stronger than King and Queen?

4. Did Marco lose to King and Queen?

5. About one piece

1. How strong are king and queen?

King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague are the two strongest members of the Beasts Pirates after Kaido. Kaido himself is known as the "strongest creature in the world" and until recently was unbeatable.

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (1)

King and Queen are both Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit usersand can transform into deadly dinosaurs at will. They are both tanks in battle with amazing stamina and durability.

They can wield weapons and also imbue them with Advanced Armament Haki. Neither is known to possess the Conqueror's Haki.

I. Queen

Queen's plus point is that he is an engineer and has medical and technological expertise to use to his advantage.

He canreplicate the powers of the Vinsmoke Raid Suits, as well as customizing his hybrid form with his knowledge of Germa 66 and Vegapunk technology. Arecyborg augmentaties making his Brachiosaurus form more fatalthan it already is.


One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (2)

He couldcreate and spread his Ice Oni virusin the crowd in Onigashima. It took the combined efforts of Zoro, Chopper and Marco to get the antibodies from him.

Later, Queen with the help of Charlotte Perospero, Monster Point Chopper overcame. He is eventually defeated by Sanji.

II. King

King is the last of the Lunarian human race, giving him thenatural ability to create and manipulate fire, not just in his human form, but in his hybrid and full Pteranodon forms.

A Pteranodon is a flying dinosaur, which also gives King the extra ability to fly.

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (3)

In addition, King is onemaster swordsman, only finally defeated by Zoro, after the latter discovered King's secret that he was a fire-producing Lunar.

canonically speaking,King is Kaido's right-hand man and is therefore considered stronger than Queen.But both are tenacious fighters, equally capable of inflicting damage on even the toughest foes.

Unfortunately,neither has significant performance.

2. How strong is Marco?

Marco the Phoenix isformerly the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates' First Division, and in particularWhitebeard's second-in-commandearlier. Whitebeard himself was known as the "strongest man in the world" and "the closest man to the One Piece."

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (4)

Unlike king and queen,Marco has several achievements.

He hastaken on all 3 admiralsseveral times, not only defending himself but also attacking. He also hasfought against Fleet Admiral Akainutwice, fought Monkey D. Garp, collided with Silvers Rayleigh and went toe to toe against the Yonko Big Mom.

Mark has onehigh combat intelligence due to his experienceat sea - he's been around since the Roger Pirates were active, with King and Queen joining Kaido only later.

He also has skill over observation and armament Haki. But he too, like the King and Queen, seems to lack the Conqueror's Haki.

Marco's biggest advantage is his insane OP Devil Fruit. Marco ate the Tori Tori no Mi, model: Phoenix, a mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, the rarest kind of Devil Fruit in the series.

(Video) Marco vs King | One Piece Discussion

He cantransform into a huge flaming phoenix at willwhich can spew flames that can injure and heal depending on the target.

FramesBlue Flames of Resurrection gives him the power of regenerationno matter how serious the damage is.

In addition, Marcoalso a pirate doctor, able to heal and find remedies for various diseases and injuries.

3. Why is Marco stronger than King and Queen?

Marco's immense ability to recover from his injuries gives him a huge advantage over even powerful enemies like King and Queen.

Marco has used this ability despite the admirals' wrath, recovering even after insanely powerful attacks like Akainu's Magma Punch.

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (5)

Marco's Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit is sterker dan King and Queen's Ancient Zoan Devil Fruitsaccording to the lore of the series. This allows Marco to fight King and Queen simultaneously in Onigashima.

Although theCalamities have the strength advantage against Marco,Marco's regenerative powers are too OP.

In addition to a Devil Fruit type perk,Marco has the flight advantage against Queen and the speed advantage against King.

During the battle, Marco's Bluebird attack proved to be much faster than King when he was in his bulky dinosaur form. Also, Marco was still in his basic form when he attacked King with Bluebird and made him bleed.

King and Queen both suffered serious injuries while Marco was only seen with minor scratches.

In general, Marco's combat experience and past achievements, such as his efforts during the Marineford arc, along with his fight with 2 Yonko commanders, are indicative of his prowess.

Marco was fromacting captain of the Whitebeard Piratesafter the death of Edward Newgate.

We can say he is almost Yonko level (he is not Yonko level) because the Gorosei actually suggest that apart from the 3 Emperors, Marco and the remaining Whitebeard crew are the only ones who can defeat Blackbeard and his 2 Devil Fruits . However, it is later revealed that Blackbeard was able to beat Marco.

4. Did Marco lose to King and Queen?

Marco didn't technically lose to King and Queen during their fight in Onigashima. Marco was able to stop them, but he admitted that fighting two people with bounties over a billion each is not easy.

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (6)
(Video) Zoro and Sanji Team Attack King and Queen | One Piece

Marco is exhausted in battle. He just fought Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom and is activelose his stamina as he heals several samuraion the Live floor.

He fights the Calamities and keeps them from going after the Scabbards. He also tries to cover andprotect Chopperand Hyogoro while Chopper makes the vaccine against Queen's Ice Oni. As the fight progresses, he also causes Zoro to get on the roof by throwing him through the hole.

He's stretched pretty skinny, plus queen and king come at him with everything they've got. Queen also wonders if Marco is invincible.

King manages to slice Marco's phoenix wing, but Marco just recovers.

WhenMarco has reached his limit, he simply says aloud. Perospero also notices that Marco is completely exhausted.

Even after that, Marco blocks King's Flaming Punch from reaching the injured Zoro.

Yet it is clear thatif the fight had continued, King and Queen together would have defeated Marco. King and Queen weren't even at max power while fighting Marco; they don't go all out until later, when they fight Zoro and Sanji respectively.

One Piece: Is Marco stronger than king and queen? (7)

But they would have reached that stage if Marco had continued to fight them, and Marco would have been defeated for sure.

On the other hand,if Marco wasn't distractedthrough the chaos all around, if he hadn't spent his energies on healing and protecting the others,we may have seen him reach his full potentialat. It's hard to say how that would have turned out!

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5. About one piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The last words he said at the execution tower were: "My treasures? If you want it, I will give it to you. Look for it; I left everything in that place." These words sent many into the seas, chasing their dreams, on the way to the Grand Line, in search of One Piece, thus beginning a new era!

Trying to become the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads towards the Grand Line in search of One Piece. His diverse crew accompanies him along the way, consisting of a swordsman, sharpshooter, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist and cyborg ship scribe. This will be an unforgettable adventure.

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Is Marco stronger than Queen and King? ›

How strong is Marco actually? Is he on Yonko's level? Marco is a beast! He's able to hold his own against king and queen who are both first yonko commander levels.

Can Marco defeat King and Queen? ›

Thanks to his regenerative abilities, Marco was able to hold off King and Queen by himself. However, he wasn't able to hurt them significantly despite pushing himself.

Is Marco stronger than King and Katakuri? ›

He's definitely going to beat Katakuri. I'd say the only Yonko commander I can perhaps put above Marco is Ben Beckman, and even then it's probably a high to extreme diff fight. King should be comparable but I'd say Marco has more feats and statements overall.

Is Marco one of the strongest in One Piece? ›

In battle, Marco is shown to be a very powerful combatant. At Marineford he, if only briefly, fought and held his own against each of the three Marine admirals, indicating his capabilities.

Can Marco beat Yonko? ›

10 Marco — Strong Enough To Take Down A Yonko

Marco is capable of taking on both two Yonko commanders at once, which he demonstrated during the raid on Onigashima. Additionally, he was one of the few candidates who the World Government considered capable of defeating Blackbeard.

Who can defeat Marco? ›

Blackbeard can easily cancel out Marco's regenerative abilities with his Yami Yami no Mi. Worst of all, he can also generate powerful earthquakes with the Gura Gura no Mi. Marco will be finished once he gets captured.

Can Marco defeat Rayleigh? ›

Rayleigh is fast enough to keep up with Marco and his regenerative abilities. Roger's first mate could deal with major damages through the advanced form of Busoshoku Haki. Not only can he attack Marco without directly touching him, but Rayleigh can also avoid the phoenix flames.

Can Marco beat Garp? ›

According to the Gorosei, Marco was among the few people who could take on Blackbeard. His devil fruit is one of the strongest in One Piece. In his prime, Garp could clash against the Pirate King, it will almost be impossible for Marco to beat Garp.

Could Marco beat Big Mom? ›

Marco's team should win with some difficulty because Big Mom is extremely resistant and has an extremely powerful Haki but Marco alone could probably be a fight for Big Mom, he was able to fight most Admirals in one against one, to get up after a punch from Garp, he is extremely powerful, Sabo is also extremely ...

Can Zoro beat Marco? ›

The main difference is that Marco can regenerate himself. Zoro does have the ability to cut through fire now, which should help him greatly. He can also infuse his attacks with Conqueror's Haki. If he dealt the same finishing blow to Marco like he did to King, the match would be over.

Could Marco defeat King? ›

Marco can effectively deal with King's fire-based attacks, and King's flames are one of his biggest strengths. In a 1v1, Marco beats King in stamina while King is probably more durable. That being said, Marco's DF, makes it very hard to damage him, so his evasiveness is his form of durability.

Is Marco stronger than Enel? ›

Marco was considered to be one of the few characters capable of beating Blackbeard. Marco's devil fruit ability allows him to heal from any damage that he takes in a fight. He has fought against Kizaru and came out unscathed from the fight. He is leagues above someone like Enel, who can't even use Armament Haki.

Who is stronger Garp or Marco? ›

According to Chinjao, all pirates saw Garp as a sort of devil. Even Whitebeard, the World's Strongest Man and one of the Four Emperors, declared his sincere respect for Garp's strength. Even as a 76 years old man, many years past his prime, Garp could quickly overpower Marco, Whitebeard's right-hand man.

Can Marco defeat Shanks? ›

14 Can: Marco The Phoenix' Regenerative Abilities Would Make It Hard For Shanks To Win. Marco the Phoenix was the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Although he started as an apprentice among the crew, he eventually became Whitebeard's confidant and right-hand man before his demise.

Who is stronger aokiji or Marco? ›

Marco was one of Whitebeard's most reliable sons and a prominent figurehead at the battle of Marineford. Like Rayleigh, he was able to keep up with Kizaru, an admiral faster and with more destructive potential than Aokiji.

Can Marco defeat Blackbeard? ›

Marco can defeat him because of his regenration ability. Even if BB attacks in his full power then also he will regenerate.

Who is stronger ace or Marco? ›

Ace is stronger than Marco in battle, and in all aspects.

Is Marco as strong as Admiral? ›

Yes. Marco is Admiral level. Many people doubt this, But regardless of what people think, Marco has shown feats that CONFIRM him to be Admiral level.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Shanks? ›

Luffy has not surpassed Shanks just yet, otherwise, their future fight would hold no significant value. Luffy is close to Shanks in terms of power and it is only after their fight that he will officially be able to call himself stronger than Shanks. For now, Red Hair reigns supreme.

Can Garp defeat Kaido? ›

Garp Is Considered To Be One Of The Strongest Marines. Also renowned as 'Garp The Hero' and 'Garp The Fist', Monkey D. Garp is a Vice-Admiral of the Marines. Being their strongest known member in history, there's no denying that Garp is capable of taking on Kaido.

Who can beat Luffy Gear 5? ›

One Piece: 5 Characters That Could Struggle Against Luffy's Gear...
  1. 1 Eustass Kid.
  2. 2 Marshall D. ...
  3. 3 Mihawk. ...
  4. 4 Trafalgar D. Water Law. ...
  5. 5 Kizaru. After Luffy's long and tough encounter with Kaido and coming out as the victor, it was more than enough reason for him to become one of the new Yonko. ...
Dec 22, 2022

Is Marco the Phoenix stronger than Zoro? ›

Marco's devil fruit grants him the ability to heal from any attack, which makes it almost impossible to beat him quickly. At the moment, Marco is far superior to Zoro and it will likely remain so for another arc.

Does Marco have a hybrid form? ›

Like other Zoan users, Marco is able to take a hybrid human-beast form.

Can Jinbei beat Marco? ›

The Gorosei named him among the few people who could defeat Blackbeard in a fight. It is a huge testament to Marco's strength and it is apparent that he can take on most of the characters in the series without any problem. So, Marco will have no problem in beating Jimbei.

Who will win Marco or Kizaru? ›

Kizaru obviously wins, Marco couldn't even wear down King or Queen, only was able to make minor injuries on the fat.

Who has the strongest Haki? ›

Roger used advanced forms of conqueror's haki as he imbued his sword with conqueror's haki and clashed with Whitebeard. He also used advanced armament haki for more powerful sword attacks. Additionally, Roger possessed the observation haki, thus, making him the strongest haki user of all time in One Piece.

Can Monkey D Dragon beat Blackbeard? ›

On top of this, Dragon also has his unique fighting style called Ryusoken. What's more, he could also possess a Devil Fruit power related to wind and all that would make him powerful enough to potentially beat Blackbeard.

Who is immune to Big Mom? ›

Big Mom is able to avoid this weakness most of the time thanks to her infamous reputation, imposing appearance and incredible power. However, strong-willed individuals such as Jinbe, Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid were all immune to her ability due to their absolute refusal to be afraid of her.

Does Marco use Haki? ›

He is a Mythical Zoan user, which is said to be rarer than users of the Logia-type Devil Fruits. This endows him with beast-type powers and also the ability to fly by transforming his arms ibto wings, as well as use the Color of Arms Haki.

Does Marco respect Luffy? ›

The Whitebeard Pirates came to respect Luffy highly. Their First Division Commander, Marco, praised Luffy after he intercepted Crocodile's attack on Whitebeard. Jozu, the Third Division Commander, was impressed by Luffy's defiant response to Ace's pleas.

Can Marco defeat Luffy? ›

Luffy would win but it's close.

Is Luffy stronger than Marco now? ›

Since he unlocked advanced conquerors haki, he became stronger than Marco. It was a long run for Luffy, but he finally surpassed Marco.

Who beats King? ›

King's eventual defeat by Zoro made him recall his aforesaid promise to Kaidou as he fell unconscious, that he would never lose in battle until Kaidou has become Pirate King.

What is Marco highest bounty? ›

15. Marco
  • Bounty: 1,374,000,000 Berries.
  • Pirate Crew: Whitebeard Pirates.
  • Devil Fruit: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix (Bird, Model: Phoenix)
  • Haki: Armament, and Observation.
Feb 27, 2023

Is Sun God Nika the strongest? ›

Nika is not known to be the strongest of all the warriors in the One Piece world. However, he is certainly known to be the one with the most freedom.

Who is stronger Marco or Rayleigh? ›

Pretty Straightforward. Between Rayleigh and Marco I could say they each have an edge over one another. RAY Is old but still capable, using all 3 types of advanced Haki. Marco is still young and can regenerate but hasn't been shown to use advanced Haki(excluding Wano Manga which I'm not updated with).

Who can beat three admirals? ›

During the Summit War, Marco clashed against all three of the Admirals on an equal footing. He managed to hurt two of the three, showing that he's indeed capable of fighting and possibly even beating them.

Who is more powerful Zoro or Marco? ›

The main difference is that Marco can regenerate himself. Zoro does have the ability to cut through fire now, which should help him greatly. He can also infuse his attacks with Conqueror's Haki.

Did Marco get defeated by King? ›

Marco is defeated in 1022, sanji mentions that he can't fight both of them at the same time, implying king defeated Marco and joined with queen to fight sanji.

Can ace defeat Marco? ›

Even before Wano, Marineford Marco still wins against Portgas D. Ace. Even if they were relative to each other (which they are ABSOLUTELY not) Marco could outlast him due to regeneration.

Who is stronger Shanks or Marco? ›

Marco the Phoenix has great experience leading and commanding his crew, but his skills don't end there. He is extremely fast and agile and his self-healing abilities would make it more difficult for enemies to defeat him, including Shanks. If Marco and Shanks ever fought each other, it is possible that Marco could win.


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