Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (2023)

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Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (1)

Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last updated April 2022

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (2)

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Featured Product: Custom Night Guards

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (3)

Preis:129,00 $ - 169 $(usually $500)

ThatRemi Custom night watchmanHelp protect teeth all night! Remi mouthguards are up to 80% cheaper than traditional night guards and can be fully custom made, even allowing you to choose a thickness between 1mm and 2mm. If you don't see a reduction in teeth grinding damage within 30 days, Remi will provide a full refund.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (4)

Featured in this review

Custom night guard


After completing the impression set, you will receive an upper and lower night protection for grinding. Each night shield is custom made to fit your mouth by dentists.


(Video) Teeth Grinder This Is For You! Remi Custom Fit Night Guards

Breakdown of Ratings


Solid plastic construction, putty impression mold instead of messy goop. The impression experience was a bit uncomfortable for me though.


Much cheaper than a regular mouthguard, wish I could give this one six stars out of five!


Ridiculously practical and very user-friendly. The night watchmen don't disturb my sleep. They work as advertised!


The customer service was so helpful and the brand seems passionate about protecting people's teeth.

Who is Remi?

(Video) DIY Mouthguard | Get Cheeky Night Mouthguard Follow Up

Remiis a San Francisco-based wellness brand with a line of oral care products. Co-founded by Oscar Adelman and Yana Yasevich, Remi strives to provide affordable and accessible night guards and teeth whitening direct to the consumer.

The dynamic duo both shared a struggle to grind their teeth, and both had tried over-the-counter and expensive custom night guards for over a decade.

Yana and Oscar also hated how time-consuming and tedious the process of getting a dental night guard was, and they figured there had to be a better way.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (7)

in summary,Oskar said Remi"Offers a high quality custom solution between the one-size-fits-all over-the-counter guards and the $500-$800 custom guards sold by dentists."

You may be thinking, why should I buy a custom night guard when I can get a custom made, custom night guard at the drug store for $20?

According to several dentists, including North Carolina dentist Erik Reitter, “It is better to wear nothing than to wear one that has not been properly fitted. A poorly trained night watchman can alter your bite.”


  • Easy impression taking
  • Comprehensive guide
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • 100% process at home
  • The night watchmen keep me from grinding my teeth


  • It is difficult to choose the size of putty insert to use
  • Long impression waiting time (5 minutes before removing)

Remi Night Guards review experience

As a chronic teeth grinder, my dentist has been recommending night care for some time.

I've always been hesitant because I've never been a fan of going to the dentist. I had also heard of night watchman home impression kits but didn't know which one to choose.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (8)

Remi boasts a30 Day Money Back GuaranteeIf your mouthguard doesn't fit well or you just don't like the product, I took the plunge.

Impression Kit Experience

To make my impressions, I mixed the blue and white clays together. After combining, I added the mixture to the smaller of the two impression trays. Then I just put the tray in and waited about five minutes.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (9)

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (10)

I prefer the molding compound that comes in the remi kit compared to the goop dentist used for impressions. It didn't drip all over my mouth, which I appreciated because I have a pretty strong gag reflex.

The five minute wait was a little long in my opinion, but still bearable as the audio stayed where it was supposed to.

Night Watchman Experience

I have myRemi Custom night watchmanin the mail about two weeks after sending in my prints.

I was skeptical but excited to try them. After taking the night guards out of the box (well packaged product btw) my first impression was that the plastic felt decently thick and lacked flexibility.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (11)

The idea of ​​wearing both an upper and lower night guard was concerning because I didn't want them to interfere with my sleep. I imagined they would be very noticeable in my mouth. However, the Night Guard fitted my teeth fairly well and didn't feel like it altered the alignment of my resting teeth/jaw.

I was really impressed with how well the Remi night guards fit and honestly it didn't feel like I was wearing much of anything after a few days.

The only negative I experienced was the night guard's plastic, which came up a bit high on my gum line. This may be different for every user, but for me the plastic edge occasionally rubbed or caught on my lip as I drifted off to sleep. Once asleep I had no problems.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I'm really enjoying my new oneRemi night watchman.

I definitely hate how annoying it can be to get an individual night watch from a dentist. So it was incredibly convenient to be able to do the casting, fitting, etc. from the comfort of your own home.

I plan to stick with The Remi Club subscription option as it is cheaper in the long run and I like the results I get.

I feel like I've noticed an overall difference in the tightness of my jaw that is decreasing. It also feels good to have more peace of mind, knowing I'm not grinding my teeth.

(Video) Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth? Do Nightguards work? TMJ issues?

My dentist also commented that he has prevented damage to my teeth since wearing my Remi night splints.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (12)

Featured in this review

Custom night guard


After completing the impression set, you will receive an upper and lower night protection for grinding. Each night shield is custom made to fit your mouth by dentists.

Remember, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee!


Are Remi Custom Night Guards of high quality?

All Remi Custom Night Guards are made entirely in the USA. They're made from BPA-free, dental-grade plastic that feels durable.

Remi claims to offer night guards of the same quality as what you would get from your dentist (minus the $400-$1,000 price tag).

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (13)

A note on packaging, I really appreciated how minimal the packaging was for the impression kit and night guards.

The box you receive the impression kit in is the same box you use to ship everything back to Remi. Not having excessive packaging was a nice touch, unlike many digital retailers these days.

Are Remi Custom Night Guards worth it?

I did a lot of research to see how much home custom night guards should cost. Most I found were between $160 and $200, but there was a catch.

Compared to other custom night guard kits, Remi comes with a top AND a bottom guard for the same price as a single guard from brands like Clear Club and Cheeky.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (14)

For the convenience factor alone, it's worth paying around $150 for a full set of night guards. The amount of time and effort I saved by being able to complete the process 100% from home is priceless.

No multiple dentist visits, no complicated payment schedules, and no need to retake my impressions every six months.

Coupons & Discounts

Instantly,Remi Custom night watchmanalways seem to be "on sale". The product is listed as $500, so it was nice to feel like I got a good deal.

You can also join The Remi Club for additional savings. This is a subscription service, with Remi delivering a new set of top and bottom night guards to your door every six months.

The Remi Club starts at $129 and then $49 per replacement set, which is a significant savings compared to buying individual sets at $169 each.

Remi has a solid 30-day return policy, and the company will either create a new set for you or give a full refund on your purchase if you're unsatisfied.

(Video) Could Your Mouth Guard Ruin Your Smile?

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (15)

frequently asked Questions

Remi Night Guard Summary

I honestly wish soRemiwas there when I started grinding my teeth in college as I think I could have prevented a lot of damage to my teeth.

Between the convenience factor and efficient cost, Remi is 100% worth trying in my opinion. If you don't like your custom night guards you can easily return them, but I plan on continuing to use mine for the foreseeable future.

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (16)

Remi Night Guard Review - Grinders beware (17)

I recommend that you take your time making your casts and read the instructions carefully. I definitely screwed up by initially using the wrong size impression tray.

Remi does a great job of making step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and they provide enough impression materials to take multiple impressions if you get confused the first time like I did.

I've been using my Remi Custom Night Guards every night since I got them and I have no plans to stop any time soon.


(Video) REMI mouth guard. Making impressions


Can I cancel Remi subscription? ›

If I join the Remi Club, can I cancel? Of course and we understand circumstances change. If you would like to cancel, simply contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How long do Remi mouth guards last? ›

A night guard will have an average lifespan of 5 years, but depending upon the wear, it can need replacement in just 1 year.

Are Remi night guards hard or soft? ›

The mouthguard is made from hard-soft plastic that is dental-grade and free from Bisphenol A (BPA). Mouthguards are also compatible with the brand's teeth whitening gel. Remi offers a 30-day guarantee where you can test the fit of the mouthguard and request a new impression kit for free.

Can you still grind your teeth with a night guard? ›

While the dental night guard does not fully prevent clenching and grinding, the 2-4 millimeter tooth separation provided by night guard means that the jaw muscles can not be fully engaged so many people often have less of an urge (conscious or not) to clench or grind.

How much do night guards cost from dentist? ›

The cost of a dental night guard can range from as low as $20 if you buy it over the counter, to about $175 for a custom-fit guard bought from an online retailer, to $200 to $1,000 if bought directly from your dentist.

Is a custom nightguard worth it? ›

Custom-fit night guards might cost a little bit more, but because they are designed to fit your mouth perfectly, they'll do a better job of protecting your teeth, and they'll probably last longer as well.

Can I soak my night guard in mouthwash? ›

Do NOT soak your night guard in mouthwash, as that may cause damage. 3- If you have a plastic mouth guard, you can brush your guard using a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. Gently brush your mouthguard and then rinse with cool water. 4- Store your night guard in a protective case.

Can mouthguards damage your teeth? ›

If you use a mouthguard properly, then it should actually protect your gums, rather than damage them. If, however, you use a dirty, damaged or ill-fitting mouthguard then you could actually be damaging your gums.

Do you have to wear a Nightguard forever? ›

Are you stuck wearing a night guard for teeth forever? That depends. Wearing your night guard protects your oral health, so you should do so as long as you're bruxing. However, some people do stop bruxing.

Should you wear night guard on upper or lower teeth? ›

Between both upper or lower night guards, the best results come from using a night guard for bottom teeth. People also find that these particular night guards are more comfortable and are a better fit. Night guards for bottom teeth are also less likely to trigger a gag reflex.

What type of night guard is best for clenching? ›

Hard night guards are made to be the strongest and most durable type of night guard available. Depending on the chosen thickness, a 3mm thick hard night guard is designed for patients who grind their teeth on a regular nightly basis.

Why does my night guard hurt my teeth? ›

If you do experience pain or your mouth is hurting after wearing a night guard, it is a sign that your night guard for teeth is not fitted properly in your mouth. The device may be too large or too small and is not providing the adequate protection that you desire and need.

What subscriptions are hard to cancel? ›

5 Common Subscriptions That Are Nearly Impossible to Cancel
  • Women's Clothing and Shoe Subscriptions. ...
  • Cable and Internet Subscriptions. ...
  • Book and Audiobook Subscriptions. ...
  • Online Gaming Subscriptions. ...
  • Gym Memberships.
Jul 11, 2016

What is Remi club? ›

In Remi's case, subscriptions are core to its business model with Remi Club, a subscription service that provides subscribers with new night guards every six months and whitening gel every three months.


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