Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (2023)

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (1)

gierse raje

05:56 11 jan 23

Had a successful surgery under Dr. Aditya Deshpande. He is a source of confidence and this confidence flows into thepatient and relatives. Thanks also to dr. Mukund Penurkar and Dr. Anantbhushan Ranade, the medical, nursing team and more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (2)

onkar pandit

09:00 22 oct 22

Reposting the reviews as it seems to have been removed by someone. Administration: the administrator commits fraud for insurance people.Although the hospital is under TPA's network, at the time of admission they insist on preparing a reimbursement file. And gives false promise. The resulting patients are reimbursed much less. I recommend that TPA blacklist this hospital from the network. Doctors: Doctors are friendly and very experienced. Provides good guidance and more

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Vijaya Patil

11:07 25 augustus 22

Good hospital. Good facilities. Doctors are very open, cooperative and supportive. All the staff were very professional,competent, friendly and helpful. Overall a very positive experience. A big thank you to all employees involved!read more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (4)

Bishwajit B

09:22 30 July 22

My first experience of surgery... was a little uncomfortable. But grateful for all the smooth processes and hospital supportcreate a comfortable and smooth experience. Undergoing surgery itself is mentally challenging. Feels good to receive a conductive environment here! Thank youread more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (5)

Sharvindu Jogdan

04:46 24 december 19

The procedure is very fast and the nurses are very humble. The doctors are experienced and skilled and are verymodest with the patients. The cleaning staff comes to tidy up from time to time. A very good and clean hospital. Visit this hospital since 2007 And has always proven its more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (6)

Nikhil Gangavane

06:37 19 december 19

Very nice and old hospital in Pune with good doctors and staff. Can be upgraded on the equipment side. Areais very quiet and calm. Lighting and interiors could be improved to add a bright side and make the hospital seem less boringread more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (7)

Vishal Sugandhi

05:34 17 december 19

Very nice hospital with all facilities and the staff was very friendly. We were kept well informed throughout the procedureand treatment. My wife's toenail bed surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Jindal. Just 1 suggestion from my side to change the sheets and pillowcases at night instead of early morning at 6am when patients are in deep sleep and disturbed because it's hard to get back to sleep. Rest everything was great. Thank you for the good service and we recommend others as more

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Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (8)

Manasi Shinde

09:36 14 december 19

All the staff were very cooperative and well trained. The patient was monitored in a timely manner. Cleanliness was on pointmarking. All facilities offered were excellent. Time management and patient was also more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (9)

Sriniva Kiran

07:24 11 december 19

Hospital environment is very calm and friendly environment. Staff are very cordial and polite in terms of theirresponse. A consistently operating food court is required on site. Except that the other facilities are very good in this hospital. Thank you very much. Kiranread more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (10)

hrishikesh bendre

08:57 29 nov 19

They provided good service and facilities at the right time. There is also a friendly atmosphere to recover patients.Doctors and nurses are more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (11)

Deepak Kulkarni

11:27 26 nov 19

Consulting doctors are very good. But the administration and support staff services are very poor. There is very muchless sensitivity for the patient and his attendant. The nursing staff expects the attendants to give medicines to the patient. Canteen services are pathetic. If my feedback is required, I am available for a call, provided that Sanjeevan plans to improve their services. I would like to ask the management to experience what it is like to sleep on the attendant's bed. It's very painful. It may be expected that the attendant will also be more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (12)

Madhuri Shirodkar

05:04 23 nov 19

It was a great experience to be here. The treatment and doctors are the best at their job. The nurses are herefriendly and familiar to everyone. The overall environment was calm and more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (13)

Harshad Dhage

05:40 18 nov 19

They treated me like a family man. I've been here before for my grandfather last time but now the service this timeimproved and the staff is more supportive. I can only say that Sanjeevan Hospital is good for all of more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (14)

Veena Mushrif

06:05 12 nov 19

Overall experience was satisfactory. Doctors and nurses were helpful. Feedback was accepted and implemented quickly.Hospital could use more cleanliness. Patients can benefit from improved more


Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (15)

Sagar Sopariwala

05:09 06 nov 19

The hospital grounds are good and the staff are very good. It's neat and clean and the doctors are veryprofessionals. The only suggestion is to clarify the bill and ask for partial payments at the same time as the applied charges and charges requested were the same as the ICU charge. If there is some transparency in this, it will be really helpful for the patient and his/her family to understand the charges more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (16)

Chandrakant Sadashiv

06:51 26 oct 19

Since hospitalization Itinerary cleanliness throughout. All nursing staff and doctors have given very muchGood service . All administrative staff are very cooperative. We appreciate more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (17)

Sagar Tandeo

05:19 23 oct 19

Well, if you are looking for a decent, clean and affordable hospital to undergo any type of surgery or treatment,this hospital fits the bill perfectly. The staff are very polite, supportive and humble but thoroughly professional. Any complaint (well, if you have one) is quickly resolved and looked into. The doctors and staff are very well trained and the treatment they provide is very economical and more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (18)

Anjali Burde

05:29 21 oct 19

Staff are good and courteous. Cleaning services are good. More coordination between departments is needed. Nursingstaff should be aware of alternative medicines so that family members are not bothered to bring medicines that are already there. Also, the number of days of medicines must be checked and ordered during the day, as the pharmacy works with only one staff at night, which leads to delays and long more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (19)

ameya kulkarni

05:32 09 oct 19

Very good support staff. Rooms with all necessary facilities. Easy admission and claim process. All in all very goodsupport .read more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (20)

Milind Madhav Bhure

05:35 07 oct 19

Most of the staff are cooperative. However, I think there are few nurses who should be mainly on the night shiftproactive and attentive. Only had an experience once. I wonder if the discount on medicines is not offered. Few hospitals offer this. All nurses must keep stock of medicines so that last minute rushes can be more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (21)

Mukund Pandey

04:56 26 september 19

Was new to this city when I recently got transferred. Referred by office colleagues so came for the treatment. Gotimmediate assistance to the victim and received proper treatment. Was under the care of Dr. Sambare and his associates. They took good care of me and from the first moment I knew that I was in safe hands. The withdrawal procedure was simple and hassle free with minimal documentation. A two day stay was normal with proper meds and speedy recovery. The atmosphere in the hospital is good. Staff are very helpful. All the doctors listened patiently and helpfully all the time. Received excellent and professional treatment at this hospital. A little more tidiness is needed in the household. Feeling good and obligated. Thank youread more

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Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (22)

Sharad Ghanakar

04:32 23 september 19

Good atmosphere and good service. Doctors occasionally made rounds. Only if the hospital has its own canteenfacilities could have been more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (23)

Yogesh Deshpande

09:56 19 september 19

Very good treatment also all doctors and staff. The cafeteria on the university campus is useless. Remove their advsign at the entrance so that other people are not bothered by the poor quality and serviceread more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (24)

Meenakshi Teredesai

05:48 18 september 19

It would be great if the toilets are improved. I agree that too many patients use them, but that's one departmentthat I needed improvement. Staff are very friendly and helpful in all departments. That is a very positive more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (25)

Prachi Lahare

04:42 10 september 19

Excellent hospital; in every way. patient always receives the best treatment. Cleanliness is well maintained.

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (26)

Ranjit Kolekar

08:40 09 september 19

Friendly relationship between doctors, patients and employees. i am satisfied with cleanliness, just need to improvemaintenance on the mosquito problem.. and please provide some facilities for the person staying with the patient. thank you very much more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (27)

Shinde Santosh

06:00 09 september 19

Very good. Clean and quiet hospital of all types of patients so very nice experience from our family

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (28)

Prakash Phadnis

05:22 09 september 19

Very good caring staff. Fast/quick help. Nice and good treatment. Keep it up..Best wishes..Phadnis.

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Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (29)

Sneha Parbat

06:45 07 september 19

My grandfather was treated by Dr. Ravindra Joshi. He was a very nice and cooperative doctor. Overall experience more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (30)

rohit nimbalkar

06:05 31 augustus 19

I was hospitalized. i can say that every single person here is very helpful. all doctor and nurse workinghere are well trained. And they are ready to help at any time of the day/ more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (31)

Sheetal Dhuri

05:47 31 augustus 19

Had a pleasant stay at the hospital. The hospital staff were friendly and immediately assisted with any help needed.Would definitely refer to friends and more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (32)

Shivani Ramgir

11:34 19 augustus 19

Very nice experience. cooperative staff. Best hospital in town Nurses take very good care of patientway. Cleanliness is well more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (33)

Mehul Phadke

11:32 19 augustus 19

Good hospital and supportive nursing staff. Good cleaning is done. If the staff is supportive and caring, patientand family members feel more safe and relived. Keep up the good more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (34)

Dr Mrunmayi Avachat

10:20 17 augustus 19

I would like to thank the hospital staff for their excellent assessment and tireless efforts during my treatment andtimely response to all my questions. The doctors here offer you the best preventive and curative measures and thus gain the trust of their patients. Most recommended hospital in town. ?read more

Room details-1 | Sanjeevan Hospital (35)

Suhas Jadhav

12:44 01 March 18

Hospital with many more medical facilities. Affordable cost for the middle class and below the line. Cooperating personnel. Take care of every person. Highly qualified doctor for any serious problem. More faith from local more

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