The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (2023)

Installing gutter guards on your home helps prevent clogged gutters and downspouts and makes routine cleaning easier. However, it is important to choose a gutter guard that suits your home's needs, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences. Gutter Guards all have the basic goal of keeping debris out of your gutter system, but they come in a variety of materials and designs that compromise performance and desirability.

To help you find the right gutter guard for your home, we've researched the best gutter guards on the market for both the professional installer and the do-it-yourselfer. This guide highlights the differences between gutter guard types and our top picks for gutter guard products and services.

The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023

Here are our top 8 picks for the best gutter guards to protect your gutters from leaves and debris:

How We Selected The Best Gutter Guard Providers

We've researched and analyzed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies. Our team then formulated a scoring system based on several important factors. We evaluated the quality and type of gutter guards offered, the ability to customize with colors, warranty periods and limitations, and additional features such as heating elements.

We spoke directly to a representative of each company and saw how each gutter guard company personalizes their installation process for each home. We also determined whether the company guarantees its offer for a certain period of time to give customers time to make an informed decision.

We ranked each provider based on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​rating to determine reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most recent Google reviews for each provider across different locations and branches.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a gutter protection

Certain gutter guard types are better suited to different homes and regions. You also need to consider whether you want to install them yourself or whether professional installation is a more attractive option. We've detailed these considerations and listed some other important factors in your purchasing decision below.

Types of gutter protection

This table highlights the key design and functional aspects of the main types of gutter guards. Choose the type of gutter guard that best suits the needs of your home.

Gutter protection typefoambrushScreenreverse curveMesh und Micro-Mesh
DesignSpongy foam designBristle design similar to a large bottle brushMetal or plastic material with numerous openings for water to pass throughCurved metal or plastic design that uses liquid adhesion to channel water into the guttersMetal or plastic material with more closely spaced openings than gutter screens
dirt filtrationBlocks most debris, large and small, including leaves, twigs and pine needlesBlocks most large debris but underperforms on small debris like gravelBlocks most large debris but can allow debris smaller than the openings to enter the gutter systemDumps most large debris, but may carry gravel and other smaller types of debris into the gutter systemBlocks large and small dirt
InstallationFits in the gutter systemFits in the gutter systemAttaches to the gutter, usually by snapping to the gutter or with hardwareCan be attached to the gutter or can be a one-piece design requiring replacement of the existing gutter systemOften requires hardware to attach to gutter system
Good for:Bequeme Drop-in-InstallationBequeme Drop-in-InstallationReduction in cleaning maintenanceComplete gutter replacementMaximizing dirt filtration
Not good for:durabilityReduction in cleaning maintenanceBlock small debrisInstallation with low visibilityInexpensive installation

used material

Gutter Guard materials vary by product. Foam gutter guards are lightweight and easy to install, but are prone to mold growth and deterioration over time. Plastic materials can swell and crack due to weather changes and may need to be replaced periodically.

A popular choice for gutter guard frames, aluminum resists warping and rusting. However, aluminum materials can be susceptible to damage from heavy debris such as tree branches. Many high-end gutter guards use stainless steel, which adds strength to the design and resists warping, rust, and corrosion

Pro vs. DIY Gutter Guard

Many gutter guards are available for do-it-yourself installation. You can buy drop-in gutter guards like foam and brush designs from online retailers like Amazon. These options are easy to install but have durability issues and require frequent cleaning. Several lattice and micro-grid gutter guards are also available for DIY projects, but they require more rigorous installation.

Professional installation keeps you off the ladder, saving you time and energy. Some gutter guards require professional installation; This is common with companies selling high end micro mesh and reverse curve designs. A major advantage of professional plumbers is that they will typically clean your gutters, make repairs, and install new gutters if needed.

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Do-it-yourself gutter guard installation is generally less expensive, but often time consuming and may not be the optimal choice for homeowners with larger homes. A professional installation is a larger investment but usually involves a higher quality product and a trained specialist to do the job.

Professional installers often offer gutter and downspout replacement, repair, and cleaning as part of the purchase of your gutter guard. Most require you to schedule an inspection before providing pricing information.

Here are sample prices for several DIY gutter guards:

gutter guardMaterial DesignGutter protection cost per running footGutter Guard costs for 200 linear feet
Raptor Gutter Guard (for 5" Gutter)stainless steel/micro mesh2,60 $$625*
Amerimax Lock-In Gutter Guard (for 5, 6 or 7 inch gutter)steel or aluminium/mesh1,33 $$266
FlexxPoint gutter cover system (for 5 inch gutter)aluminum/screen1,22 $$249
GutterBrush Gutter Guard (for 5" Gutter)Steel core, polypropylene bristles/brush3,32 $$698**
GutterFoam K-Style Gutter Protector (for 5" Gutter)Polyurethane foam1,50 $$299

*Raptor's product is sold exclusively on Amazon in 48ft kits. You would need to buy five kits to get 200 linear meters of material.

**Prices are for 210 linear feet of material.


A warranty provides additional security and peace of mind with your gutter protector. Many gutter guard warranties extend for 20 years, and some companies offer transferrable lifetime warranties.

However, these guarantees often have limitations. In particular, any tampering with the roof or structure around the guards will likely void your warranty.

Our recommendation for rain gutter protection

Gutter Guards prevent debris from entering gutters while diverting water away from the sidewalls and foundation of your home. They also reduce, but do not eliminate, the need and frequency of gutter maintenance. However, gutter guards vary in their designs and ideal applications.

Do-it-yourself gutter guards can be the right solution for homeowners who have the equipment and convenience to install gutter guards themselves. We recommend Raptor Gutter Guard for its durable micro-mesh design and superior dirt filtration compared to many other DIY products. Keep in mind that Raptor requires more complicated installation than simple drop-in or snap-on gutter guards.

Professional gutter installation leaves the work to the specialist. We commend LeafFilter for its comprehensive service, including gutter cleaning and replacement if necessary, prior to fitting the patented micro-mesh gutter guard. The LeafFilter's premium stainless steel design has 275 micron openings that filter debris as small as pine needles, gravel and pollen.

The top professional gutter protection

Gutter Guards that require professional installation are often unique, proprietary designs that emphasize different characteristics. One gutter protection company may highlight the types of debris that cannot enter the gutter, while another highlights how their gutter protection affects the home's desirability.

We've considered these factors and many more to rank our top 5 picks for the best professional gutter guards:

leaf filter

Brief information:

  • Typ:micro mesh
  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum andunplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)Steel micromesh
  • Warranty period:Lifetime transferrable
  • Good for:Protection from twigs, insects, bird nests, leaves, pine needles, gravel and pollen

leaf filter

The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (7)


what we like

LeafFilter offers a three-piece micromesh steel gutter protection system that uses surface tension to pull water through your gutters but repel dirt. Its steel body means extreme temperature changes won't warp the protection over time. LeafFilter applies protection flush to your roof to minimize maintenanceand visibility from the ground.

The gutter protection from LeafFilterPVC gutter protection framecomes to the rescue in various colors, such as off-white and beigethe visible lip of the productcustomize the scheme of your home.

Other Services:

  • New installation of the gutter
  • gutter cleaning
  • Gutter sealing and repair

What we don't like

Many customer reviews for LeafFilter have mentioned pushy sales tactics and high initial bids. We've also seen feedback about ice forming on the gutter guard during cold snaps.

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed the 100 most recent Google reviews for LeafFilter's Aurora, Colorado office. Some of these reviews criticized the company's professionalism and timeliness. Many homeowners found that multiple phone calls were required to ensure they received the services on the correct date. However, LeafFilter responded to every review.

Many reviews praised the quality of LeafFilter's gutter guards, although some homeowners have noted that LeafFilter's guards are not ideal for extreme winter conditions. On its blog, The Leaflet, the company advises homeowners to takePrecautions to combat ice dams.You'll also need to clean your gutters every year or two with LeafFilter's gutter guards, despite the ads that you'll never have to clean them again.

Call for a free quote:800-940-4391

Continue reading:LeafFilter review


Brief information:

  • Typ:reverse curve
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Warranty period: Lifetime transferrable
  • Good for:Protection from branches, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and other large debris


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The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (8)


what we like

LeafGuard is a great option for homeowners looking for new gutters with built-in clog protection. The inverted curve design features a robust, one-piece construction that replaces your existing gutter system. The aluminum material resists warping and cracking, and will withstand the elements longer than many types of DIY gutter guards.

LeafGuard adjusts the length of each gutter run during professional installation for the perfect fit. It also uses a scratch-resistant finish and offers its gutter system in 12 or more colors.

What we don't like

LeafGuard requires you to replace your entire gutter system. Inverted curve designs are prone to small debris, such as B. gravel, get into the gutters. Heavy downpours can also cause water to overflow onto your home's siding.

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed 100 reviews from Trustpilot and BBB. Positive reviews mentioned professional and knowledgeable sales staff, clean and courteous installation, and a quality product. Unsatisfied customers gave rise to aggressive sales tactics, inflated prices and limitations on the lifetime warranty.

Continue reading:LeafGuard Review


Brief information:

  • Typ:micro mesh
  • Material: stainless steel and aluminiumSteel micromesh
  • Warranty period:Lifetime transferrable
  • Good for:Protection from twigs, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and gravel


The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (9)


what we like

HomeCraft Gutter Guards offer marine grade stainless steel,Micro mesh gutter guard with raised diamonds throughout coverage. The shelter also features a powder-coated aluminum frame thatsuitable for almost every gutter size. craftsecures its gutter protection during installation through the use of hidden reinforced metal hangers that attach to your fascia boardsto keep it safe in stormy conditions.HomeCraft Gutter Guards sit flush with your gutter and are difficult to see from the ground.

Other Services:

  • gutter installation
  • gutter cleaning
  • Repair of the gutter

What we don't like

Some customers report an unsatisfactory customer service experience, citing spam calls. Micromesh gutter protection can freeze water on the surface in cold winter conditions.

What homeowner reviews say

When we analyzed the top 100 most recent Google reviews for HomeCraft's Charlotte, NC office, we found overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many of the reviews mentioned the company's responsiveness and overall value. Many homeowners have also been impressed with their asking prices and financing options.

The few critical reviews claimed that HomeCraft completed the installation haphazardly or that the quoting process was frustrating.

Continue reading: HomeCraft Gutter Guard Review

All American Gutter Guards

Brief information:

  • Typ:micro mesh
  • Material: stainless steel and aluminium
  • Warranty period:lifespan
  • Good for:Protection from twigs, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and gravel

All American Gutter Guards

The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (10)


what we like

All American Gutter Protection offers a micromesh gutter protection system similar to LeafFilter, although the All Americanhas an aluminum instead of PVC frame.Its gutter guard is lightweight and resists deformation and flexing with large temperature changes. The low profile design minimizes visibility from the ground.

Other Services:

  • Installation of gutters and downspouts
  • fascial replacement

What we don't like

All American Gutter Protection does not provide as much information about its product online as many of its competitors. The aluminum frame can be damaged by falling debris.

(Video) Best Gutter Guards In 2023

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed 100 Google reviews across all American Gutter Protection locations in Atlanta; Nashville; Philadelphia; Greenville, South Carolina; and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most customers praised the company for its effective installation and quality gutter protection.

There were noticeable complaints. Some reviews criticized All American Gutter Protection's timeliness and scheduling. We recommend being flexible with your appointment when choosing All American Gutter Protection.

Continue reading:All American Gutter Protection Review


Brief information:

  • Typ:micro mesh
  • Material: steel, aluminum and copperCopper and steel micromesh
  • Warranty period:Lifetime transferrable
  • Good for:Protection against branches, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and insect nests


The 8 Best Gutter Guards of 2023 (11)


what we like

MasterShield uses a similar micro-mesh design to many of its competitors, but with a unique spin that involves copper being woven into the mesh. This copper breaks down oils and repels microorganisms, preventing mud from clogging your gutters. The aluminum frame of the gutter guard is resistant to twisting and cracking. We also like that MasterShield offers a heated version of their gutter guard to keep the mesh from freezing over in the winter.

MasterShield Gutter Protectors are available in 14 colors to match your roof and existing gutter system. Once installed, the slope of the gutter guard adjusts to the angle of your home's roof system to help shed debris.

Other Services:

Some MasterShield dealers offer gutter repair and replacement.

What we don't like

We don't like MasterShield's marketing strategy that claims customers will never have to clean gutters again. Guttering always requires some cleaning, with or without a gutter guard.

What homeowner reviews say

In 100 recent Google reviews for MasterShield's Dallas and Atlanta offices, many customers praised MasterShield's professionalism and timeliness. Complaints centered around higher prices than competitors offering similar products.

The best DIY gutters of 2023

You can install gutter guards yourself if you don't want to hire a professional. This is an inexpensive solution that makes sense for many homeowners. However, do-it-yourself gutter guards often come with more limited warranties, and design quality can vary significantly by brand. Below are our top picks for DIY gutter guards:

Birds of prey

Brief information:

  • Typ:micro mesh
  • Material:stainless steel and aluminiummicro mesh
  • Warranty period:25 years
  • Good for:Protection against branches, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and insect nests

what we like

Raptor Gutter Guard is a highly efficient, do-it-yourself micromesh gutter guard. It is made of 304 stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistant. The gutter guard is very compact and offers sufficient protection against itfine debriswhile still effectively filtering water.

Raptor gutter guards are also environmentally friendly. Instead of plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the company uses 100% recyclable aluminum and stainless steel. Raptor manufactures its guards to be easily installed on most gutter sizes in 4-foot sections. It includes an installation guide with all purchases.

What we don't like

The gutter guard material is difficult to cut to shorter lengths. Ease of installation can also vary greatly depending on the type of gutter and roof.

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed the 100 most recent Amazon reviews for Raptor Gutter Guards and found that the majority were positive. Many customers praised the simple and restrained appearance, rust resistance and easy installation of the protector. The few critical reviews said the cost was too high for their needs or that the measurements online were wrong.


Brief information:

  • Typ:Screen
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Warranty period:50 years
  • Ggood for:Protection against branches, leaves, pine needles, bird nests and insect nests

what we like

FlexxPoint offers aluminum gutter grilles for different gutter widths. You can choose white, black, brown, or matte silver guards to match your home's color scheme. The guards are available in 22, 102, 125, 200, and 204 foot lengths, making it easy to order the quantity your home needs.

FlexxPoint uses a three point design. This helps prevent water overflow and possible foundation damage by acting as a dam and slowing the flow of water over the gutter cover.

What we don't like

We don't like FlexxPoint's claim that absolutely no dirt enters the gutter through their product. Gutter protection reduces cleaning frequency but does not eliminate the need for gutter maintenance. The aluminum design can be damaged by heavier debris.

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed the 100 most recent Amazon reviews for FlexxPoint's 102ft 5" Residential Gutter Guard and found that the majority of the reviews were four stars or higher. Most customers liked that the guards were quick and easy to install. The few critical reviews mentioned receiving damaged products or difficulties with pine needles getting stuck in the guards.

Amerimax Home products

Brief information:

  • Typ:mesh fabric
  • Material: Vinyl or steel options
  • Warranty period:10 to 20 year warranty (varies by product)
  • Good for:Protection from twigs, leaves and other large debris

what we like

Amerimax Home Products offers several mesh trough guards including steel, PVC or vinyl designs. Most of its products snap into your existing gutter without any hardware, aiding in easier installation. Amerimax's high-quality steel gutter guards can withstand inclement weather. Its low-end vinyl design is more cost-effective and lasts longer in milder climates.

Amerimax Gutter Guards are compatible with K-style gutters and fit most common gutter widths.

What we don't like

Amerimax Gutter Guard warranties vary by product and are shorter than most competitors. Color options are limited.

What homeowner reviews say

We analyzed the top 100 Amazon reviews for the Amerimax Hoover Dam Gutter Guard 10 Pack. Very few of these reviews were negative. Many customers praised the protection's quality and easy installation process. Critics mentioned damaged products from poor packaging or confusion about how many protectors were in a box.


All gutter guards have a basic concept and a common function. But it's the unique design features that determine how well each gutter guard performs at channeling debris and preventing your gutters from clogging.

Because of its advanced filtration and material durability, we recommend LeafFilter as our premier professional gutter guard. Raptor Gutter Guard is our top pick for DIYers because it has a similar micro-mesh design to LeafFilter and gets mostly positive reviews on Amazon.

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