[Top 10] Best grinding spots from BDO for Caphras (2023)

Caphras stones are certainly vital if you're looking to upgrade your loadout for Black Desert Online's endgame content. For example, improving just one Pen Boss Mainhand would cost you a fortune. Ranging from 90 billion silver to a whopping 100 billion silver for the required Caphras stones for a single gear alone.

I'm sure you're wondering, or have already asked, if there's a way to avoid this amount by grinding for Caphras stones instead of coughing up a large amount of silver. The answer is a big YES! I am here to help you today and will provide you with a tested and accurate data list for the top 10 best grinding spots for caphras in Black Desert Online. Make sure to continue to the end of this guide as it will greatly help you with your improvement needs.

10. Gyfin Rhasia-tempel

Start: 4:45 pm

Let's start by starting at number 10 with Gyfin Rhasia Temple. The zone may be on the low side when it comes to Caphras Stone's drop rate, but it's better than the zones not on our list. It's a party-recommended zone, so grinding here will never be boring, especially when you're farming with your buddies.

Why Gyfin Rhasia Temple is a great farming place

  • 34 Caphras stones average drop per hour.
  • Tungrad Belt and Krogdalo's Origin Stone fall here.
  • 403,600,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Be sure to pop some party elixirs and drafts.
  • Your DPS in the party should always prioritize killing the Gyfin Rhasia statue from Earth. This method makes your party's grind session much easier and more efficient.
  • Gyfin Rhasia Guards will pretty much be clustered around your partygoers, so it's a really easy feat to kill them after taking down the statue.

9. Sycraia Abyssal ruins (camp)

Starts at: 1:10

At number 9 we have the Sycraia Abyssal Ruins (Lower). This zone also provides you with a fairly decent speed in terms of the Caphras Stone drop rate, but there are a lot of goodies that can be obtained in this zone. The Sycraia Underwater Lower is also great because you can farm it solo in case our number 10 spot on our list isn't your vibe. It's pretty much grindable, even on a mid-range AP build.

(Video) BDO - Grinding out 10k+ Caphras for 1 AP || Road to 700gs (#8)

Why Sycraia Abyssal Ruins (lower) is a great farming place

  • 34 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Tungrad Ring plus some interesting loot can be obtained here.
  • 497,500,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Recommended AP: 289
  • There is a huge density of mobs in this area. You will spend most of your grind session in part of this dungeon. It's much like running Star's End, but without the towers and requires a bit of running here and there.
  • As long as you have the recommended AP you can run this dungeon quite easily but very efficiently.

8. Jade Starlight Forest

Next is the icy field of Jade Starlight Forest. Not only does this zone drop Caphras Stone a little more often than the aforementioned gravel spots, but it also contains the main crafting material, Flame of Frost. That item is sought after, especially by players who want the Labreska helmet. You could easily sell it for a fortune as a single piece of Flame of Frost costs around 1.8 billion silver.

Why Jade Starlight Forest is a Great Farming Place

  • 36 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Flame of Frost falls here. Key ingredient for the Labreska helmet.
  • 370,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • Make sure you complete the quest line in the region before you can start grinding here.
  • Making a rotation for this card is pretty easy. Just pick 3 nearby spots, the ones with pillars and mobs. Only 3 spots are enough, as they respawn quite quickly, and one spot is also quite difficult to remove.
  • The mobs here don't do you that much damage since you've passed the AP recommendation and have a decent DP. As long as you don't do AFK here, you'll be fine.

7. Murrowak's labyrinth

Start at: 0:05

Digging into our number 7 spot. The Murrowak's Labyrinth is a minigame-like dungeon instance where you enter with 5 other players to run the entire instance. The zone will go up a bit during your quest for Caphras Stone, as it offers a higher drop rate than the aforementioned. A single instance took about an hour and a half, sometimes less depending on the players you joined and how quickly they could take down the mini and elite mobs. It's definitely fun and enjoyable to play, with plenty of noticeable side drops and a slightly higher drop rate for Caphras Stones.

Why Murrowak's Labyrinth is a great farming spot

  • 40 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Some notable drops like Lightstones, Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature, Artifacts and Heavenly Essence.
  • 278,400,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • This is a 6 man dungeon zone.
  • Along the way, kill all the mini mobs and the elite mobs. The path is simple and there is nothing complicated about the mechanics.
  • When you finish killing all the normal mobs, the boss will spawn and kill.
  • The best option you have after killing the boss is to switch servers. If you're lucky you can join a team that is currently running the instance and have the same progression as they did. The boss will spawn faster for you because it is already half finished, or at least some of the parts are completed.

6. Tunkuta

Start at: 0:55

(Video) BDO - Thornwood Forest (250AP) : 11.5k+ Trash/Hour, 80 Caphras, 20 Fang, x2 Ring

I'm pretty sure you've already heard a lot about Tunkuta or Turo's place with my other guides. It's because the zone really has a lot to offer to new and veteran players, and a good place to farm Caphras Stone is one too. Especially if you run this zone with an Agris and a random loot roll, you'll fill your inventory with a lot of Caphras Stone in no time. If your RNG is worn during your grind session, you can end up with a few Turo's Belts or even a rare drop of Flame of Despair.

Why Tunkuta is a great farming place

  • 42 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Flame of Despair falls here. Making material for the Fallen God's Armor. It is worth 1.7 billion silver each.
  • Turo's Belt also falls here.
  • 445,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • You should form a group of 2 members here as it is the ideal way to run this place.
  • There are five ideal ways to grind this spot. Regardless of what kind of rotation you use, you will end up with pretty much the same amount of waste as the other rotations available.
  • Actually, this is a very clear map with rotations that you can make immediately as soon as you arrive in Tunkuta. There are no complicated mechanics, and you can even use the old way of just killing all mobs. Essentially, your goal is to be as mobile as possible and kill as many as possible.

5. Manshaum-boss

Start at: 0:08

At number 5 is the Manshaum Forest. Caphras Stone's drop rate may seem the same as the Tunkuta, but this zone is a solo gravel spot. You don't need to invite anyone to grind with you, and it still gives you the same benefits in terms of Caphras Stones if you do it solo. You may also have the chance to get the materials needed for the Odore's Spirit Essence, or better known as the infinite MP potions, in case you don't already have one.

Why Manshaum Forest is a Great Farming Place

  • 42 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Ancient Narc's Crimson Tear falls here. One of the main ingredients for the Infinite MP potion.
  • Narc Ear Accessory also falls here.
  • 349,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • The ideal start for rotation in this zone is to move to the north side of the node manager and move slowly in a direction to the south of the area.
  • As you head south, kill as many mobs as you can from one side.
  • Turn back north from the border of the zone and kill the other side of your previous route.
  • Eventually you end up at exactly the same place where you started. It is best if you have set up your tent and parked your mount in that location for an easy rinse and repeat cycle of rotation.

4. Doornbos

Starts at: 3:48

Stepping it up a bit in your quest for a better Caphras Stone drop rate is the Thornwood Forest at number 4. Not only is this zone good for XP farming, but because of the recent changes Pear Abyss made to the loot speed of the entire zone , this is now a very important place to farm Caphras Stones in Black Desert Online's up-to-date meta. The zone doesn't require you to have huge gears to farm efficiently here, making mid-game progression easier for most players.

(Video) BDO-The Easiest Way To Grinding Caphras Stones 30~50/H

Why Thornwood Forest is a great farming place

  • 44 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Ominous Ring and Ah'krad fall at a pretty decent rate here.
  • 360,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • There are currently five effective grinding routes for this zone, named the River Route, the Forest Route, the Bridge Route, the Castle Access Route, and the Courtyard Route.
  • The wide range of options for doing grind on this map just goes to show that regardless of whether some players challenge you with farming, you can easily choose another route that isn't contested.
  • It's pretty simple: kill everything in your path and repeat from the starting point of your route.
  • Always keep an eye out for the black bottle for extra XP gains as it spawns mobs and a boss.

3. Traitor Graveyard

Start at: 0:26

Next up is the Traitor's Graveyard, or Betrayer's Cemetery, or whatever you want to call it. It steps up the game of growing Caphras Stones and is a very good place to consider, especially now. Only a few players find that Caphras Stone's drop rate here is quite large despite the low AP recommendation, and the zone is actually aimed at new players who are just starting to play BDO. It has no significant item drops or trash loot for silver average, as the highest drop rate here is actually Caphras Stone.

Why Traitor's Graveyard is a Great Farming Spot

  • 47 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Witch's Earring falls here, in case you care.
  • Very low AP recommendation with very simple rotation cycles.

How it works

  • You only need to choose 2 of the 5 tombstones in the area to have a rotation.
  • Once you attack the tombstone, your subsequent attacks will no longer damage the tombstone. It will then attract mobs into the area or summon more mobs.
  • Your goal is to kill the mobs that will now attack and damage the tombstone.
  • Kill the mobs as fast as you can and prevent them from completely destroying the tombstone to make your grinding very efficient in terms of kill count.

2. Gyfin Rhasia underground

Starts at:0:14

The Gyfin Rhasia Underground, in second place, is sure to raise the bar for your Caphras Stone farming. Farming for Caphras Stone in this zone is quite easy if you have the recommended AP to run the zone, especially if you run it with Agris and a loot scroll. You might find the complicated mechanics of this zone difficult and might put you off grinding in this place, but once you see how much Caphras Stone you can get per hour, it's sure to draw you in like a strong magnet.

Why Gyfin Rhasia Underground is a great farming spot

  • 58 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • Best place to get Tungrad belt and Tungrad chain.
  • 498,000,000 silver on average per hour.

How it works

  • There are more than 10 towers in the zone, and all you have to do is find 2 of them first, which are close to each other. Basically, the choice will vary based on the player's preference. As long as you can secure 2 towers that are close and comfortable for you to go back and forth as your grind rotations, that will be great.
  • You should always remember this as this mechanic is vital to your efficient XP grinding. There will be 3 sets of elites per tower spot, categorized not only by their appearance and skills, but also categorized by color coding that represents the buffs you get from them.
  • Blue - Gyfin Rhasia Guard the one with shield and sword [Solve]
  • Purple - Gyfin Rhasia Flamen the Slender Magic Caster [Denial]
  • Red - Gyfin Rhasia Crusher the big man with a mace [Anger]
  • These buffs give you a kind of color-coded buff that gives you a damage boost against the elite of the same color as the buff you have. Simply put, the order is Blue > Purple > Red > Blue. For example, killing the Blue Elite-Gyfin Rhasia Guard will grant you the purple colored buffs (remember the sequence?) which give you a damage boost against denial monsters, and that includes the Gyfin Rhasia Flamen, purple elite. Basically your first elite kill will be harder as you don't have any damage boost buffs so I suggest first killing which of those 3 elites you feel most comfortable killing without buffs, then work your way up with the color matching buffs to take advantage of these damage boosts. Or do it in the standard order: kill the guard first, then the flamen, and finally the breaker.
  • Keep an eye on the desperation mobs to maximize your XP gain. These mobs respawn at exactly the same locations within each tower spot. Killing them will benefit your XP gains as the tower spawns more mobs for 8 minutes. The spawn rate of these desperation mobs depends on how fast you kill those 3 elite mobs.
  • Another interesting mechanic of this zone is the spawning of "The Butcher" or Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia, which most players say spawn rate or appearance is heavily influenced by your current drop rate buffs. When the butcher spawns, all three groups of the tower's elite mobs will freeze. They will not attack and will not move until the butcher is killed. When you're done, all three elite mobs will wake up and immediately attack you, and you'll get the butcher buff (color-coded yellow), which will make the other 3 color-coded elites very soft with your buffs. Despite the butcher's buffs being the strongest of the buffs you can get while grinding, inattention right after the butcher is killed proves to be very deadly.
  • The last mechanic of this zone you need to know is the furious mode of the 3 elite mafia groups. It rarely happens during grind sessions but when it does you will most likely die or just be dead as the 3 elite mafia groups will immediately attack you even without the butcher getting killed.

1. Olun's Valley

Starts at: 5:35

(Video) Black Desert Online - My Caphra's Gathering Rotation(2021)

Finally, Olun's Valley is the place that will give you the most Caphras stones to grind. The best and technically proven and tested place for Caphras Stone farming. While you can't run this solo because it's a party zone, wouldn't it be less boring if you grinded this place in BDO with your friends and just enjoy a long session Caphras Stone grind? Additionally, grinding this location can grant you the ability to craft La'Orzeca armor, as the crafting material for that item is often dropped here. Enter this zone along with your Agris and loot rolls and watch your inventory get filled by Caphras Stone in no time.

Why Olun's Valley is a great farming place

  • 70 Caphras stones per hour on average.
  • The craft material of La'Orzeca armor falls here.
  • 390,000,000 silver on average per hour.
  • This is one of the most efficient zones to use your Agris.

How it works

  • This is a party zone. Please keep that in mind.
  • Be sure to invite party members or join a group that at least knows how to do pre-pull in this area. Once you get used to the area, pulling ahead or even a double pull will be easier for you.
  • Having a Shai class in your party is a must have. This is not optional and not negotiable. Believe me, it will be much easier with a Shai next to your rut.
  • It would be highly advisable to just focus on the big golem and skip those little golems since those little mobs don't have any significant loot to drop. So don't waste too much time. Just smash the big golem to death and move on to the next one.

That's it for our list of [Top 10] BDO Best Grind Spots For Caphras. I wish you good luck with your grinding and may the RNG gods bless your improvements as well. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or just something to say about our list? Be sure to type it in the comments box below, and I'll be back with more helpful guides next time. Please consider reading my other BDO guide articles as you may find information that will help you progress in Black Desert Online. Goodbye for now. Peace!

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Where can I grind Caphras stones? ›

10 Best spots to Grind for Caphras Stones

Turo's – 270 AP/360 DP requirement – approx 55 caphras per hour. Traitor's Graveyard – 160 AP/300 DP requirement – approx 45 caphras per hour. Thornwood Forest – 250 AP/320 DP requirement – approx 45 caphras per hour.

How do you mass process Caphras? ›

Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine Ancient Spirit Dust x5 and Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x1 into Caphras Stone x1. Use Simple Alchemy to combine Ancient Spirit Dust x50, Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10, and Black Stone Powder x1 to get Caphras Stone x10.

Where do you extract Caphras? ›

▲ You can extract Caphras Stones by visiting a Blacksmith NPC. - Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

How many Caphras Stones are in a pen? ›

Required Caphras Stones & Additional Stats
Boss Main Weapon
Enhancement LevelCaphras Enhancement LevelAccumulative Caphras Stones Required
TET (IV)2015378
PEN (V)1297
47 more rows

How do I find where Caphras sunk? ›

In the 4th chapter, you will have to discover the location Caphras' was sunk in. To get there, go to the Cron Castle's coast, and swim underwater towards the location shown on the image above. Then, simply interact with the beam to unlock the chapter!

How do you farm ancient spirit dust? ›

Node Drops
  1. You can get Ancient Spirit Dust as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes:
  2. Desert Naga Temple in Valencia. ...
  3. Bashim Base in Valencia. ...
  4. Titium Valley in Valencia. ...
  5. Waragon Nest in Valencia. ...
  6. Gahaz Bandit's Lair in Valencia. ...
  7. Cadry Ruins in Valencia. ...
  8. Crescent Shrine in Valencia.
Jul 4, 2021

What is the success rate of processing in BDO? ›

When crafting with processing, the base Success Rate is thought to be either 67% or 70%. Your success rate can be increased by using Processing Gear. The processing will be re-attempted automatically. This means you are missing enough materials to complete the crafting.

What is mass processing? ›

Mass processing is the term use when processing grouped multiple elements in a modeled action. The default execution mode in AWM is single processing of elements.

How to mass produce bdo? ›

  1. To Mass Process, you must have a Processing Stone equipped and press the Mass Process button.
  2. The Mass Process button will not be displayed when a Processing Stone is not equipped.

What is Caphras used for in BDO? ›

How Caphras Stones Works in BDO. When you get a Caphras stone you can install it into a piece of weapon or armor you have that has reached TRI or above enhancement level. Each Caphras stone integrated into a weapon or armor will give it a certain amount of experience.

Where is Caphras Research Journal? ›

- Description: Gorgath said details of awakening the Blackstar can be found in Caphras' Journal, which can be found in Caphras Cave.

How much is Caphras extraction? ›

Costs 100,000 Silver per Caphras Stone extraction.

Can you extract Caphras stones? ›

You can extract Caphras Stones by visiting a Blacksmith NPC.

Where can I farm infinite dust? ›

I found the best way to obtain both Infinite Dust and Frostweave Cloth in between of Aldur'Thar and Corp'Rethar. The little area you have to fly from after you've done Threat From Above and down to Battle Before the Citadel. There you will find big groups of mobs called Converted Hero.

What is the best farm for Grave Dust? ›

The Infested Graveyard, Forgotten Cemetery, and Desecrated Graveyard are great places to farm for Grave Dust when just starting out. However, Grave Dust typically only drops from higher-level Undead enemies such as Skeleton Priests.

How much is the limit of BDO? ›

With BDO ATMs, you may:

Check your account, Cash Card and Smart Money balances. Withdraw up to Php 50,000.00 cash per day*

Why BDO is better than other banks? ›

BDO was selected as winner after having met the set of criteria that comprised growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service, competitive pricing, and innovative products.

Is BDO the best bank? ›

2022 October – BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) was awarded the Best Bank in the Philippines for the 11th time by Hong Kong-based institutional investment publication Alpha Southeast Asia at the Best Financial Institution Awards 2022.

What are the 5 types of processing? ›

In this article, we are going to discuss the five main types of data processing.
  • Commercial Data Processing. ...
  • Scientific Data Processing. ...
  • Batch Processing. ...
  • Online Processing. ...
  • Real-Time Processing.

Does mass production lower cost? ›

Advantages of Mass Production

Mass production also results in lower costs because the automated assembly line production process requires fewer workers. In addition, mass production can create higher levels of efficiency because mass-produced items can be assembled at a quicker rate through automation.

What are the three modes of processing? ›

There are three main data processing methods - manual, mechanical and electronic.

How can I gather fast in BDO? ›

You should aim to get gathering level 5 to increase your gathering speed. This can be done a number of ways but should be fairly easy. Most people can get between level +1 to +3 from their passive guild buff. You can then use a Balenos Meal for an additional +2, or use an Alchemy Stone/Life Spirit Stone for +2.

Can you stack food in BDO? ›

Cron Meals and Draughts can be used in conjunction with each other. Cron Meals will not stack with any other meal, whereas Draughts will only stack with certain other consumable elixirs.

What anti cheat does BDO use? ›

As far as I can tell, BDO uses EAC 5.0, and Lost Ark uses EAC 4.0.

What class uses a scythe in BDO? ›

Awakened Sorceress wields a massive two-handed scythe, but she doesn't use it as a melee weapon. Rather, this only furthers the ways in which she deceives her enemies. She can fade in and out of the darkness to attack unsuspecting enemies, or teleport to create an opening.

What is BDO gear score? ›

Gear score is a numerical value based on the statistics of a player's gear. It is (supposedly) the maximum potential of a player's performance. Gear Score in Black Desert Online is based on your both your Attack Power as the Awakened Attack Power and your Defense Power.

What is the incarnation of corruption at Star's End? ›

The Incarnation of Corruption at Star's End became possessed by the Eye of Desolation spewing dark energy and appeared before your eyes. Defeat the Incarnation of Corruption before darkness spreads throughout Calpheon. ※ The boss will disappear after 5 minutes of idleness or in 15 minutes after being summoned.

How do you get fallen god armor in BDO? ›

Fallen God Armor is obtained by completing a family questline from Dorin Morgrim at Helm's Post (Mediah), with a character Lv. 56 or higher.

What to do with beginner black stones after Naru? ›

If you have already enhanced all your Naru to PEN level, you can sell the Beginner Black Stones to the vendor for some silver. Beginner Black Stones are used to enhance Naru Gear to PEN level.

How do you change black spirit in black desert? ›

• Change Black Spirit's Appearance

In the bottom left section of the Black Spirit interface you will see an icon that will let you select the appearance of the Black Spirit you prefer.

How do you do the mass process in simple alchemy? ›

To mass produce a recipe, you simply go to your Alchemy Tool in your house and press “R” to use it. Right-click your ingredients and make sure you enter ingredients for 1 result. (Entering more will consume all of your ingredients and only give you 1 result.

How do you use Caphras stones? ›

To insert a Caphras stone into your weapon or armor you first need to access the enhancement window with the black spirit. In there you need to click the Caphras tab at the top of the window. Next, you place the weapon or armor piece you intend to enhance in the right window.

What is simple alchemy processing? ›

With Simple Alchemy, a Processing method, you can make lesser potions and combine potions to make greater ones. It can be performed anywhere by hitting 'L'. Advanced Alchemy in comparison is a crafting skill and needs one to own a residence and a workshop in it.

What is the elixir of time in BDO? ›

It is an elixir made of blood of sage and other materials. Elixir of Time increases the amount of life EXP gained for a certain amount of time.

How do you level up alchemy stones in BDO? ›

To level your Alchemy Stone you must put extra materials into it to convert it to EXP. Open your inventory then click the Alchemy tab at the bottom to open the menu. You then need to select the Polishing option and put the material in the top slot and your Alchemy Stone in the bottom slot. Next press “Polishing”.

How do you enhance alchemy stones in BDO? ›

You can enhance Primal Alchemy Stones in the same way as Abyssal Alchemy Stones. To enhance a Primal Alchemy Stone, you need 10,000 Caphras Dusts and an Abyssal Alchemy Stone of the same type.

Should you sell Caphras stone? ›

NEVER sell Caphras Stones

Caphras Stones are the end all, be all. You will always need them. You will likely buy them, and every single one you get will help you so much in the long run.

Is alchemy profitable? ›

Alchemy, at least once you have reached a certain level of skill and acquired a few high-demand recipes, is a fairly good money-making venture (especially when combined with Herbalism).

Does eating ingredients level up alchemy? ›

Eating already-discovered ingredients doesn't do much. You can MAKE it work by getting a top-tier alchemy perk, allowing you to discover more properties by eating it, but your skill is raised by crafting potions and discovering ingredient properties, not by the act of eating the ingredient itself.

What is simple cooking processing BDO? ›

Simple Cooking is the most rudimentary form of processing food ingredients. Only very basic recipies can be made with Simple Cooking. It can be performed anywhere by hitting 'L'. More advanced cooking (including all the options of simple cooking) requires a cooking utensil in a residence.


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