[Top 10] BDO Best Grind Spots for Caphras (2023)

Caphras Stones are certainly very important if you want to upgrade your gear for Black Desert Online's endgame content. For example, upgrading just one Pen Boss Mainhand would cost you a fortune. Ranging from 90 billion silver to a whopping 100 billion silver for the required Caphras Stones for a single gear alone.

You're probably wondering, or have wondered, if there's a way to avoid this amount by grinding Caphras Stones instead of coughing up a large amount of silver. The answer is a big YES! I'm here today to help and will provide you with a tested and accurate data list for the top 10 best grind spots for Caphras in Black Desert Online. Make sure to stay until the end of this guide as it will help you a lot with your improvement needs.

10. Gyfin-Rhasia-Tempel

Start at: 4:45

Let's start by starting at number 10 with Gyfin Rhasia Temple. The zone might be on the lower side when it comes to Caphras Stone drop rate, but it's better than the zones not on our list. It's a party-recommended zone, so you'll never get bored of grinding here, especially when you're farming with your friends.

Why Gyfin Rhasia Temple is a great place for farming

  • 34 Caphras Stones fall per hour on average.
  • Tungrad Belt and Krogdalo's Origin Stone drop here.
  • 403,600,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Make sure you pop some party elixirs and potions.
  • Your DPS in the party should always kill the Gyfin Rhasia earth statue first. This method will make your party's grinding session much easier and more efficient.
  • Gyfin Rhasia Guards will pretty much cluster around your party pullers, so killing them after you take the statue down is a very easy task.

9. Sycraia Abyssal Ruins (below)

Start at: 1:10

At number 9 we have the Sycraia Abyssal Ruins (Lower). This zone also gives you a fairly decent rate in terms of Caphras Stone drop rate, but there are plenty of goodies that can be obtained in this zone. The Sycraia Underwater Lower is also great because you can solo farm this if our #10 spot on our list isn't your mood. It's pretty grindable even on a mid-range AP build.

(Video) BDO - Grinding out 10k+ Caphras for 1 AP || Road to 700gs (#8)

Why Sycraia Abyssal Ruins (below) is a great farm spot

  • 34 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Tungrad Ring plus some interesting loot can be obtained here.
  • 497,500,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Recommended AP: 289
  • There is a huge density of mobs in this area. You will stay in part of this dungeon for most of your grinding session. It's pretty much like running Star's End but without the towers and requires a bit of running here and there.
  • As long as you have the recommended AP, you can run this dungeon fairly easily, yet very efficiently.

8. Jade Starlight Forest

Next is the icy field of the Jade Starlight Forest. Not only does this zone drop Caphras Stone a bit more frequently than the previously mentioned grind spots, but it also contains the most important crafting material, Flame of Frost. This item is coveted, especially by players who want the Labreska Helm. You could easily sell it for a bit of fortune as a single piece of Flame of Frost costs around 1.8 billion silver.

Why Jade Starlight Forest is a great place for farming

  • 36 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Flame of Frost drops here. Key ingredient for the Helm of Labreska.
  • 370,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Make sure you have completed the questline in the region before you can start grinding here.
  • A rotation for this card is quite simple. Just select 3 nearby locations, the ones with pillars and mobs. Just 3 spots is enough as they respawn fairly quickly, and one spot is also pretty hard to clear.
  • The mobs here won't hurt you that much provided you've passed the AP recommendation and have a decent DP. As long as you don't go AFK here, you'll be fine.

7. Murrowaks Labyrinth

Start at: 0:05

Dig in our place number 7. The Murrowak Maze is a minigame-like dungeon instance that you enter along with 5 other players to run the entire instance. The zone will amp up your quest for the Caphras Stone somewhat as it offers a higher drop rate than the one previously mentioned. A single instance ran for about an hour and a half, sometimes less depending on the players you joined and how quickly they could clear out the mini and elite mobs. It's definitely fun and enjoyable to play, with lots of notable drops along the side and a slightly higher drop rate for Caphras Stones.

Why Murrowak's Labyrinth is a great farm spot

  • 40 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Some notable drops like Light Stones, Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature, Artifacts and Celestial Essence.
  • 278,400,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • This is a 6 man instance dungeon zone.
  • You kill all the mini mobs and the elite mobs along the way. The path is simple and the mechanics are not complicated.
  • Once you kill all the normal mobs, the boss will spawn and kill him.
  • The best option you have after killing the boss is to change servers and if you are lucky you might join a team that is doing the instance and you will have the same progression as with them . The boss will spawn faster for you because it's already half done or at least some parts are done.

6. Tunkuta

Start at: 0:55

(Video) Best Grind Spots from Seasonal to 700+ GS in Black Desert

I'm pretty sure you've heard a lot about Tunkuta or Turos Spot with my other guides. That's because the zone really has a lot to offer new and experienced players, and a good place to farm Caphras Stone is one too. Especially if you're running this zone with an Agris and any loot scroll, you'll be filling up your inventory with plenty of Caphras Stone in no time. If you wear RNG during your grind session, you could end up with a few Turo Belts or even a rare drop of Flame of Despair.

Why Tunkuta is a great place for farming

  • 42 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Flame of Despair drops here. Materials to craft Fallen God's Armor. It's worth 1.7 billion silver apiece.
  • Turo's Belt also drops here.
  • 445,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • You should form a group of 2 members here as this is the ideal way to run this spot.
  • There are five ideal ways to grind this spot. Regardless of what type of rotation you use, you'll end up with pretty much the same Trash loot rate as the other rotations available.
  • Actually, this is a very simple map with spins that you can do on the fly once you arrive in Tunkuta. There are no complicated mechanics, and you can even go the old way of just killing whatever mobs are. Essentially, your goal is to be mobile as much as possible and kill as many as possible.

5. Manshaum-Wald

Start at: 0:08

At number 5 is the Manshaum Forest. The Caphras Stone drop rate may be the same as the Tunkuta, but this zone is a solo grind spot. You don't have to invite anyone to a grind, and it still gives you the same benefits in terms of Caphras Stones if you do it alone. You can also get a chance to get the material needed for Spirit Essence of Odore or better known as infinite MP potions if you don't already have one.

Why Manshaum Forest is a great place for farming

  • 42 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Ancient Narc's Crimson Tear drops here. One of the most important ingredients for the infinite MP potion.
  • Narc Ear Accessory also drops here.
  • 349,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • The ideal start for rotating in this zone is to go to the north side of the node manager and slowly move in a direction that runs south of the area.
  • As you go south, kill as many mobs as you can from one side.
  • From the border edge of the zone, head back north and kill the other side of your previous route.
  • You will eventually end up exactly where you started. It is best once you have set up your tent and parked your mount at this point to simply rinse it and repeat the rotation cycle.

4. Dornenwald

Start at: 3:48

In your quest for a better Caphras stone drop rate, the Thornwood Forest ups the ante a bit at #4. Not only is this zone good for XP farming, but due to the recent Pear Abyss changes to the loot rate of the entire zone. This is now a very important location to farm Caphras Stones in the current Black Desert Online meta. The zone doesn't require massive equipment to farm efficiently here, making mid-game progression easier for most players.

(Video) BDO - Thornwood Forest (250AP) : 11.5k+ Trash/Hour, 80 Caphras, 20 Fang, x2 Ring

Why Thornwood Forest is a great place to farm

  • 44 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • Ominous Ring and Ah'krad drop at a pretty decent rate here.
  • 360,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • There are currently five effective grinding routes for this zone, the river route, the forest route, the bridge route, the castle entrance route and the courtyard route.
  • The wide range of ways how to grind on this map just goes to show that regardless of some players competing you to farm, you can easily choose a different route that is not contested.
  • It's pretty simple: kill everything you see on your way and repeat the process from the starting point of your route.
  • Always keep an eye out for the black bottle for extra XP gains as it spawns mobs and a boss.

3. Traitor's Cemetery

Start at: 0:26

Next is Traitor's Graveyard, or Traitor's Graveyard, or whatever you want to call it. It approaches the game of farming Caphras Stones and is a very good place to think about, especially now. There are few players who discover that despite the low AP recommendation, the Caphras Stone drop rate is quite high here, and the zone is actually intended for new players who have just started playing BDO. There aren't any notable item drops or trash loot for the silver average as the highest drop rate here is actually Caphras Stone.

Why the Traitor's Graveyard is a great place to farm

  • 47 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • The witch's earring falls off here, in case you're interested.
  • Very low AP recommendation with very simple rotation cycles.

How it works

  • You only have to select 2 out of 5 tombstones that are in the area to have a rotation.
  • Once you attack the tombstone, your next subsequent attacks will no longer damage the tombstone. It will then attract mobs in the area or summon more mobs.
  • Your goal is to kill the mobs that will now attack and damage the tombstone.
  • Kill the mobs as fast as you can and prevent them from completely destroying the tombstone to make your grinding very efficient in terms of kill count.

2. Gyfin Rhasia underground

Start at:0:14

The Gyfin Rhasia Underground, in second place, will definitely up the ante on your Caphras Stone Farming. Farming Caphras Stone in this zone is fairly easy if you have the recommended AP to run the zone, especially if you're running it with Agris and a loot scroll. You may find the intricate mechanics of this zone difficult and may discourage you from grinding at this point, but once you see how much Caphras Stone you can get per hour it will surely draw you in like a strong magnet.

Why the Gyfin Rhasia underground is a great place for farming

  • 58 Caphras Stones per hour on average.
  • The best place to get the Tungrad Belt and Necklace.
  • 498,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • There are more than 10 towers in the zone and all you have to do first is find 2 of them that are close to each other. Basically, the choice depends on the preferences of the player. As long as you can secure 2 towers that are close and convenient for you to go back and forth on your grind rotations, that will be great.
  • You must always remember this as this mechanic is vital to your efficient XP grinding. There will be 3 groups of Elites per tower slot, not only categorized by looks and abilities, but also categorized by color coding, which represents the buffs you receive from them.
  • Blue - Gyfin Rhasia Guard the with shield and sword [Determination]
  • Purple - Gyfin Rhasia Flamen the slender sorceress [denial]
  • Red - Gyfin Rhasia Crusher the big guy with a mace [Anger]
  • These buffs give you a sort of color-coded buff that gives you a damage boost against the elite that match the color of the buff you have. Simply put, the order is blue > purple > red > blue. For example, killing the Blue Elite Gyfin Rhasia Guard gives you the purple buffs (remember the order?) that grant you a damage boost against denial monsters, and that includes the Gyfin Rhasia Flamen, the purple elite . In short, your first elite kill will be more difficult since you don't have any damage increase buffs, so I suggest first killing which of these 3 elites you like to kill without buffs the most, and then work your way up with the color matching buffs to work to take advantage of these damage increases. Or have it in the standard order: kill the guard first, then the flemish, and last the crusher.
  • To maximize your XP gains, keep an eye out for the desperate mobs. These mobs will respawn in the exact same locations within any tower slot. Killing them will benefit your XP gain as the tower will spawn more mobs for 8 minutes. The spawn rate of these desperate mobs depends on how fast you kill these 3 elite mobs.
  • Another interesting mechanic of this zone is the spawning of "The Butcher" or Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia, which most players say its spawn rate or appearance is heavily affected by your current drop rate buffs. When the butcher spawns, all three groups of the tower's elite mobs will be frozen. They will not attack or move until the butcher is killed. Once done all three elite mobs will wake up and attack you immediately and you will get the butcher buff (yellow color coded) which will make the other 3 color coded elites very muddy with your buffs. Although Butcher's buffs are the strongest among the buffs you can get from grinding, not paying attention right after the Butcher's death proves very fatal.
  • The last mechanic of this zone to know is the enraged mode of the 3 elite mob groups. It rarely happens in grinding sessions but when it happens you will probably die or just be dead as the 3 elite mob groups will attack you immediately even without the butcher getting killed.

1. Oluns Tal

Start at: 5:35 am

(Video) BDO-The Easiest Way To Grinding Caphras Stones 30~50/H

Finally, Olun's Vale is where you get the most Caphras Stones for your grind. The best and technically proven place for the stone cultivation of Caphras. While you can't run this place alone as it's a party zone, hey, wouldn't it be less boring if you could grind this place together with your friends in BDO and just have a caphras stone grinding hoopla for long sessions would you enjoy? In addition, grinding in this location gives you the opportunity to craft La'Orzeca armor, since the crafting material for this item often drops here. Run this zone along with your Agris and Loot Scrolls and watch as your inventory fills up with Caphras Stone in no time.

Why the Olun Valley is a great place for farming

  • Average of 70 Caphras Stones per hour.
  • The La'Orzeca armor crafting material drops here.
  • 390,000,000 silver on average per hour.
  • This is one of the most efficient zones to use your Agris.

How it works

  • This is a party zone. Please keep this in mind.
  • Make sure you invite party members or join a party that at least knows how to prioritize in that area. Once you get used to the range, you'll find it easier to pull forward or even double pull.
  • Having a Shai class in your group is a must. This is not optional and non-negotiable. Trust me, with a shai next to your grind it will be a lot easier.
  • It would be highly advisable to just focus on the big golem and skip these small golems as these small mobs don't have any significant loot to drop. So don't waste too much time. Just destroy the big golem and move on to the next one.

That's it for our list of [Top 10] BDO Best Grind Spots for Caphras. Good luck with your grind and may the RNG gods bless your improvements too. Do you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or just something to say about our list? Make sure to put it in the comment box below and I'll be back with more useful guides next time. Please consider reading my other BDO guide articles as you may find information to help you progress in Black Desert Online. Goodbye for now. Peace!

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Where can I extract Caphras? ›

▲ You can extract Caphras Stones by visiting a Blacksmith NPC. - Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

How many Caphras go from Tet to pen? ›

Caphras stone needed for PEN table
ItemCaphras Stone TET to PEN
Any Other Boss Armor9729
Main Hand/Off Hand15378
Dandelion Weapon17689
Lemoria Armor3630
4 more rows

How much does Caphras extraction cost? ›

- During the event, the percentage of Caphras Stones extractable from your gear will be increased from 95% to 100% and the extraction cost per Caphras Stone will be decreased from 100,000 silver to 1 silver. ▲ You can extract Caphras Stones by visiting a Blacksmith NPC.

How many Tet Caphras stones are there? ›

A TET Kzarka needs 156 Caphras Stones to go from 0 to Caphras Level 1, and a TET Dandelion needs 180 Caphras Stones to go from 0 to Caphras Level 1. The required amount also increases as the Caphras Energy Level increases.

How many Caphras Stones are in a pen? ›

Required Caphras Stones & Additional Stats
Boss Main Weapon
Enhancement LevelCaphras Enhancement LevelAccumulative Caphras Stones Required
PEN (V)1297
47 more rows

Where is Caphras cave BDO? ›

- Description: A cave located between the Bree Tree Ruins and Florin. The cave functions as a shortcut between these two places.

Can you Caphras the guaranteed Pen gear BDO? ›

You cannot have Caphras Enhancement on the gear, and you cannot register the item on the Central Market. Once you exchange an item for a gear slot, then you cannot exchange for another item of the same slot.

Can you Caphras Jetina gear? ›

You can use Caphras Enhancement on your PEN (V) Boss Gear, or use it to craft the Fallen God's Armor, but cannot register it on the Central Market.

What is Caphras level 20? ›

Once an item reaches Caphras level 20 (max level), it can be enhanced with a 100% chance of success but will reduce the max durability of the item to 0. Be careful when you try to attempt a regular enhancement with an item that has Caphras enhancement levels.

How do you get Caphras dust in BDM? ›

Alchemy Stone Fragments and Caphras Dust can be obtained from the Ancient Ruins. The 9th Chamber of the Ancient Ruins also provides a chance to obtain an Alchemy Stone Chest. Once opened, an Alchemy Stone will be obtained at random.

What is Caphras stone for? ›

When you get a Caphras stone you can install it into a piece of weapon or armor you have that has reached TRI or above enhancement level. Each Caphras stone integrated into a weapon or armor will give it a certain amount of experience.

How do you make a Caphras stone? ›

Use Simple Alchemy with Ancient Spirit Dust x5 and Black Stone x1 to make a Caphras Stone.

Where can I buy ancient spirit dust in BDO? ›

Node Drops
  • You can get Ancient Spirit Dust as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes:
  • Desert Naga Temple in Valencia. ...
  • Bashim Base in Valencia. ...
  • Titium Valley in Valencia. ...
  • Waragon Nest in Valencia. ...
  • Gahaz Bandit's Lair in Valencia. ...
  • Cadry Ruins in Valencia. ...
  • Crescent Shrine in Valencia.
Jul 4, 2021

What is the drop rate of archeologist map? ›

It has a 0.0025% chance of dropping.

Where is the black stone armor in BDO? ›

Nagas are a great Blackstone source because they have a chance of dropping both armor and weapon Black Stones. They can be found all around the Glish Swamp area, and even drop Naga Feet, which can be sold to Kana in Glish for 50,000 Silver per 150.

Where is Caphras dust BDM? ›

Alchemy Stone Fragments and Caphras Dust can be obtained from the Ancient Ruins. The 9th Chamber of the Ancient Ruins also provides a chance to obtain an Alchemy Stone Chest. Once opened, an Alchemy Stone will be obtained at random.

What are Caphras stones used for? ›

When you get a Caphras stone you can install it into a piece of weapon or armor you have that has reached TRI or above enhancement level. Each Caphras stone integrated into a weapon or armor will give it a certain amount of experience.

Where do you get BDM crystals? ›

Crystal can be obtained from loot, crafting or crystal vendor in the village. Equip the crystal to gear and get additional effect or fuse them for more valuable crystal.

Where is chaos jewel BDM? ›

✅ Chaos Jewel

- The new material [Ah'krad] can be obtained by defeating enemies in regions after East Valencia. - It can also be obtained by defeating enemies in The Hidden Banquet Hall.

How do you unlock Hadum in BDM? ›

To enter, tap on Hadum's Icon on the upper part of the screen in a location where Hadum's Realm is available. Upon completing the Mediah main quest [The Rightful King], you can start the Hadum family quest [Harbinger of Darkness].

How do you farm spirit dust? ›

You can get some extra Spirit Dust per day in a fast way. There are some special type of seeds which provide crafting materials by planting and harvesting them at Sunsong Ranch (next to Tillers hub) in Valley of the Four Winds.

Can you buy silver black desert? ›

You can acquire BDO silver from grinding mobs, doing quests, selling items, from trading or investing. BDO Silver brings a vital role in the game. Buy Black Desert Online silver with the best rates and fast delivery.

Where can I buy old moon alchemy catalyst? ›

* The Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst can be purchased from Old Moon Manager NPC Vendors for 3,500,000 silver.


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