The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (2023)

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (1)

As usual, Games Workshop showed up at the Las Vegas Open and opened its big bag of new models. As they are forced to release new products, we are forced to have hot takes about them. Regular as the tides and relentless as the years pass. Come and see.

Strike Force Agastus

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (2)

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (3)Gregor:The big robot with the big fists is insanely cool, but I immediately don't care because he put the concept of Akimbo Redempto in my head and I want one with two big plasma cannons instead. I love that we have a robot that can grab and tear, especially since it's no longer bound to Blood Angels, but if they do a Mortis Redempto I'll lose my mind.

Yeah, the rocket launcher guys are dumb. I do not care. You are indescribably ill. You just show up to the rumble strapped with four different types of rocket launchers all glued together. Is this gundam ace weapon too big? Wild. They should all have a pistol grip on the front, in the sense that there should be a fully intact pistol underneath so they can fire both giant rockets and bolt rounds (which are also a type of rocket). It's silly and unbalanced in the most classic Warhamer Forty Thousand manner, and I hope they do the real throwback and make the bodies out of plastic and the guns out of metal, just for those guys to eat dirt every time you try them to set up. I'm sure they have annoying rules and take ten minutes to shoot each time, but it doesn't matter, I love them. they rule.


Sommer:I'm going against the grain with the Desolation Squad. I love them - not because of their intended design, that looks absurd. I love herConversion potential. There is so muchpotentialfor those willing to look beyond the building instructions. If you assemble them according to the instructions, you'll be stuck with Marines wielding incredibly top-heavy weapons. You've heard of Power Claws and Power Fists, now get readypower wrists.

Leno: The rocket launcher marines are just... I mean what's going on? Unbalanced, with no sense of weight or weight, those held directly above the body look best, but here just an odd swing and miss. It's especially odd to see when we've just had several Space Marine heavy weapon crates that integrate incredibly well into a multi-part plastic kit andlook great.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (4)storm cloud:I'll be positive about the multi-part Lieutenant and the Dreadnought, because swapping a sprue on the Redemptor to create a variant is so obvious that I'm assuming this was molded at the same time, and for some reason they've it is preserved until it is probably closer to the publication of the tenth than the ninth edition.

I can take or leave Nerf Marines. Rocket launchers, despite being the signature heavy weapon of the first edition, were for many editions of the game in that odd place of not being good enough against vehicles and not good enough against infantry to justify using them in place of specific anti-heavy vehicle or anti-infantry weapons. It looks very much like they started with the Primaris Intercessor kit and then didn't make any big changes.

Josch:The Brutalis Dread is sick as hell and throwing it at a bad dude mid-sprint will be pretty darn fun. I love claws on dreadnoughts and would always choose to use them over those little fat sausage fingers.

Enzo:I'll hug the Brutalis dreadnought and he'll hug me back. I love this model. The best thing is the Lightning Claw weapons, and I might really need to buy a second Brutalis just to give these weapons to a Redemptor. Both the claws and fists look a lot better than the Redemptor's sausage fingers.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (5)SRMMission: I don't know why it took so long for a multi-part Primaris Lieutenant, but I'm really excited about it too. I hope he has a captain to join him soon too. The Brutalis Redemptor is my amazing son and I love him. I can't add much more about the Desolator Marines; I'm not crazy about them and their rocket launchers look like the spring-loaded jobbers I had on my GI Joes as a kid. On second thought if they were spring loaded they would jump to the top of my painting queue instantly.

Wrath of the Soulforge King

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (6)

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (7)Gregor:The most important revelation of our time, Big Azreal. I am beyond excited about this model because although it is mainly a pure remake of the old Metal Gremlin model. If it ain't broke like they say. Azrael and his helmet freak are an iconic duo and this will probably be the only model I paint in 2k23 because I don't have time for hobbies anymore and only Big Azrael is important enough that I'll neglect my kid him. I'm glad they threw in some Deathwing Terminators - even putting my prejudices aside, it's one of the GOAT infantry kits because of the sheer number of units it can build and the quality of the sculpts , the sort of thing that just juices your bitz crate to the Klaisus moon base and back. If these crates start getting split in the secondary market it could be a good way to load up with Deathwing kits, but I'll be honest: I'm 90% sure I'll buy that for Big Azrael and not even that Will assemble rest of it.

I have indicated that other models are present in this box. I don't care about you.

Sommer:I really like Vashtorr's design. Sincekeeper of secrets, the sculptors have shown extraordinary skill in creating demons that themuscular Hulk estheticwe're so used to it. Ilovethe unsettling, gaunt Vashtorr. Disturbing pale flesh clad in armor slightly oversized for its wearer. hollow eyes I don't find Angron or Magnus troubling - they're built and posed as if we should be impressed by them. Vahstorr isdisturbingand it gets better the more I examine it.


Josch:Vashtorr istphenomenal, he is a truly masterfully sculpted otherworldlyMatterthis really looks like it cares little about sticking to the aesthetic of what people consider "strong". He is an otherworldly, gaunt, menacing being with machinery bolted on. I honestly wish more things from the Mechanicum had this vibe; scrawny once-humans who seem to be aided by the vile machines they have attached to themselves.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (8)storm cloud:Well it's nice to see Deathwing on an outing again. Otherwise, every kit in the box is fairly new and features all-new characters. This will be a must have for Dark Angels players as it gives them a new sculpt for their Chapter Master and the Chaos side has an awesome demon prince that looks like a weird demon machine.

Enzo:As a Dark Angels player, I'm getting this box simply because I can't wait for Azrael to come out on her own. I already own more Deathwing Terminators than I can legally field, but it's a great kit and Terminators will be good for a while so this is a fun buy. If these were Hellblasters I would buy two cases. I need to learn a sick sword painting technique for the Sword of Secrets.

Warhammer Underworlds – Gryselles Arenai

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (9)

Sommer:I wanted to say that I didn't like their masks because I found them disturbing. Then I remembered the part I had written about Vashtorr's design and why it's good for some model ranges to be unsure. So I turned around and decided I like the masks.

Josch:Elves rock.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (10)storm cloud:More options for Underworlds inevitably mean more options for Warcry, and a small band of Dark Elf gladiators is nice, but I want weirder stuff.

Muggins:I'm not entirely convinced by the look of the masks, but it's very cool that we're seeing more types of DoK in the AoS universe. Having different inspire conditions for each model is difficult for me as I'm used to playing the easier warbands, but with practice it would be easy to remember.

The Flourish cards are very interesting and what sets this gang apart from others. Bringing cards back into hand with the Gryselle upgrade to use again when needed is super cool.

Bair:Here we go, a few things from the AoS universe. These actually look pretty good. They go very well with the current Daughters of Khaine models and would fit into a larger army/collection. It's cool to see the acrobatic part of their lore seep in really well here too, with a rule called: acrobatics. They clearly don't rely on armor for protection, so the ability to dodge, crouch, dive, dive, and dodge is all that really saves them.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (11)SRMMission: I like that they now let Daughters of Khaine wear pants.



The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (12)

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (13)storm cloud:Following the barn-busting Chameleon Skinks for Warcry, we have three new kits including a new generic Slann to match Lord Kroak and the promise of new kits. The Saurus, which is an old 6th Edition kit designed for rank-up rather than dynamics, has now been redesigned and new Dinos-riding Skinks have been added. And more kits are promised.

This update makes Lizardmen a modern series that is 100% committed to AoS and likely to receive future updates. I'm hoping for new Kroxigors (possibly with more options than Big Club) on the horizon, and I'm hoping for a lot more new little creatures to appear, like the pterodactyls from the chameleon sprue.

For the foot people out there, the saurus move to dewclaws, which is what we've seen with all the more recent sculptures.

Muggins:My 10 year old plays Seraphon and absolutely loves the dinosaur aesthetic, predictable. He's at the age where he absolutely loves reading the background for each model and eating up all the super detailed descriptions of everything. We bought a Lord Kroak model when that came out because he didn't have a Slann, but I'm looking forward to seeing a plastic Slann with options so he can field one that doesn't cost a million points.

I love that it comes with different heads and bodies - I like the one with the headdress, but the other classic "I'm a frog I don't care" look is amazing too. My only concern would be that I hope it's stable - it doesn't wobble like some of the larger, heavy body, small contact points to base models.I absolutely adore the Raptadons. They are a nice addition and are reminiscent of the Skink Cold One riders of yesteryear. I'm also happy to see that their weapons, especially the chargers, are cool relic weapons, not just rocks glued to wooden sticks. Skinks are worth the investment, say the ancients.

The new Saurus models are cool and good. We have some of the previous minis and I think we'll just try to blend them in so they can still be used. They don't seem like they're particularly huge, and the base size seems to be the same, so I think that'll be doable.

Bair:Finally.Finally. Seraphon was one of the few armies from ancient fantasy that was transported straight into Age of Sigmar (with a massive lore update mind you), so it's nice to see that they're getting some new models. These Saurus look good, but for the love of the old, I hope they replace those silly Saurus Knight models. Please. They look bad now and will only look worse next to the new Saurus.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (14)SRM: When I playedTotal Warhammer IIAs a lizardman, I kept thinking, "Man, I wish the models looked this good." They delivered via bubblegum. The new Saurus look downright mean, their goofy grins and turtle shell shields long gone. I dig the raptadons too; They're a fun way to fold what we've learned about dinosaurs over the past few decades, while still playing with the classic lizardman aesthetic. They also look like they would be easy to paint in subassemblies, which is great. The floating Slann is one hell of a magic trick, although the sight of the model's thin joints gives me real Agida. It's a fantastic model, not quite as luxurious as Lord Kroak, but absolutely an incredible centerpiece. He also has a little frog.

Warcry – Blutjagd

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (15)

Josch:damn yesIworshipthe Soulblight Gravelords, my favorite army for AoS. I love the hybrid vampire/werewolf aesthetic, and the Askurgan Trueblades fit that niche perfectly.I'm in love with the sculpts and they might just be what makes me want to try Warcry. Mixing the once-noble Shaolin warrior-monk vibe with bestial, vampiric degeneration is just part of the game. All of their cool weapons rock, and I especially love the poor monk who's already on his way to howl at the moon.

Speaking of guys on their way to howl at the moon, the Claws of Karanak are a pretty sick bunch too. I'm a fan of this, not as enamored as the Askurgan (but you know vampires are hard to beat) but that doesn't mean they aren't awesome. I like the human to animal motif but wish there was a littlemorefrom that. I love the guy who just gave up and is running on all fours and I think he needs a sidekick. Or five.

Bair:The absolute best thing about Warcry is that it's a great place for chaos-loving weirdos in the AoS setting. Like we get the normal human weirdos in Necromunda, these were just guys who ended up worshiping chaos gods. cool to see On the other side are the undead. The Mortal Realms can add a lot of variety to armies, and it's cool to see a specific realm's version of these vampires.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (16)SRM: I'm mixed here with the Khornedog fan club. The dog hats don't really do it for me, and the guy running on all fours is just doing what I do when I'm walking up the stairs and nobody's home. As relatable as that is, I'm not wild about her overall aesthetic. I like the half masks much better, but these guys just have too much crap on them for my liking. However, these vampires have a unique aesthetic that I really can't place anywhere else. It reminds me of some of those drawings of madmen in the Mortal Realms who always seem to have huge shoulder pads and absurd orbs hanging overhead. They're not my preferred aesthetic, but I've never seen this type of bestial vampire before. They're neat and just a little scary, as they should be.

Horus Heresy - Cerberus

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (17)

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (18)Gregor:Tank big, so what.

To Leno:We knew it was coming and we got it. I'll probably get one. Heresy players have a wish list as long as their arms right now, so I think we were all hoping for something else besides the Cerberus, but wish in one hand and FW resin in the other and see which one first is filled up. eh?

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (19)storm cloud:Bitter that the announcement is a different Land Raider body plus different front piece injection molding kit and no more infantry. However, GW has regularly introduced new HH plastic kits and we have bikes coming and hopefully the assault infantry we desperately need will be announced soon.

Bair:I like that. It looks good. I only wish they hadn't been so inexplicably falsified from the first issue of HH to the current one. Super-heavies have asked their pal if it's okay to bring one and are now a handicap by pitching most of the time. But yeah, the model is cool.

Kill Team – Seelenfessel

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (20)The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (21)Gregor:I'm sick of the dogs in these crates. Everyone loses their minds about it every time and rushes to be the first of the pigs to reach the slop and makes a meme about it. If I ever play a game with a dog model on the table, I'll have to decide if it's worth shooting at it lest the owner shut up and stop telling me how good he is for a boy at the cost of suffering with her eulogy for the heckin smol pupper. Warhammer Dogs only play on the cheap courts at this point and it's boring. You don't have to clap like a trained seal every time Air Bud comes on screen, and GW please stop encouraging it, you're better than that.

Additionally, the game didn't need another team of Regular Joes From The Imperium And Their Small Friends, we have Breachers and Guard and Other Guard at home. It's unclear how this will differ from these, although I have to admit the human models are very cool.

I'm not a fan of elves either.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (22)Condition:To cheer! Games Workshop hasFinallyunleashed a box laser aimed specifically at me. Not only do I get even trickier pieces that snap off as soon as I take my Drukhari out of the display case for a game, but they've finally given me a faction that's even more evil than the Iron Hands, Emperor's Children, and the Dark Kin combined: the feds,in space.

As for the terrain, I'm going to buy two of these boxes quickly, if only so I can take Assault Centurions and Aggressors in a Boarding Activity game and spend an hour making them smash holes in walls instead of boring shit do like "attacking enemies" or "securing the target". It really is Big Boy Season in Arks of Omen now.

Luppe:When I was a little kid my first army was Genestealer Cults and my friend had Arbites so I'm absolutely not buying these bulls to go against my new GSC army. It's just a done deal. I just love everything about the Arbites: the shoulder pads, the weapon options, everything is so good.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (23)storm cloud:Another Imperial weirdos unit that dates back to the days of the 1st/2nd Dating back to the 1st edition and updating somewhat with modern sculpting standards, which is exactly the kind of GW nostalgia gland that tickles a hobbyist my age who's in 1st/2nd edition. edition has started. Being able to build three units means an Arbites combat patrol led by an Inquisitor (who counts as a magistrate) could be a viable thing. Maybe we're getting this Imperial Weirdos Codex specifically for throwing allied forces into imperial faction armies that people have been asking for since about 2005.

Happy Raccoon:I'm one of the unwashed masses complaining about another 10 man team with 7 wounded and probably 4+ saves. But every time we get another reveal, I'm still excited to see how the rules team creates unique teamplay patterns. We've got go-anywhere Veteran Guard, insane Rogue Striders, Armored Breachers, and Elite Kasrkin. Everyone plays in their own area within the new rules, so hopefully those leashes and handcuffs will be put to good use.

Meanwhile, the Corsairs and Void-Dancers have entered the last Aeldari sibling into the competition for the fanciest Elven bullshit. Which bird of the team will be the best? Who will enjoy their free dash the most? Will the Archon's Hand be able to differentiate itself from Voidscarred Corsairs only with an upgrade frame? Is that vial gun a medic or a bone liquefier? There are so many interesting questions and I'm surprised I'm looking forward to this one.

The obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable (24)SRM: I'm a firm believer that all Arbites are bastards, but these particular bastards look mean as hell. The bullfinch with the handcuffs, the robodog, the protective shield, the floating birch speaker, I'm there for everything. I just hope these guys find their way into Necromunda, albeit nothing more than an arbitration tool to bring a top gang down a few sticks. I appreciate that they're including upgrade splatters for older kits with the (admittedly still awesome) Dark Eldar Warriors, but I'm not a fan of elves so I'm kind of lost. Glad they got a bird too. What really excites me is the breakable walls, which have a real playset energy. I want to use them in Necromunda so my goliath can choke a guy through the wall before one or both somehow catches fire. damn yes

Thank goodness we made it through all six or seven pictures of models.


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