Telepathic Abilities: 6 Signs You (or Someone Else) Have Telepathy (2023)

Awareness begins in the mind. It's the mind. Everything ever said, done or created happened because of consciousness.

In the same sense, existence seizes the moment consciousness is lost. And when it comes to themuniverse, 96% of the universe consists of dark energy or dark matter. This means that 96% of the universe is just energy waiting to be observed and turned into something, into matter.

You might be thinking, "Okay, but how does this apply to telepathy?"

Trust me. It does.

What is telepathy and what are the signs of it?Telepathy is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that is accessible to anyone with practice. The six signs that you are accessing your telepathic powers include third eye activity, being a human lie detector, mastery of psychic protection, and more.

The entire universe is energy. We are all divinely connected through this energy.

It is easier to think of the universe as the ocean and people as the waves in the ocean. We are just separate from the whole.

It's us".

Because of this, many people believe that we all draw from a collective consciousness, if you will.

Think about it like this. If we are all one consciousness then we all have the ability to have the same thoughts.

Taking it a step further, one can suggest the ability to send and receive specific thoughts, emotions and even images with tailored practice.

Indeed, as the collective consciousness and frequency of the earth continues to rise, it is only fair that we normalize the conversation of telepathy. Because let's face it, the mind is the most powerful source of energy in the universe.

It's the universe.

So we're doing it a disservice by thinking it's incapable of such a trivial ability.

The only reason humans ever used verbal and written communication is because we were so far separated from the source.

Believe it or not, in order to exist on the physical plane we must be lowly vibrating beings. As we continue to awaken as a collective, we increase our collective frequency, taking us into higher dimensions.

When your brain is in a higher state of consciousness or dimension, verbal communication becomes less necessary because telepathic and energetic queues explain things in ways that words cannot.

But of course, as with everything else, there are exceptions to the rule. Gemini telepathy is a great example of an exception. Read on to find out more.

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What is telepathy?

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Telepathy is one of the human senses that doesn't get much credit as a human sense. So it may not be one of the five senses associated with the physical realm, but heightened awareness can fine-tune that sense with a little work.

Telepathy is the process of transmitting and receiving information through dark matter via brainwaves. It is widely believed that telepathy is a sci-fi superpower possessed only by superheroes; until now.

But before we can learn more about what telepathy is, we must first understand human design and the concept of nonlinear time.

people and nonlinear time

In the physical sense, time runs linearly – the human body ages linearly. Similarly, the sun and moon rise and set each day to convey the perception of linear time movement. However, interdimensionally, time is a non-linear construct that we can easily travel through.

A great example of nonlinear time in action is accessing their Akashic Records. theAkashic Recordsare a catalog of everything that has ever existed. Think of it as the record kept in a courtroom. Every detail of every life and everything that has ever happened and will ever happen is recorded in the Akashic Records and you have the ability to access it through your telepathic mind.

Another great example of this is experiencing deja vu. You do something and feel like you've been there before, even though you weren't. In reality, your brain telepathically received a message from a version of yourself that has already completed the specific task you are performing.

Pretty wild, I know, but bear with me.

You can teleport your mind at any time while still staying in the here and now. Time can be described as a place rather than a measurement method.

as it standsscientistare still unsure if other animals have consciousness or if it is unique to Homo sapiens. However, humans are energetic beings with the ability to feel empathy for and from someone else. Humans have the ability to dream and experience a feeling notoriously known as "deja vu".

Both are forms of telepathy, but more on that later.

For the skeptics out there,Scienceshowed us evidence of telepathy via an EEG.

This test essentially captures the energy moving from one brain and entering another. However, in order for this process to be completed, the two individuals must be energetically linked [frequency aligned].

How do you align yourself to a different frequency, you might ask?

Well, with a lot of introspection and conscious effort, you can become aware of a person's frequency and match it. That is, if you are trying out telepathy on someone who is naturally summoned into your life by the universe, your frequencies are likely already similar enough to practice with that person.

Common and Simple Types of Telepathy

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All of the examples below are great ways to practice telepathy when you are first starting out as they contain things that may be close and dear to your soul frequency. A good rule of thumb is to start with what you know. Keep things as simple as possible in the beginning so there is less room for confusion.

Choose the most natural one and go from there:

  • twin telepathy
  • Mother-Child Telepathy
  • Dream (Astral) Telepathy
  • dear telepathy
  • human-animal telepathy

Many times scientists have attempted to see twin telepathy in action, but with little success. However, it seems that most of what we know about Gemini telepathy has come personally over the centuriesstories.

In most cases of twin telepathy, one receives a message or sense that the other is hurt or in danger. Sometimes this message can get into the physical realm and manifest itself as pain, tingling, or muscle weakness.

If you don't have a twin, mother-child telepathy, human-pet telepathy and love telepathy are basically similar to twin telepathy. The idea is that the two beings are so connected and aligned that mental communication is almost inevitable.

Whether intentional or triggered by a survival instinct, finding someone you connect energetically with can catapult your telepathic abilities right off the bat.

Another form of telepathy that is slightly different from the other types is dream (astral) telepathy. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but in more cases the person is telepathically transmitting and receiving a message to/from themselves.

Dreams work similarly to the Akashic Records. They don't play by the physical laws of linear time. Instead, a dream can provide glimpses into certain areas of life that can later manifest as a premonition in the physical.

6 signs you (or someone else) have telepathy

To be clear, anyone can access telepathy. It's not even something that needs to be learned, it just needs to be remembered. It is up to the person to tap into this power through [sometimes] years of consistent and intentional practice.

However, there are general signs that you are refining your telepathy and becoming stronger:

Your third eye is going crazy

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When someone is actively working on their telepathic abilities,The third eye chakra will ruptureif it isn't already.

As the abilities become more accessible, the person will continue to feel physical sensations in their third eye.

Some of the most common sensations include tingling, pressure, headaches and more!

You are a master empath

It's not enough to be an empath to become telepathic. The person needs to work on mastering the art of empathy.

This includes doing theshadow workEmpaths need to be better at learning their own emotions and recognizing when alien emotional projections are coming in.

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You are close to the spirit

When your vibration is high, you are close to Spirit.

When you are close to Spirit, you can tap into direct consciousness almost whenever you want.

You are good at reading people

This includes reading through lies.

Yes, you are an empath and divinely channeled, but that makes you anything but gullible.

Protection from psychic attacks

The practitioner must learn not only to guard against psychic attack, but to practice until it becomes second nature.

After all, there is nothing more important than your own protection.

You have sent or received thoughts in the past

If you have ever thought of someone who then called you or received a phone call afterwards and the person said, "I was just thinking of you," then at one point or another you have experienced telepathy.

Tips for developing your telepathy

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First and foremost, you must commit to a life of self-development in order to learn how to access your telepathic abilities.

On this path one must continually revisit the depths of one's soul and do the work of consciously transforming everything and everyonekarmic debts.

You must, tooBe sure to practice self-care. Self-care is the only way you can regain your power to practice.

A good way to recharge is through consistent meditation practice.

Meditation calms the mind and teaches it to be open to receiving and sending messages. It also calms the mind, making it easier for you to focus on the telepathic task at hand.

All in all, the only way to truly hone your telepathic abilities is through constant rigorous practice.

There are many differentexercisesall over the internet that can help you develop a practice that is unique to you.

Remember, it's your mind, but it's also the mind of the collective consciousness.

Regardless of how impossible or unattainable it may seem right now, telepathy is a real thing that is within your reach. Keep going.

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